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Well, we're one week into the next 365 days. I don't really like to say New Year, cause what if you mess up and then you've got to wait until 2019 for a do-over. Nah. I mess up daily, and sometimes I can't fix it until next week or next month. So, let's don't be so hard on ourselves this year. Let's just do our best and be a better version of ourselves. Cause I'd say we're doing pretty darn good. Am I right, ladies?! Pat yourself on the back....some of us made it through holiday break with our kids home for almost three weeks. Vacation anyone? That's what I should have asked for Christmas! 

Ok, so if you're new to Living With Landyn, than this will sound fun and something to look forward to weekly. If we've been besties for a while now, you'll be saying, "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Great! This week my very popular HEY LANDYN....I'VE GOT A QUESTION series is back on the blog starting today and every Monday. It's when I answer your questions and the most popular from the week before. Maybe it's something you saw me wearing, a paint color, a question about skin care or even what to get your best friend that just got engaged.

I LOVE your questions and want you to email them to me. I created a brand new address where you can send them - heylandyn@livingwithlandyn.com  Whenever you've got one, send it right there. This is the best way to get your questions answered. I try really hard, but sometimes they get lost in DM's on Instagram & Facebook. I think this will work much better. Let's give it a try and you let me know what you think. Cool? Cool. 

Alright, let's kick off 2018 with some of your burning questions! 



Oh, this beauty the Multi Bar Necklace I know. I'm obsessed. I've been lusting over it for a while and my hubby got it for me for Christmas, along with these two rings. {MRS + Luna} If you don't know, Melanie Auld's jewelry is ALL THE THINGS! She's a wife + mother and has an unbelievable talent and that shows in every one of her pieces. Her jewelry is seriously B E A U T I F U L. I want everything. It's all so me.  Again, she NAILED it with this one. Delicate game, strong! Check her out, if you don't already. If you end up falling in love like me...go ahead, I dare you not too. Enjoy 15% off as a gift from Melanie- use LANDYN15 at checkout.


You're welcome



I have two thoughts on this. One is...you live in my house therefore you help around the house. That means not giving me any lip when I ask you to feed the dog or clean up your room. Two is you need to learn about earning and how it feels to wait, save up and take care of something you spent your hard earned money on. Not be handed everything. Cause that's not real life. Also we like to remind them that is is our money, not theirs. Mom and Dad worked hard for all that we have and you're not going to just sit back and become a member of the lucky sperm club. Ha! Too much for a Monday? I recently heard that and had to laugh. Anyways..that's our philosophy.

Here's how we handle allowance. Our kids started chores early. Even if it was picking up toys, or putting their plate in the sink before they could see over the counter. It has given them responsibility at a young age, and that has done them well + given me less to nag about. Since the age of six or when they started kindergarten, came jobs they needed to complete daily. 

  • make bed- even if it's not perfect, they eventually, over time got pretty good at it.
  • hang up your towel in bathroom
  • wash the toothpaste out of the sink - nothing worse than spit n' go 
  • put laundry away - I would put it folded on their bed and they would put in in the drawer that it belonged in
  • set the table - something as easy as place the napkins + forks on the table
  • clear the table- helping me get everything from the table to the kitchen sink
  • feed the dog + give him water 
  • get themselves up + dressed in the morning for school * this one is another blog post, but lets just say our mornings are pretty smooth around here. Thankful I started that one early. 

Now, let's talk payment. We've always given them their age a week for allowance. For instance Lily, $13 a week and Luke $10 a week. It's worked perfectly and has been just the right age-appropriate amount. Each year on their birthday they will receive a $1 raise. Now, if they don't do all that we ask or get sassy that week, they stand to lose a a few bucks or all of it for that matter. And that's how we do it around here. 





Now, this thing is THE BEST EVER. I don't know about you, but I loose my keys, can't find them on the bottom of my purse, always carrying way too much and most of the time running into some place without my purse...so what do I do with my keys?!?! Drop them. Ha! That was me...not anymore. I got this Big O Key Ring last year and I kid you not. It's one of my favorite things. It's like a bracelet with purpose. Girls....listen, do yourself a favor and treat yo-self. I have the white one. But now, I really want the mocha ostrich one. Dang it. See, you guys get me in trouble too.

Here'a a link right to they're shop! 



| same top, now in many colors + I layer my lip gloss, who wears just one anyways. this one and the one under my picture |


Name *


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shirt |

I love both giving and receiving home decor related gifts for Christmas, so I was so excited when West Elm asked if I would share some of my favorite home design related gifts this year.  West Elm is one of my absolute favorite home stores so I jumped on the opportunity.  Their modern twist on classic pieces is right up my alley.  Today I am going to share with you guys some fabulous gift ideas you can put together if you have an interior design lover on your gift list this year.

I am going to start by sharing the basic pieces that I bought and then showing you different ways you could package them together for gifts for people on your list.  There are so many awesome gift ideas their that I basically could have bought the entire store, but here is what I landed on.



shirt | jeans

Blanket | Blanket | Blanket | Basket

I want to start with a basic throw and show you a way to package these gifts together to make them something really special.  I love giving West Elm's Coziest Throw as a gift because they are so soft and such a great price.  When I picked these up at the store they were on special for only $19, but they are still a good deal regularly priced at $39.  To give the gift a little more oomph, I paired three of the blankets in complementary colors together and packaged them in a basket.

West Elm Blankets in Basket.jpg

This is actually one of my gifting tricks that I am going to show you with all of the gift ideas I am sharing in this post.  I like to package my gifts up in the way they will be used.  So for instance, with these throws I was able to pack them in the basket that my gift recipient will then be able to use to store the throws in.  It is basically two gifts in one.  Even though I am not wrapping this gift I still like to add something a little special to the package.  I took some really pretty fresh greenery and tied it to the handle of the basket with a gold ribbon.

For my next two ideas I started with the same white laquered tray and I will show you two different types of gifts you can put together using the tray.  I love this particular tray because you can have it monogrammed or personalized which helps put an extra special touch on the gift.  The first way I am going to use it is to put together a gift for someone who loves to entertain.  It would also make an awesome hostess gift.

Napkins Napkin Rings and Serving Tray.jpg

Tray | Napkins | Napkin Rings

For my friend who loves to entertain, I paired this tray with some gorgeous napkins and gold napkin rings.  This way they can use the serving tray to hold drinks or appetizers when they have guests over and then can use it for display when they aren't entertaining.  Instead of wrapping all of the elements in one package or wrapping each individual item, I chose to just wrap the napkin ring box and then put it on the tray with the other items displayed.  This is a great idea if you are running short on time or wrapping paper.  There will be something to unwrap, but I don't have to take the time to wrap all of the items together.  This is also a great idea if you have something that is shaped awkwardly and would be hard to wrap.

Tray and Napkin Final Gift.jpg

For my next idea, I started with the same base tray that I used in the gift idea above.  See, it really is versatile.  This time I wanted to pair it with gifts that would make a great little vignette on someone's coffee table or bookshelf.  I love the idea of packaging together a vignette as a gift because it takes all of the guess work out of it for the gift recipient.  All they have to do is unwrap the gift, set it out and it is completely ready for display.

Vase on Tray.jpg

I love this gold mercury hurricane I found for only $12.  It actually is meant to be a candleholder, but you can use it as a vase for dried botanicals.  I filled it with some fresh greenery that can live for a while without water.  I love the facets and the shimmer that it brings to the table.  It packs a punch for a little price.  

Landyn Placing Candles on a Tray.jpg

I then added one of the Roar + Rabbit candles that I picked up to the tray.  I love the honeycomb texture on the candle holder.  Unfortunately they are not carrying the smaller  candles on the website anymore, but definitely check your local store.  If not, they do have the larger three wick candle which I also picked up, which would work well in a vignette as well. 

Final Tray and Vase Image.jpg

Tray | Vase | Candle (similar)

Cheese Board with Greenery.jpg

Cheese Board | Measuring Spoons | Measuring Cups

My last gift idea would be perfect for someone who loves to cook.  Did you know West Elm carries a full range of kitchen utensils and supplies?  Everything from kitchen tools to cookware food storage, and even small kitchen appliances.  I actually didn't realize that until I was in the store looking around.  You know I could not resist a good cheese board, so I snatched it up.  I paired mine with measuring spoons and measuring cups, but it would also be perfect paired with this set of marble and brass cheese knives.

Landyn Holding Measuring Spoons.jpg

Packaging this gift was really easy.  All I did way thread some ribbon through the measuring spoons and measuring cups.  I think wrapped the ribbon around the tray vertically and horizontally, just like I would a regular package.  Before I tied the bow on the package, I placed some of my greenery down and then tied the bow around it.  Easy peasy.

If you have to buy for someone who loves home decor items and you aren't sure what to buy or how to package them, hopefully this post helped you out.  If you still need some additional ideas, make sure to check out West Elm's gift section.  They have tons of great ideas broken out by price, gift type, gender and more. 

Thank you to West Elm for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Living with Landyn possible.


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ABLE (formerly Fashionable) has an AMAZING deal this weekend and I am so excited to be able to do some shopping.  I have sourced my favorite products that I have from them.  They are doing a buy more, save more sale that begins at 6pm on Thursday night and runs through midnight on Cyber Monday, the 27th.  They are offering 15% off purchases under $50, 20% off purchases $50-$200, and 30% off purchases over $200.

Babule Bar has so many great pieces right now. They are always my go-to for fun costume jewelry. I love all their dainty rings + necklaces to wear daily and all the statement necklaces + earrings for the holidays are All The Things! Don't miss the VIP BLACK FRIDAY 12 HOUR SALE ends 5am Nov. 24th use code VIP35 for 35% off! 

The CHILLEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER- 25% OFF your purchase when you use code DONTSTRESS. Here's what I'm loving from a retailer that does effortless so well. 

Ann Taylor is offering 50% OFF EVERYTHING using code THANKFUL for a limited time only! This is the perfect time to scoop up some classic goodies. I'm really digging their shoes and THAT belt! Grabbed a few things for myself. 

Major sale going over at Gap. Like basically 60% OFF. Here's the scoop.... BLACK FRIDAY SALE 50% OFF use code BLKFRIDAY and the an additional 10% OFF use code: JUST4YOU |That means that THE LEGGINGS I'm obsessed with were $79 now $35. Plus Free Shipping on all orders over $50. Hurry over there! 

West Elm is offering a BUY MORE, SAVE MORE sale now through Sunday.  In addition they have Black Friday Bonuses + Free Shipping.  If you are looking for a big ticket piece of furniture this holiday season, then now is the time to buy it!  They are offering 15% of $100+, 20% off $500+, 25% off $1000+, and 30% off $3,000+ purchases with the code SAVEMORE.

I feel like CB2 is a little hidden gem. They have so many beautiful modern pieces. I found so many perfect under $25 hostess gift ideas for you (and me) Not to mention their home decor. OMG. And I *may* or may not have gotten most of all my holiday decor from here this year. Use code SAVE15 at checkout and if you spend over $29 it's free shipping. Go see for yourself! 

Vince Camuto is one of my absolute favorite shoe brands and they have an amazing deal right now.  They are offering 50% off select styles with the code STEAL50 and 40% off everything else with the code BLACKFRIDAY40.  That means the amazing booties that you see me wearing all the time are only $83!


©AlyssaRosenheck2016-60 copy.jpg

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I have had so many awesome questions this week that it was hard to get it narrowed down to three.  I try to email everyone back that sends me a question, but if you haven't had your question answered hold tight because I promise I will try to get to it.  Okay, so on to this week's questions.



I have had a couple of my sweet readers emailing me that they were getting married and were wondering what I thought that they should include on their registry.  First of all, congratulations! What an exciting time this.  So here are a few of my suggestions and recommendations.  I know this will shock no one, but I highly recommend going classic and timeless on the bigger pieces.  You want a piece of china or an everyday dish that you will love for years to come.  My other recommendations is to spend a little extra money for the stuff that you are going to use a lot- for instance your mixer, your iron, your knifes, etc.  These are the types of things that you will use forever and shouldn't have to replace for ten or more years.

As for some of our other favorites, we love the Fieldcrest Towels from Target, Restoration Hardware Sheets, Henkel's knives, we love our Jura coffeemaker and Miele vacuum.  Both of those last two are definitely pricier then you might want to ask for.  I did find this Miele vacuum has awesome reviews and is more in the price range of a Dyson.  Also, you guys know how I feel about making pretty choices in the things we buy and use everyday so I say go for those gold measuring cups and get the pretty whisks.  They will make you smile every time you use them.



What is Galentine's Day you ask? It would be a legit question- especially if you don't watch Parks and Recreation. I don't, but maybe I should. Apparently it's a fictional holiday that we should all be celebrating.  As Amy Poehler's character, Leslie herself explains on the show: "Oh it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." Still confused.......

Basically it's like Valentine's Day, except instead of spending it with your significant other, you spend it with your best girlfriends, whom are your soulmates. Kinda does deserve it's own holiday, don't you think?  What a fun way to make pretty choices by honoring the friendships that are so important in our lives. One of my thoughtful readers was looking for suggestions on gift ideas for their girlfriends. I have found some fun things that I know I would love to get. So invite your besties over on February 13th or go grab yourselves some brunch and toast to your SOUL-SISTER LOVE. Cheers!


photo/ west elm

photo/ west elm

I've recently gotten quite a few questions about how high to hang your drapes, and where are some good places to buy hardware. While I'm not an interior designer, I do have quite a few friends that are and I've learned a lot over the years. When you move nine times, you figure this out...the hard way. Let's just say.....hang + remove + patch + paint  and repeat. Ha! When it comes to hanging curtains there is ONE basic rule. Hang your curtains as high and wide as you can. It makes your windows appear larger and lets in the most light. Below is a great illustration to show you what a difference this can make. 



How do you deal with multiple windows spread out across one large wall? I personally love the idea of extending an extra-wide curtain rod from wall to wall and hanging multiple panels, creating a soft repetition. I really love this look. Also layering panels with different textures can create drama and depth. 







Top | Skirt by Rag and Bone (similar) | Bracelet (similar here and here) | Clutch (similar)

I know I am surprising no one, but guys this time of year is CRAZY!  However, no matter how busy it is I ALWAYS make time for my annual Christmas Girls Night Out and Gift Exchange.  It truly is one of my favorite times of year. It is so easy in the hustle and bustle of life, regardless of what time of year it is, to put ourselves and our friendships on the back burners. I have found though, when I do that and I don't make time with my girlfriends a priority it really effects every aspect of my life in a negative way. I am not nearly as good of a mother and wife and am certainly not the best friend I can be. I really need time with these beautiful, creative, talented women that I am blessed to call my friends to fill up my cup, so to speak. I love getting the chance to get dressed up, have some girl time, and exchange presents in our annual holiday gift exchange.

Today, I put together two different looks from Nordstrom that I think would be absolutely perfect for a Girl's Night Out. I love shopping for this kind of stuff at Nordstrom because they have such an awesome selection under one roof and lord knows if I barely have time for a girl's night, I certainly don't have time to be running around from store to store like a crazy woman! The first piece I picked up was this sequin top from Free People. I am obsessed and I love the little detail in the back. If you want to dress it up a little bit you can add a pencil skirt like I did or you could pair it with a pair of black jeans and some really cute heels or booties.  Love it!  The second look is literally everything. I love this blazer style dress. I am going to be honest. I don't know what woman over the age of 22 is going to be wearing this little thing as a dress, but I loved pairing it with these liquid leggings. Just as a fit note on these leggings, they don't call them liquid for nothing. If you want a little bit of a looser fit I would size up one size or try these out because they have a little more give to them.


I put one more little look together because who doesn't like choices.  This look is totally me.  You guys know my love of a good blazer and I love this cape blazer because it is a high fashion twist on a staple piece in my closet.  If you wanted to give it a little more zhush, you could put a sequined cami underneath it, but honestly I would probably just wear it with a simple white tee.  Add a statement earring and a simple bag and you are good to go. 


One of my favorite parts of our Holiday Girl's Night is that we do a gift exchange and it is so fun!  Each guest is assigned one girlfriend to buy for and I absolutely love spending time picking out the perfect gift for my person. Since we all love a good gift guide, I have put together a gift guide of amazing presents from Nordstrom that you can get your girlfriends this year.  Because let's be honest, nothing says I love you and appreciate you like a gift from Nordstrom. It's the official bestie love language.


what to get your girlfriends for christmas, holiday gift guide for your girl friends


Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and thank you to all of your that support the brands that help make Living with Landyn possible.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


photo/ lindsey grace photography

photo/ lindsey grace photography

Alright! What do I want for Christmas, you ask? A few things..... Some of which I've been eyeing and some I've been drooling over. Typically my hubby and I don't go too crazy and sometimes we even set a limit + make up some rules or pick a theme. Which can be quite funny. Like last year we set a $100 maximum, not per gift, but total. That was harder than you think. It was fun trying to be creative. I ended up with a bunch of little items. He ended up at some of my favorite shops, like H&M and TjMaxx. Which was cute. I could just picture the poor guy. LOL But, this year all bets are off. No rules! So mama's making a list. 

Here's what I'm asking the big guy for. I'm mean...how easy did I make this years shopping for him? I just sent him this page. Scroll down and see why I'm really hoping these are under the tree. 


Gift guide for girls, women



  1. Sorel Boots: I learned from my years living in Minnesota, it's all about the bootsI And warm toes. I must have the worst circulation. lol My feet are ALWAYS cold. I mean always. But, never in these boots. I have a pair that are about 6 years old and they look rough. They are grey + fur lined and so fun. I LOVE those things, but I think it's time to trade them in. I'm really diggin' these black ones! 
  2. Bluetooth Headset: I'm pretty sure this will be life saving. I need this. I'm busier than ever these days and would die to be hands free from my phone. I've done a bunch of research and even talked to a few girlfriends that LOVE theirs. Put that baby around your neck and go. I dream of the days of doing laundry + being on a conference call all at the same time! 
  3. Black and Gold Tennis Shoes: GUYS!!! How great are these!? 9 times out of 10 I go run errands after the gym. I could keep going around town in my Nike's, but I'd really like to slip on a pair of more stylish kicks. And maybe they'll distract from my stench? lol 
  4. Tess and Tricia Necklace: I love these necklaces and quite frankly anything this mother-daughter duo makes. I've really been wanting this black one, BAD! 
  5. Food Processor: Ok, this has been on my radar for a while. I love to cook and experiment with making different sauces etc. But, I hate getting out my big 'ol dinosaur of a food processor. That thing isn't worth the time and all those parts. I just need a mini one like this. Simple to use + easy to clean. 
  6. Letterfolk Board: TOP of my list. I've been crushing on this throw back letter board all year. I want it for my kitchen. I think it will be so fun to leave different sayings and even have it act as a menu board. I just love the grey. I really, really want this. *hint hint hubby* 
  7. Rebecca Minkoff Tote: You're probably thinking, GURL.....don't you own enough bags? It is my obsession. I confess. And when I see a good nude one, I'm all in. They go with EVERYTHING and this one I'm lusting over. Look at the detail and tell me you don't love it too?!??! 
  8. Cluse Watch: Ok, maybe I'm not only bag obsessed, but watch crazy too. I've been drooling over these for a year now, waiting till Christmas. I'd really love to have this. Such a great price point too. 
  9. Monogram Initial Necklace: You know I'm all about a necklace, and this one grabbed my attention the day I laid eyes on it. How fun is the big gold letter and it lays sideways on your neck instead of hanging down like most. You could ask for your or the kids initials or even the letter of your last name. 
  10. Robe: I love a robe. Like LOVE a robe and I always ask for a new one each year. Because I wear the heck out of mine. It's like my security blanket and first thing I want to put on when I get home. My current one has 3 holes in it and a stain on the front. Help me, Santa. 
  11. Marble Portable Charger: I love everything marble, duh. And I need a portable on-the go charger, like yesterday. I'm always running on 20% battery life. 
  12. Beach Towel: Why have a regular beach towel, when you can have a round one....WITH FRINGE! I'm dying. I love these and have always wanted one. Maybe this will be my year! 
  13. Calpak Marble Luggage: This luggage is my current obsession. I'm pretty confident they made it for me. My husband said, you already have luggage. I know but.......THIS WAS MADE FOR ME!!!! Pretty please! And if he still doesn't come through, I might have to buy it myself. *No, actually I will* lol 
  14. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume: I was recently at a songwriters show in Nashville and this beautiful scent kept making it's way to my nose. After 2 hours, I just had to know. I followed my nose until I found the girl and asked, she gladly told me what she was wearing. I can't stop thinking about it! Let me let them describe it, "a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication" Whatever that means, I just love it! 
  15. HAIST Designs Crossbody Bag: It's been so amazing to follow along this journey with her. There's nothing I like more than seeing a woman/mom kick ass! She really has nailed it with her design + function + quality and style. I can't say enough, her bags are INSANE and I'm now crushing on the crossbody really hard. I have the clutch and tote and let me just say. WOW. These are easily becoming my favorite go-to bags. Check her out! She thought of everything! www.haistdesigns.com




It's that time of year again. The season of giving, and if you're anything like me your list just seems to be getting longer and longer with each coming year. I love gift giving, but with so many people on my list I try to give thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank. And that my friends is WHY I love Marshalls and all it's surprises! It's the one place I can go to find something for everyone on my list. From my husband to my kids teachers, it's all there. Over the years it really has been my go-to holiday destination. Plus the gift wrap! Have you ever taken the time to wander that aisle. Oh man! Don't miss it. 


Every year my girlfriends and I have a little gift exchange. I look forward to it all year long. It's so fun! We all put on something festive, dial up our makeup a little and have dinner + cocktails at our favorite restaurant. Each one of us is asked to bring a gift in the $20-$30 price range to exchange with one another. As soon as I get the invite and know who I'm exchanging with, I beeline for my nearest Marshalls. This year I'm buying for my 'beauty loving' friend. She is obsessed with everything from makeup + skin care. 

I like thinking outside the 'gift box' when it come to wrapping. What could I put all her goodies in? After cruising the store for a bit, I landed in the make-up accessories aisle. I found this great black fringe bag for only $12.99 and got busy filling it. First up a GOLD comb for $5.99. Yes! Everyone should have one of these. I have one and LOVE it and I know she will too. Then I added a foundation brush for $3.99 and another one of my faves, this Cucumber Water facial mist $8.99. Just needed one more thing.....

GOT IT!! A beauty blender. A make-up must have! All these great affordable finds, wrapped up perfectly. Now that I had a theme, back to the wrapping aisle I went. Scored some cute black + white tissue to stuff inside for $4.99 and that's it! DONE. The perfect gift for my sweet friend and all for $32 bucks! 


Next up is a hostess gift I've been giving for years and is ALWAYS a big hit. It's simple + thoughtful and useful. All you have to do is find a pretty stocking that fits their home decor or style. I found this darling grey felt stocking with cream pom-poms for $19.99. It was so cute, I hated to part with it. Then head over to the cooking aisles and grab a bunch of wooden spoons. All of these were sold together for $3.99.  I mean what a deal!  #marshallsiloveyou

I also love to pick out a pack of holiday kitchen towels, like these pretty gold embroidered ones for $5.99 and slide those inside the stocking to complete the gift. Once I have everything together, all you have to do is tuck the wooden spoons in to finish things off. You can also add some fresh greens to make it a little more festive if you like. Plus they smell good. There you have it...a quick affordable hostess gift that would also work perfect for the cook in your life!  


Teachers.... they deserve THE WORLD and frankly a million dollar holiday gift. As much as we'd love to, that's just not possible.  As we say in the south, BLESS THEIR HEARTS, they put up with so much day in and day out dealing with all of our precious babies that I really try and get them something nice and thoughtful for the holidays.  Let's be honest, who doesn't love getting a gift card?  I usually get either a gift card to a local coffee shop or store, but a gift card to Marshall's would be perfect too.  Maybe I should offer to take them on a Marshall's shopping trip with that gift card.  Hmmm...I may be on to something.

For this gift, I took the standard teacher's gift of a coffee mug and jazzed it up a bit.  I found this precious little bottle brush tree for only $3.99.  I always find the best ribbon at Marshalls...who would of thought, so I grabbed a roll of pretty white ribbon with silver edging to use to tie a cute little Christmas ornament to the handle as an extra little pretty.  And can we talk about this mug.  It says "First, I drink the coffee.  Then I do the things."  Have truer words every been spoken. 


So the moral of this big, long holiday story is grab your gift list, get in the car, and head to Marshalls. Tell them Landyn sent you, I'm there so much they know me by name. HA! And for more ideas, head to the top of the blog, click HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES in the main header. I've got you covered! 





photo/lindsey grace photography

photo/lindsey grace photography

Annnnnnnd let the shopping continue! Now that most of the Black Friday sales are over, make room for CYBER MONDAY. You can find some of the best deals of the season tomorrow, actually most of which launced their promo codes tonight. I don't know why they just don't make a weekend out of it and run one code???? But, whatevs! That's why you have me. I've listed below some of my favorites deals running for Cyber Monday. Although, don't forget the Black Friday Shopping Guide I posted Thursday night, there's still some good deals happening over there too!


ASOS// 20% OFF site wide use code GOGOGO

AG Jeans// offering 30% OFF site wide with code BF16

Kendra Scott// 20% OFF everything with code SALE20 until midnight tonight.

Ray-Ban// 30% OFF the entire site until midnight tonight and includes their REMIX tool that allows for personalization and engraving.

Banana Republic// 50% OFF everything online only.  No exclusions!!!

Express// 50% OFF everything ONLINE ONLY + Free Shipping. 

Macy's // 20% OFF Site wide with code FEAST

ShopBop // Save up to 25% OFF with code GOBIG16

Tory Burch // 30% OFF any purchase of $250+ with code THANKS

Serena & Lily // 25% OFF site wide with code BESTEVER until midnight tonight.


Vici Collection is offering 20% OFF to my followers ONLY with code LANDYN + Free Shipping with code CYBERFREE

Painted Fox is offering 30% OFF with code HoHoHo30MY followers $20 OFF purchase of $100 or more with code ShopWithLandyn

Tutu Moi // is offering 20% OFF your entire purchase with code BFCM20 and $25 select children's Tutu's. 



HIGHLAND BAG $50 by Vici Collection (but don't forget to use that promo code below) 
My necklace, I know you don't want to hear this, but my hubby bought this beauty for me a few years back at a boutique in Minnesota. But you CAN still get The Landyn Stack of bracelets here

Okay girls, it is about to get real up in here. Thanksgiving is over and we are officially in the sprint to Christmas and at the starting line of that sprint known as Black Friday. Let's be honest, we all say we're going to start our Christmas shopping early, but here we are in the same boat with like 1/10th of our Christmas list bought for and it's suddenly Black Friday. Have no fear, your girl Landy is here with the best Ultimate Black Friday Sales Guide. You know I love a good deal and you know I would never steer my girls wrong, so I have literally scoured the web and have all the details on all the best sales. No need to surf around the Internet, just stick with me and we can crush Black Friday deals together. Best part is, so many of them are giving us a head start TONIGHT! Alright, I'm gonna grab my pie + plop down on the sofa and get to it. 




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The next two days of gift guides is all about THE KIDS. Today I'm sharing with you a gift guide for boys. Mostly age 7-12 appropriate items, because that's who I know to buy for and my son is 9. He is all boy. Adventurous + sport crazy and curious. Below are some gifts he received last year that were a HUGE hit and totally worth sharing with you all. The rest are gifts he'll be getting from me or the guy in the red suit. Toys are so fun to buy, and I'll be sad when he's out of this phase. But while he's still into it, I'll just go a little CRAZY. Most of the year it's no, no, no to things he points out in the store, but now I'm all YES, YES, YES! 





  1. BB8 App Controlled Robot: This was one of the first things my son put on his list and in ALL CAPS might I add. I did a little research and apparently this is one of 2016 hottest toys. I scored mine online here, because after 2 failed store attempts. I didn't want him not to have it on Christmas morning. This is a bigger ticket 'Santa' item this year, but it's all he talks about. 
  2. Bean Bag Chair: We limit the screen time at our house, but when he is scoring some virtual touchdowns on his Madden '16 game, poor fella should be comfortable. Right? Plus he really doesn't have a place to sit and read after school besides his bed. So I'm really liking this gift idea for him. I bet my daughter would LOVE this too. I better get two. With 5 colors to choose from. 
  3. Nerf Gun: Ok, this is a funny story. When I asked my son to write his gift list, he gave it to me with SIX Nerf guns on it and a mattress pad cover. LOL I guess he wan't to rest comfortably after he shoots up the back yard. This kid is too funny. But THIS particular one was circled. I'll list the others below.  
  4. Nerf Strike Tactical Vest: He didn't necessarily ask for the Nerf vest, but how in the heck is he going to carry all his ammo? I know he'll love it. 
  5. Football Trainer: This thing was his FAVORITE gift last year. If your son, nephew or grandson is anything like mine, and is obsessed with all things football. This is a GREAT present. I can't begin to tell you the amount of hours he spent outside with this and still does. Total SCORE! 
  6. Titans Dress Up Uniform: Another perfect gift for the sports nut. He had so much fun dressing up and emulating his dad. They have all NFL + NCAA Teams to choose from. You can even select your favorite # decal for the jersey. Helmet + chinstrap and all. Plus they look so dang cute! It brings that dream of being their favorite player to life. I love this gift for young boys. 
  7. Captain Underpants: My son read this series and enjoyed it so much. I don't know about you, but often time boys are hard to have sit still and read. But these were the books he kept running back to, without any fuss. 
  8. Blow-up Deer & Crossbow: I can't begin to tell you what a hit this gift was! The best part was it all blown up and standing next to the tree (I added a big red bow, of course) It's life size and so durable. It was a hoot to watch him set it up in the back yard and shoot from a distance, with velcro and suction cup darts of course. Just so you know it's still alive and continues to provide hours of outdoor play. 
  9. NFL Madden 17: Don't really need to say much about this one. Cause if they're asking for Madden '17 chances are they already know and love it. The graphics /animation just keep getting more realistic. It's unreal. As you know we are a football family, and seeing as my husband was a player on that game a few times, it's a staple in our house. When do you ever get to play your dad? 
  10. DIY Make-Your-Own Board Game: This one I thought was pretty neat. Cause you can only play Candyland and Clue so many times! I think my kids might like the challenge. 
  11. Drone for Beginners: Like father, like son. I got my husband a drone for his birthday, well because he's a BIG kid. And naturally my son was in awe. So I did my research and found a really good drone for beginners. He's gonna freak on Christmas morning! I can just see the two of them now. 
  12. Dri-Fit Hoodie: My son refuses to wear anything but NIKE + Under Armour and C9, basically it has to be sports clothes. Which, I shouldn't roll my eyes. That seems to be the trend amongst 8-12 yr old boys. So the only thing I can do, is pick out the most stylish version of those and things I wouldn't mind being seen in public with. That's why I like this hoodie. 
  13. Clip-on Bike Lights: My mom got these for the kids last year and they loved these silly little things. Don't you remember decking out your bike? All we had were playing cards between the spokes. 
  14. Lego Creative Brick: Oh man, LEGOS........we have a million, but why not buy more?!?! I do like this set. No instructions, No pictures to follow, just their imaginations at work. I'll be giving this set to my nieces too. 
  15. Mug with a Goalpost: I can't believe I'm going against my rule of NO THROWING food at the table. But this is so clever and I love the idea. I have a feeling breakfast just go more fun! 
  16. Passback Football: This football is the coolest thing. A football cut in 1/2. GENIUS. Why didn't I think of it? They can throw it up against a wall or any flat surface, and it comes spiraling right back. It's the coolest and he loves it.