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I am not sure exactly how your family does Thanksgiving, but we are generally fairly casual when we celebrate.  I mean we are not in jean shorts or anything, but we are not dressed in our Sunday best either.  I basically want something that is comfortable enough that it can hide my second piece of pumpkin pie, if I am so inclined.  Today I am going to show you two different casual outfits that would be absolutely perfect for your Thanksgiving.




Instead of being mad about plaid, I am mad about this buffalo check cape scarf.  I mean buffalo check is a plaid, isn't it?  I paired my scarf with my now go-to chambray shirt and a pair of jeans, but I am going to show you below how you could dress this outfit up just by changing one piece and a pair of shoes if your family has a dressier Thanksgiving.  I absolutely love this look and love that the cape can hide a multitude of Thanksgiving dinner sins, if you know what I mean.





metallic tote | sunnies (LANDYN10)

This sweater dress is a must buy whether you wear it for Thanksgiving or not.  But I must say it is the perfect thing to wear for Thanksgiving.  It is so loose and swingy and will not cling to anything, no matter how much you eat.  It is also a whole lot more stylish than elastic pants.  Another thing to note is that this dress is SO soft and comfortable that you could basically wear if as your nightgown.  I mean, you wouldn't even have to change for your Thanksgiving nap.  If that isn't winning, I honestly don't know what is.


metallic tote | use LANDYN15 at checkout 








hunter rain boots feature image.jpg

Rain Boots

Today I am wrapping up my fall fashion series with my favorite fall boots and booties.  I am going to keep this one short, but I have sourced some of my favorite boots and booties for you guys for this fall.  Also, I have a super fun announcement tomorrow about my Trendsend Box with Evereve, so make sure that you head back here tomorrow at 9am for all the details.


chelsea bootie.jpg


I got these awesome Chelsea booties a couple of weeks ago and I they are such a great staple boot for the fall.  If you have ever wondered what a Chelsea bootie is, it is a particular style of bootie that is a close fitting ankle boot that has an elastic side panel.  They are such a great basic boot that everyone should have in their closet.  I love the pair I picked up because they have this really great detailing around edge.

chelsea bootie side.jpg

I also got these black booties during my trip to Evereve and I have worn them non-stop every since. Also currently on SALE for $99.  I am sometimes a little picky about booties because I sometimes feel like if they are cut too high they can make my legs look short and stocky.  I love the split front detail on this pair because it helps elongate the leg.

black bootie  detail shot.jpg


knee high boot detail shot.jpg


I feel like boots have taken the back seat to booties over the past few years so I have been happy to see them coming back into style with the popularity of over the knee boots.  If you aren't quite ready to commit to the thigh high boot yet, there are tons of options that hit right at or above the knee like the pair I have on above. I've always loved an equestrian style, a tall flat boot that's easy to walk in and tends to make anyone feel a tab bit English. There's something really classy about that style. Cause the second you throw a heel on a high boot, mama means other things. HA! Which is perfect for going out, but not for Target Trips and grocery shopping. 

over the knee boot.jpg


I am back on the fall bandwagon this week talking about my favorite accessories for fall.  A lot of these are not going to come as a big surprise because you guys know that I love scarves and I love hats.  I might surprise you with a few little sneaky accessories that I have added in that you might not have considered adding to your closet this fall.


If I had to count the top five staples that I have in my closet at all times it would be a good t-shirt, a good pair of jeans, a blazer, scarves and hats.  I will get to hats in a minute, but I wanted to start with scarves.  Really, my love for scarves knows no bounds.  I truly feel like a scarf can elevate any outfit and take it from ho-hum to so chic all with one simple accessory.  Since it is starting to get cooler I went with a chunky knit for one of my scarves.  This knit muffler is SO good that I had to get it in two different colors.  Yes, the cream one is hard to keep make-up off of, but yes it is totally worth it.  Don't worry though, it comes in SIX different colors.


I am also loving this dark gray option that I got to add to this cardigan and tee combo.  See what I mean by elevating a basic outfit.  This one is perfect if the weather is a little warmer because it is a lighter material and won't make you so hot.  If you have any questions on how to wear your scarf, check out this post that I did with video tutorials on how to wear a scarf for some different ideas. 


I know a lot of you guys are nervous to wear hats, and honestly so was I up until a few years ago.  I finally just decided that I liked the way that hats looked on other people and that I was going to start incorporating them in to my outfits.  And I have never looked back.  However, since I know that a lot of you guys might not be quite ready to make the jump to hats, I have sourced a ton of my favorite beanies.  I love beanies and Oxana, my hair guru, always says they are so much better for your hair then a baseball cap.  One of my favorite brands of beanies is Love Your Melon.  Their hats are so comfortable and well made, not super itchy like some beanies can be, and they support an amazing cause.



What is a ruana you ask?  Basically it is a fancy way of saying a style of poncho that originates from Venezuela and Columbia.  I actually wore one in last Friday's post that was reversible that I absolutely love.  I have already given you my spiel on why poncho's are the perfect accessory for fall, so today I went ahead and sourced a ton of amazing ruana's that I am absolutely in love with.  Any of these would make a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.  I got the blue plaid one that I am wearing below at Evereve and it will be in constant rotation.


highland bag {use code LANDYN25 storewide}


For my last favorite fall accessory I am throwing in one you might not think of frequently....gloves.  I found the cutest finglerless gloves in Nordstrom the other day.  I never really think of them as an accessory, but when I started looking at gloves for sourcing there were so many cute fingerless and convertible gloves that I had to share them.  I also learned that hand warmers and arm warmers are an actual thing.  I love the idea of a hand warmer for when your hands are freezing but you need to have your fingers uncovered to use your phone, help your kids with their own jackets and gloves, or basically anything that would require the use of a fine motor skill.

fingerless gloves.jpg