A few months back I got a call from The Rachel Cruz Show, asking if I would be interested in being on an episode of the show. Ummmm, yeah! I love Rachel. Who doesn't? I've always been a fan of her money saving tricks and her ability to capture an audience of young adults when speaking on topics that most often times are thought to be a worry later on. If you're not familiar with her, she's a wife + mother (about to have her second child) best selling author + speaker and the authority on finance. You can read all about this fantastic lady right here

As you can see, we didn’t have any fun during the filming of this episode. HA! I taught Rachel my signature boomerang move and taught her the difference between orange and coral. 

My philosophy has always been that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to make it look as though you did. Same goes for clothing and many aspects in my life. That is why I’m a lover of places like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls. For me it’s about the thrill of the hunt and finding treasures to make your house a home.

The entire crew was so great to work with. We really did have a good time. Rachel and I hit it off from the second she walked through my front door. The two of us ran through all my decor tips and tricks with ease and a few laughs.

Well, I won’t give anymore away and let you watch the episode for yourself. Hope you enjoy it! I love how it turned out. And if you do too, you can subscribe to Rachel’s channel right here. She’s always got great information to share. 

Enjoy the show! 



It's that time of year again. The season of giving, and if you're anything like me your list just seems to be getting longer and longer with each coming year. I love gift giving, but with so many people on my list I try to give thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank. And that my friends is WHY I love Marshalls and all it's surprises! It's the one place I can go to find something for everyone on my list. From my husband to my kids teachers, it's all there. Over the years it really has been my go-to holiday destination. Plus the gift wrap! Have you ever taken the time to wander that aisle. Oh man! Don't miss it. 


Every year my girlfriends and I have a little gift exchange. I look forward to it all year long. It's so fun! We all put on something festive, dial up our makeup a little and have dinner + cocktails at our favorite restaurant. Each one of us is asked to bring a gift in the $20-$30 price range to exchange with one another. As soon as I get the invite and know who I'm exchanging with, I beeline for my nearest Marshalls. This year I'm buying for my 'beauty loving' friend. She is obsessed with everything from makeup + skin care. 

I like thinking outside the 'gift box' when it come to wrapping. What could I put all her goodies in? After cruising the store for a bit, I landed in the make-up accessories aisle. I found this great black fringe bag for only $12.99 and got busy filling it. First up a GOLD comb for $5.99. Yes! Everyone should have one of these. I have one and LOVE it and I know she will too. Then I added a foundation brush for $3.99 and another one of my faves, this Cucumber Water facial mist $8.99. Just needed one more thing.....

GOT IT!! A beauty blender. A make-up must have! All these great affordable finds, wrapped up perfectly. Now that I had a theme, back to the wrapping aisle I went. Scored some cute black + white tissue to stuff inside for $4.99 and that's it! DONE. The perfect gift for my sweet friend and all for $32 bucks! 


Next up is a hostess gift I've been giving for years and is ALWAYS a big hit. It's simple + thoughtful and useful. All you have to do is find a pretty stocking that fits their home decor or style. I found this darling grey felt stocking with cream pom-poms for $19.99. It was so cute, I hated to part with it. Then head over to the cooking aisles and grab a bunch of wooden spoons. All of these were sold together for $3.99.  I mean what a deal!  #marshallsiloveyou

I also love to pick out a pack of holiday kitchen towels, like these pretty gold embroidered ones for $5.99 and slide those inside the stocking to complete the gift. Once I have everything together, all you have to do is tuck the wooden spoons in to finish things off. You can also add some fresh greens to make it a little more festive if you like. Plus they smell good. There you have it...a quick affordable hostess gift that would also work perfect for the cook in your life!  


Teachers.... they deserve THE WORLD and frankly a million dollar holiday gift. As much as we'd love to, that's just not possible.  As we say in the south, BLESS THEIR HEARTS, they put up with so much day in and day out dealing with all of our precious babies that I really try and get them something nice and thoughtful for the holidays.  Let's be honest, who doesn't love getting a gift card?  I usually get either a gift card to a local coffee shop or store, but a gift card to Marshall's would be perfect too.  Maybe I should offer to take them on a Marshall's shopping trip with that gift card.  Hmmm...I may be on to something.

For this gift, I took the standard teacher's gift of a coffee mug and jazzed it up a bit.  I found this precious little bottle brush tree for only $3.99.  I always find the best ribbon at Marshalls...who would of thought, so I grabbed a roll of pretty white ribbon with silver edging to use to tie a cute little Christmas ornament to the handle as an extra little pretty.  And can we talk about this mug.  It says "First, I drink the coffee.  Then I do the things."  Have truer words every been spoken. 


So the moral of this big, long holiday story is grab your gift list, get in the car, and head to Marshalls. Tell them Landyn sent you, I'm there so much they know me by name. HA! And for more ideas, head to the top of the blog, click HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES in the main header. I've got you covered! 





It’s officially that time year, pumpkin everything and everywhere. With a chill in the air, it’s time to add simple decorating touches to your home to make it cozy and welcoming. 

Brass antler $9.99 Marshalls + gold pumpkin, set of 4 Marshallls + cream wood pumpkin $7.99 + leaves, Michaels

Brass antler $9.99 Marshalls + gold pumpkin, set of 4 Marshallls + cream wood pumpkin $7.99 + leaves, Michaels

Every time I post pictures of my fireplace mantle with seasonal decor, I receive quite a few emails and comments from you all, Most of which say, you wish you had a mantle to decorate. Well, good news! You don’t have to own a fireplace to create a pretty vignette for fall. Today I’m sharing with you other fun spots to decorate. Like benches, consoles, acrylic trays and coffee tables. It’s fun to choose little spots around the house for a pretty seasonal vignette. First place I like to start is in the family room, or place you spend the most time, and then work my way out, sprinkling little touches here and there. I try not to go overboard. It’s not my style. I like a fresh + clean + uncluttered aesthetic and stay true to that thinking when it comes to seasonal decor as well. While it’s so fun to be able to start embracing all things fall, sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming as to how you’ll incorporate it into your home. It’s easy to get flustered on what to change and how. Here some things that I do in my home, and affordable ways to do it. Remember, sometimes less is actually more.



Painted gold sweater pillow $24.99 and cream throw $19.99, also from Marshalls

Painted gold sweater pillow $24.99 and cream throw $19.99, also from Marshalls

Decorative pillows can quickly transform the feeling of a room by trading them out. I picked up these awesome woven ones on a recent trip to Marshalls. Don’t you just love the gold? Don't you just LOVE Marshalls? I about fainted when I saw them. Not to mention metallics are still so on trend again this fall. They’re soooo pretty and perfect for my living room! They reminded me of a sweater, a really GREAT sweater. One I wouldn’t mind owning. I just love how they added a touch of cozy to my clean line sofa. Next time you’re shopping, think about fashion and texture when you’re choosing. Mimicking a fall wardrobe helps get your creative mind going. Plus, pillows are a great inexpensive way to
change a room, and you can’t beat an $18 + $24.99 price tag. That’s what I love about Marshalls.
They never takethe fun out of shopping and always have an abundance of merchandise to choose from.
Marshalls + TJ Maxx + HomeGoods are always my first stops and often times my last.

Sweater pillow $18.00 + gold mercury glass pumpkin $12.99 + white pumpkin(s)-pack of 5 $9.99 +
 grey throw blanket $24.99 all from Marshalls


Acrylic Tray- West Elm, wood beaded garland- Shop Nest TO, Faux succulent $14.99 + Brass Antler $9.99 + Pumpkin $4.99- Marshalls

Acrylic Tray- West Elm, wood beaded garland- Shop Nest TO, Faux succulent $14.99 + Brass Antler $9.99 +
Pumpkin $4.99- Marshalls

Trays are such a simple item to style and can be placed just about anywhere. Easy to move when needed, kinda like a little traveling vignette. I have them all over my home. Kitchen, powder room, entry table and coffee table, like you see here. It’s one of those simple styling things that takes all of five minutes to put together. Those are the best ones, right? In between all that other stuff we need to do like paying bills, unloading the dishwasher, running to the grocery store and making treats for the class party. All you need are three - four items. Find yourself a great tray like this one I scored at West Elm. Next is a hero item, your focal point, something with height and always the largest thing on the tray. Then add a natural element. Lastly, a conversational item, like this super cool brass antler from Marshalls for $9.99. That’s it. Seriously though, it’s super simple. I’m not a fan of decor rules, but I am a fan of doing what you LOVE, so I strictly use golds + grays + whites and neutral colors.
But hey, if fiery orange is your love, than go for it!


Navy bench- Safavieh + grey throw $24.99 + cream wood pumpkin $7.99 + brass pumpkin $5.99- Marshalls

Navy bench- Safavieh + grey throw $24.99 + cream wood pumpkin $7.99 + brass pumpkin $5.99- Marshalls

There isn’t much need for heavy blankets strewn all over the house during summer, but during fall that all changes. Adding a cozy blanket or throw on your sofas or benches gives off a super warm feel. Not only do they help bring fall into your home, they also give you a warmth. I’m really loving this gray one I picked up from Marshalls. Yet, another affordable and completely versatile way to change things up.


I'm a huge fan of GOLD, I know, shocker. It’s my favorite color besides white. Now, I think pumpkins are gorgeous as they grow. But I am also of the opinion that everything looks better with a little shine. I love the look of incorporating mercury glass + gold pumpkins into your decor. How beautiful are these?!? 
I mean, it was love at first sight. Another score. They ranged in price from $12.99 - $17.99.


books, used book store $.50- $3.00 + acorns, Target dollar bin last year- sprayed white + pumpkin, Marshalls $3.99 + lantern, $12.99 Marshalls + mercury glass pumpkin $9.99 

books, used book store $.50- $3.00 + acorns, Target dollar bin last year- sprayed white + pumpkin, Marshalls
$3.99 + lantern, $12.99 Marshalls + mercury glass pumpkin $9.99 

These little guys make a simple decoration. You can’t get much easier or cheaper than decorating with pumpkins. Not only do they very in shape, size and colors, but also the choice between buying real and fake. Well, I don’t think there’s anything cuter than real little white pumpkins. I’m telling you, as soon as my farmers market advertises their arrival, I’m the first one there, coffee in hand and ready to pick. I usually come home with at least FIFTY of those little babies. But, since the Pumpkin Crisis from 2015, they say will carry over into 2016, can you believe this?!? I started paying closer attention to faux pumpkins and picking up ones I loved and would want to incorporate into my decor.
Because, fall without pumpkins all over the house, wouldn’t be fall.


Candles are another great thing to swap out. Most of the summer looking candles are light + airy and give a nice floral aroma. But, it’s the fall ones that really have my heart. Pumpkin, with evergreen scents at a close second. I definitely invest in a few pumpkin spice candles every year, and if you haven’t considered Marshalls for that too, take a stroll down that isle next time you go. All the name brand candles you crave there for your senses. But, you can take what you already have and add a fall touch to it! Wrap simple white candles with twine to instantly create a different look. I picked up this natural twine at Michaels Arts & Crafts and wrapped a few of my candles. Even throw a few acorns around the base, like I did. I picked these acorns up last year in the Target Dollar Spot section, but this year they got a coat of Krylon Chalky Finish white paint, and I tell you what, I’m loving the new life it gave them. Simple and festive.


I can’t let this post go without giving you one of my favorite recipes to add pumpkin to. This ones perfect to whip up in the morning and snack on while you decorate. Every time you walk by to move that pumpkin or adjust those leaves, grab a bite. It also makes a wonderful appetizer to bring to your next fall gathering. As far as I’m concerned, you can add pumpkin to just about anything you’d normally make or bake. From muffins to mashed potatoes, it’s all about the pumpkin this time of year!



  • 1 15 oz can Garbanzo Beans 1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 2 tbs fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tbs Tahini Pepitas for garnish
  • 2 cups Pumpkin puree, canned 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon

Place all ingredients, except pepitas into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.
Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with pepitas. Serve with pita chips or veggies.
Even those Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita chips are yummy along side.
Savory + Sweet....the perfect combination if you ask me! 

Now, go grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte and take a stroll through your nearest Marshalls. I’m certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find wallet-friendly blankets, throw pillows, vases and decorative pieces to give your home that seasonal WOW factor.

I hope some of what I did, inspires you!
Happy Fall Y’all!