Wedding planning is overwhelming and stressful. There isn't really any getting around that. UNLESS you change how you look at everything. There are going to be issues, it isn't going to be perfect, but it is still your day. 

If I had any word of advice to my wedding planning girlies out there, it would be don't sweat the small stuff. Many of the details form my own wedding were wrong. Not getting the exact ribbon I selected for my favors, my hair trial was perfect but the day of...not so much, car we booked to drive away in was NOT the car we had selected, even down to the church we were going to be married in had issues. My dad had to steam stamps off of invitations the day before they went out because we had to have them reprinted with the new ceremony location....it was chaos at times. 

At the time, I was devastated! In total freak out mode, but when the day arrived, everything was perfect enough. Sure I noticed the little issues along the way, but my guest didn't. Bottom line, no one will know things aren' t exactly what you intended and years down the road you will laugh at how everything went down. I did and still do to this day. All I can remember now is all the fun we had and how happy we were...and still are. 

Try to remember what is important. Remind yourself of why you're there. Think of all the special people who came to support you witness this beautiful day. And just think of that amazing man you're about to marry. 

Who cares if the ribbon is a few shades off or the flowers were supposed to be placed differently at the reception. None of that really matters when you boil it all down.

Also, don't take it to heart when you don't get a ton of enthusiasm from your groom to-be about napkin colors or which flowers look better together. Bless their heart, they only really care about the bar, music and seeing you walk down that isle. Here's a little piece of advice you can take into your marriage... don't expect a lot and you won't be disappointed. My mom told me that and boy, was she right. They are men and they typically don't pay much attention to the details we care so much about. That little piece of advice is a good one to keep in the back of your mind. Because when they do remember these little things, you'll be pleasantly surprised and that is a great feeling. Especially when it comes to babies down the road... 

Plus your wedding day is ONE of two times in your life you can say what you want. So act a little bitchy, put your foot down and get what you want. Your wedding day and the day you give birth. Those are the days we get to be selfish without shame, use it wisely!

Stay calm. Breathe. Enjoy the planning process...it's over before you know it and that day will go by so fast. You got this. 



Honest moment, I haven't had bridesmaids in seventeen years...so I am a little out of touch. But there is so much out there now, that picking a useful and meaningful bridesmaid gift can be a little overwhelming.

There are a lot of directions you can go with gifts. My general advice would be to get something small and sentimental. You have chosen this woman to stand by your side on this big day for a reason, let them know why! You also don't have to get everyone the same thing. If you have an inside joke with one of your friends or a fond memory, get them something that reflects that. Making each gift personal can go beyond just highlighting the first letter of their name.

Another idea I like is getting everyone a nice pajama set or robe to wear on the wedding day. The photographer will be taking cute photos while everyone is getting ready and everyone can use a new set of pjs. 


Before I dive into this, I just want to say that asking a girlfriend is always a safe bet! We are all here to help each other out, so if you don't know exactly what to wear or if what you got will work, tell your bestie gal all the wedding details and show them your outfit. Especially if they are going to the same wedding! Crosschecking your outfit with your friends is always a good idea.

We all know the big rules, DON'T WEAR WHITE, don't look overtly sexy, and don't upstage the bride. But I have a few rules of my own for summer weddings.

First, know what the expected attire is. Usually you can tell based on what the invitation is and where the wedding is taking place. Is it a day wedding or night wedding? Is it outdoor or indoor? Will there be a full dinner? What is the theme? Knowing the answers to those questions will help.

Second, make sure you wear something flow-y and cool. Summers are hot down here in the south, so save the sexy, skin tight dress for a night out and make sure you have room to breathe for the wedding.

Third, ditch the bright colors. There is nothing wring with a little color, but your aim is to blend in and let the bride shine. Of course you should rock something you feel great in and look your best, but bright colors don't match very many wedding colors and will make you stand out for more than your incredible highlight work.

Fourth, wear something you are comfortable in. Each wedding is different, so make sure that your outfit can go from walking on grass to gravel, to sitting in heat or cold. Wear something you can dance in and doesn't ride up or bunch when you take one step. It is a party! Make sure you are able to have a good time instead of being restricked by what you are wearing. 


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