A few months back I got a call from The Rachel Cruz Show, asking if I would be interested in being on an episode of the show. Ummmm, yeah! I love Rachel. Who doesn't? I've always been a fan of her money saving tricks and her ability to capture an audience of young adults when speaking on topics that most often times are thought to be a worry later on. If you're not familiar with her, she's a wife + mother (about to have her second child) best selling author + speaker and the authority on finance. You can read all about this fantastic lady right here

As you can see, we didn’t have any fun during the filming of this episode. HA! I taught Rachel my signature boomerang move and taught her the difference between orange and coral. 

My philosophy has always been that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to make it look as though you did. Same goes for clothing and many aspects in my life. That is why I’m a lover of places like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls. For me it’s about the thrill of the hunt and finding treasures to make your house a home.

The entire crew was so great to work with. We really did have a good time. Rachel and I hit it off from the second she walked through my front door. The two of us ran through all my decor tips and tricks with ease and a few laughs.

Well, I won’t give anymore away and let you watch the episode for yourself. Hope you enjoy it! I love how it turned out. And if you do too, you can subscribe to Rachel’s channel right here. She’s always got great information to share. 

Enjoy the show! 




Today let's talk about nighties, pj's, jammies...whatever you like to call them. So many of you sent me emails + messages after I cleaned out my closet a few weeks back. Admitting like I did, that you too have a problem. You can't stop wearing or even part with those holy old pants and oversized tee of your husbands from college. Maybe it's even that corporate shirt you got from your sales convention in Boulder that summer. Or maybe, just maybe it's those pj's that *were* cute, but now make you look homeless. What ever they are and where ever you got them.......It's TIME TO SAY GOODBYE. 

I know they are comfortable, soft, oversized and make us feel cozy, but I bet if we asked someone (boyfriend, husband, kids) they'd say differently. Yes, he loves me the same and would probably have no problem instigating a little sunday morning sesh in those old trusties. But, wasn't this year about making pretty choices? And what was balled up in my top drawer, was not a pretty choice. So, I cleaned out that drawer full of memories (kept one holy pair of sweat pants, you know those ratty Juicy Couture navy pants with the hole in the crotch + my grandfathers NBC SPORTS tee and the softest pair of drawstring shorts that ever were made, actually they were itchy as hell when I bought them to wear *outside* the house, but ended up as pj's after one million washes) and made room for some MATCHING, COMFY and if need be, SEXY sleep attire. It wasn't hard, it was necessary. Let's just say the entire family took notice. 

Call me crazy, but I went to bed feeling pretty and pulled together, which made for a better morning. It's almost like I awoke with a little pep in my step. You know how they say you act better when you're dressed better. Same thing rings true for the pj's. Now I have an organized drawer full of pj's that are matching, attractive AND comfortable. I invested in a few different pairs depending on my mood. Anything from the kids are at grandmas to Aunt Flo came to visit. Now, I'm ready for anything and purging that old worn out jammie drawer felt like a rebirth. Trust me, make those pretty choices. Do this for yourself and him. Go ahead girl, wake up lookin' fine. 


The items below may start a spark, and I will not be held responsible for any babies that come from this post. 







rewardStyle Conference Re-Cap

Hey mamacitas!  If you follow along on my insta-stories then you know that I spent the weekend in Dallas at the rewardStyle Conference and had the best time!  I won't bore you with the details of what rewardStyle is, but it is a company that helps bloggers monetize their brands.  Every year they invite the top 200 performing bloggers from around the world to Dallas for the conference and thanks to all of you guys, I got invited this year. Eeeeeeek! I literally died when I got the invite in January. We had classes, opportunities to meet with brands, all the in + out's of writing a book (really want to do that) and best of all...parties.  Oh the parties!  If you did watch, then you know mama went a little crazy this weekend and it was so fun!  I posted all of these looks on Instagram, but I wanted to give you a run down of everything here. Most Importantly: Thank you again to all of you who love me and support me.  I would not have ANY of this without you guys and I hope you always know how absolutely appreciative I am of it in every way. It's funny, something that I've always done (cook + decorate + be real + pull outfits together and help my friends) has evolved into something I NEVER dreamed of or for that matter even knew existed. It's been crazy and the ride has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It is fun, but it is hard work and I feel blessed beyond measure. Seriously, THANK YOU and I love you guys!

Now, lets get to the outfits! 



Dress | Purse (no longer available, but I love this one) | Shoes | Earrings | Sunglasses | Bracelet

So the first night Sole Society hosted a Tulum inspired pool party.  I am not going to lie, it is a little nerve-racking walking into a party full of bloggers when you only know one or two people.  I have never done any kind of blogging conference before and don't have a ton of blogging contacts so I didn't really know that many people going in.  As with most things though, the anticipation of the thing is so much worse than the thing itself and everyone I met was so nice and I ended the weekend with tons of new friends.  SInce it was a beach inspired theme, I wanted to wear something a little out of my normal color palette since black, white, gray and nude don't really scream beach.  I chose this gorgeous sunny little number and I am in love.  It is a perfect for all of your summer events- baby showers, bridal showers, weddings- and its less than $100!  I searched high and low for the little snakeskin clutch ( I found it here last summer) that I am carrying and could not find it anywhere, but I did find an adorable raffia clutch.  It is so cute, comes in four colors, is less than $50 and is perfect for summer!


Top | Pants | Hat | Shoes | Earrings | Bracelet| Bracelets

The second day started with a day full of classes, presentations, and brand meetings so I knew that I really wanted to be comfortable.  Guys, these pants are everything.  If you're criteria for pants are a.) they are as comfortable as pajamas b.) they aren't pajamas c.) you can look totally pulled together while still feeling like you are wearing pajamas, then these are totally the pants for you!  I was a little nervous to try a palazzo pant, but I am so glad I did.  Pair them with this black tank like I did, or style them with a white t-shirt and scarf and you are literally ready to conquer the world...or at the very least a full day of conferencing, "momming", working, etc.


Dress | Belt | Shoes | Earrings | Bracelet | Sunglasses

The second night was another fun party that was hosted by Bumble.  This party required cocktail attire so I found this great dress at Banana Republic and I am in love.  It is so sexy, while still being age appropriate, and so comfortable.  I also love all the micropleating.  Banana Republic is offering 30% off with code BRSURPRISE through the 25th, so hurry over there and snatch one up while it is on sale.  I promise you will not be disappointed!  I also think it would look so great for work dressed down with maybe a black belt and black flats.  Very chic!

DAY 3 

Top | Pants | Shoes | Bracelets | Sunglasses

If you guys did follow along with my weekend, you know that Friday night was a wild, late night.  I had the best time, made a bunch of new friends at the party, drank a lot of champagne and tequila, and stayed up til 3am.  #holyhannah For this 9:30 bedtime girl, you can imagine that I was needing something comfortable for day 3.  We got to spend some time in the brand hall, we had brand meetings, and more class sessions.  I really wanted to look professional and pulled together, since I was going to have the opportunity to meet with some of my favorite brands, so I headed straight to my closet for the Banana Republic Sloane Pant. Listen, every woman needs a pair of these black pants in their closet.  They are the most flattering, most comfortable pants in the universe and are currently my #1 favorite pair of pants.  They come in four colors, short/medium/long sizing, and are also 30% off with the code BRSURPRISE.  Seriously run to the store right now and get them and then wear them everyday and we can be twins.


Also, a note about my purse.  This is actually the bag Steve bought me in Vegas when he hit the jackpot on the slot machine one night.  It was literally so exciting and I just about died.  I have a REALLY hard time pulling the trigger on gifts like this for myself, but Steve was so sweet and wanted to get me something nice for our anniversary.  How could I resist?  #winkwink I am in absolute love with this bag. Her name is Chana Belle. Laugh, but I only own a couple (this one and this one) and they deserve a proper names and in most cases a seatbelt when riding shotgun with me. I LOVE them like my own children. Speaking of children, Lily will inherit quite the collection. I have had so many of you guys asking me about it and I have searched high and low for it, including calling the Chanel boutique in Vegas.  I have been able to find it in black and nude, but not beige. You can find the Spring/ Summer '17 collection here.  I will keep searching for the beige one and will let you know if I find it online.  If I can't, you can always call a Chanel boutique and they will assist you in locating one. 



So the very last night rewardStyle throws a huge finale party and this year it was black tie optional.  So I go this dress last summer from Hemline to wear to a wedding.  I loved it so much that I had to resurrect it for the finale party.  Two problems though.  The dress is nowhere to be found online and I ended up not wearing it due to a bra malfunction.  Yep, you read that right...a bra malfunction.  So I wore a pretty blue pleated skirt from Vici instead (don't forget to use my code for 25% off LANDYN25), but I still love this dress.  I sourced a Badgley Mischka that is on MAJOR sale form Neiman Marcus that is really similar and super pretty.  Both of the dresses are the perfect dress for dancing though because they are super fun to swing all around...and dance we did. We literally shut the dance party down and stayed until the DJ literally would not play another song.  It was like the most fun wedding you have ever been too.

Last but certainly not least, a huge THANKS to Beckley + Co. for shooting these beautiful images of me. Rebecca is so freakin' great and If you live in Dallas or know someone that does.....have her take your picture. So talented! 






Ahhhh, THE KITCHEN.... the heart of your home. The place everyone likes to hangout, life-central, where you feed your family and where everyone seems to drop their junk and leave. Ha! Who are these people and why must they completely destroy the one room in my house I need to have function efficiently. And since I spend so much dang time in here, I'd really like it to look pretty too. Which is why I thought this post would be a good one, and keeps on with the theme of the year, Making Pretty Choices. 

People often ask me, where do you put all your stuff? How come I never see any clutter in the background of any of your pictures or Instastories? Why does everything seem so neat and put together all the time? Well, first of all I run a tight ship. I also have a place for everything and at least twice a day I audit my space. Meaning, I do a clean sweep of the counters and get rid of any thing that is no longer necessary and doesn't belong. Let's just say the base of the stairs to my kids rooms and my husbands office accumulate quite a pile by end of day. {this basket is a must for helping kids transfer their stuff to where it really belongs} I mean, why should the kitchen be a drop zone for all their stuff. And to be completely honest I have a touch of OCD and can't stand 'stuff' all over and more importantly the kitchen is MINE. 



Now, back to what I was saying about pretty things and making pretty choices. That theme is very much present in my kitchen. First things first, I like white + marble and gold. You already knew that. So when selecting things for my kitchen and displaying things we use most, I choose pretty over basic. That goes for my measuring cups and spoons too. Almost imagine yourself living in a model home. You know how cute and minimallistic the counters are there, mimic that in your own home. Or get inspired for a magazine article. Just think clean + clutter free. 



I also enjoy setting up a vignette on the counters in my kitchen as well. Nothing crazy really, and quite easy to do. I always start with a tray. Then layer a cool hand towel, maybe a few leaning cutting boards and finish out the look with some greenery. See, that's it. 

That goes for laundry too. Why have a ugly ol' plastic laundry basket when you could camolfauge your dirties in some cute baskets. I found these at HomeGoods. Baskets are also a great place to store your cleaning supplies + soaps and rags. I just find if things are in order and have a place, things stay organized and I don't feel overwhelmed by the end of the day. 



styling | me / photo lindsey grace photgraphy

styling | me / photo lindsey grace photgraphy

If you know me then you know that scarfs are one of my favorite accessories to add to an outfit.  They truly are the multi-purpose accessory and I think they can take a simple outfit and really step it up a notch.  One of my absolute favorite looks is adding a scarf to jeans and a white tee to take it from boring to fabulous all with one accessory.  You will be see from my choices below that I really am in to a more neutral scarf, #bigsurprise, with a geometric pattern on them.  I don't do a ton of florals and bright colors in my scarfs, although sometimes in the summer I will add some with a little pop of color or pattern on it.  What can I say, I'm a maniac. 

I have filmed four short video's on how to wear scarfs and incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.  I know it can sometimes be confusing to figure out all the different ways to tie them and what to pair them with, so hopefully these videos take some of the guess work out of it.  Hope you enjoy!



{cue the goofy freeze frame faces}



Dress like a mom.....what exactly does that mean? We know the fashion world doesn't usually put those two words in the same sentence. Probably because the first Image that comes to mind would be high waisted denim and a floral cardigan. But aren't most moms you see these days wearing skinny jeans and a great necklace? Ok, for the most part.

Which brings me to the title of this post, DRESS LIKE A MOM. I've partnered with Evereve to help take the negative out of such a powerful statement. Helping to look at motherhood a little differently and continue to bring EMPOWERMENT + STRENGTH + POSITIVITY to one of the most important people in the world. A MOTHER. Let's not shy away from our title and mumble it when people ask what we do for a living. Let's be proud of our job. Let's embrace those battle wounds they call stretch marks. Let's support each other and build one another up, because if you're having a good day, chances are a member of your tribe isn't. 


Before I get off on a tangent and start going ALL MOTHER on ya. I want to tell you about a campaign I've recently gotten behind. #DRESSLIKEAMOM An inspirational story about a mother with a dream, and a brand I'm proud to support. My people... meet Megan, the powerhouse behind EVEREVE. I recently was lucky enough to sit across the table from her and hear her story word for word and I was moved. A stay at home mom that craved fashion that fit her new lifestyle and made her feel beautiful again. With no previous retail experience, she set out to make her dreams a reality. Envisioning a place where moms could shop comfortably and leave feeling empowered and beautiful. 

Megan Tamte- CEO + FOUNDER 

Megan Tamte- CEO + FOUNDER 



A few months back I was asked to be part of something really special. Something I was giddy about for many reasons. One, because I believe in their mission. Two, because I was already a fan and three, because they sell some killer clothes. Evereve, formally Hot Mama was a store that I started shopping in 12 years ago. I was pregnant with my daughter and remember walking into this small boutique in Edina, Mn back in 2004. The small staff, actually Megan herself was friendly, helpful and somehow knew just what I needed. I walked out of there that day with a great pair of maternity jeans, a few tops and feeling good about myself. It's amazing what a new outfit can do for a girl, especially a pregnant one not feeling so pretty at the moment. I remember thinking to myself, I'll go back there. And so I did for the next 12 years.

It became my go-to stop and quite honestly even if I didn't need anything at all. I just liked going there. I became friendly with the stylists, and so did my kids. It was a dreamy concept really. It was kid friendly, down to the large stylish glass jars of gold fish + animal crackers. A cute little nook in the corner stocked with the latest games and toys. I told you, genius. Even before my kids could talk, would literally point and babble towards the door as we strolled by. Like I said, it was my place. 

Years went by, my kids got older, they phased out the maternity clothes, changed their name to Evereve, and sweet Megan continued to open over 65+ stores. I mean, #MOMBOSS Yet nothing had changed. Still the same great place and by that time the secret in Minnesota was out. It became quite the boutique. But still staying true to it's values and mission. Megan's sayings and words of positive affirmations would now be printed on the stickers that wrapped up your new purchases. The dressing rooms had some pretty great YEAH, YOU GOT THIS GIRL kinda sayings, you know, the ones we all need to hear when trying on denim. She nailed it. She got us. She was us.

I'm always up for change, and with my husbands career, that's part of the game. When he signed with the Titan's a few years back, that meant us moving to Nashville (which I love and now call home) and leaving behind 7 years of friendships, memories and Evereve. But they assured me that the online experience would be just great. Yes it is, but I missed walking through those doors looking for a date night top. But GUESS WHAT...... I just learned while I was back in Minneapolis to kick this thing off, that they are OPENING A BRAND NEW EVEREVE STORE THIS MONTH in Franklin! I may or may or may not have done a silly little dance in their headquarters. I'm so excited!! Here's a store locations list, click here to see if you're so lucky to have one near you. 

photo | Kris Drake Photography

photo | Kris Drake Photography



I left my weekend in Minneapolis feeling refreshed, excited and with an entire suitcase full of new clothes. I mean, you guys. I could. Not. Stop. I really wanted it all. It was so hard to choose what would come home with me. And to be back in the store again was SO FUN! I like to think I know how to pull together an outfit, but dang those stylist they have are GOOD. Here are a few looks from our photo shoot that made their way into my own closet. 








6-9 p.m. 




Now, some of you may be asking yourself, why don't I know this store? Exactly. Why don't you? I ask myself that too. When I share where I got things I'm wearing and it's from Evereve, often times people look at me with a puzzled look. Well, let's stop all that nonsense. This is a brand that needs to be shared. Remember, I'm a girls girl and I like to share. I'll never not tell you where I got something. Why keep secrets? I'll never understand those women. Ha! 



And while I'm talking girls and mom bosses, let me introduce you to the other members of the #EvereveStyleCrew. (left to right) Liz, The Lemon Bowl + Melanie, Style Scout + Shaynah, The Ruffled Snob + Megan, Evereve Founder + Caroline, Armelle Blog


The icing {= Evereve party} on the cake {= stylecrew launch), was hosting a LWL Meet + Greet for all my MN girls at Evereve, Wayzata, my old stompin' grounds. It was a full circle moment for me really. Quite emotional too. Over 100+ followers that I call friends, came out that night to meet me. It was unreal. After the event got underway, I broke away from the hugs and selfies to stand up on a coffee table in the middle of the store to say THANK YOU. And when I did, a wave of emotion came over me and I went basically into the ugly cry. I stood above this crowd of beautiful + strong + funny + genuine women that have chosen to come along with me on this crazy ride. It was completely overwhelming. I locked eyes with every single one of you that night and I knew this is what I was meant to do. And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure "what" that is? But what I do know, is that staying true to yourself, being open and real is what this world needs more of. I'll say it again....... thank you for peeking in on my life, sharing me with your people and keeping me laughing. You are what fuels me. 


I asked my longtime friend and photographer Tiffany Kokal, Kokal Photography to come and capture this moment for me, for us. I wanted to forever have images of that first embrace, the laughs and the tears. She did it so beautifully and organic. It's so her style. Dang I miss her. These are everything to me. Thank you, Tiffany! Love ya! 



Isn't she a stunner? You're looking at the newest modern farmhouse that has just finished being built by Carbine & Associates in the new, boutique Franklin neighborhood, Southern Preserve. The home opens to the public March 4-12th {tickets available for purchase here} as the first House for Hope Designer Show House featuring over a dozen Southeastern design tastemakers. The House for Hope Foundation we started in 1993 by Carbine, his brother and the late Denzel Carbine. Their impact has been significant and this year over a dozen area children's charities will benefit upon the sale of this home. Pretty cool. 

I was lucky enough to have been asked to create the signature drink for this event. The name of the development, Southern Preserve was inspiration in itself. When I think about the South and farmhouses I think iced tea, and fresh fruit. But then the word preserve came into play and so I was inspired to incorporate fruit preserves into the mix. They also wanted a cocktail version which I thought would be fun too. The drink that came to mind was a margarita, my personal favorite. So I got busy dreaming up a cocktail that would represent this modern + chic farm house to a tea, see what I did there? HA! 

You've really got to go see this beauty. Touring homes is a favorite pastime of mine and something my girlfriends and I enjoy doing during the day when the kiddos are in school. I would definitely add this to your things to do + see over the days to come. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour and soak up all the talent that help build this house. I have to be honest, it really makes you want to move or renovate. BIG TIME. If you're looking for inspiration, you're sure to find it here. So many amazing local designers donated their talent to making this house what it is. Check out the full list of designers here.

The House for Hope Designer Show House is open daily March 4th- 12th from 12 noon to 5 p.m. in the Southern Preserve neighborhood, 2045 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN 37064. Tickets are $15 per person and available here or at the gate. If you're a realtor presenting a business card you get in free on Tuesday, March 7. 

Enjoy the tour + the drinks! 



  • 4 black tea bags or your favorite unsweet tea mix
  • 1/4 cup sugar (optional) 
  • 3 tablespoons Raspberry jam
  • mint springs + lemon slices for garnish


  1. Boil 2 cups of water, remove from stove top and let steep for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove tea bags.
  3. Add 2 additional cups of cold water.
  4. Add sugar and jam, mix well.
  5. Pour over iced glasses + garnish with mint leaves + lemon slices. 


*serves 4


  • 2 oz tequila 
  • 1 tbs black currant preserves 
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • ginger-ale
  1. Combine Tequila + lime juice + black currant preserves, shake & mix well.
  2. Pour over ice and add garnish with lime wedge. 

*single serving




Hello my friends and welcome to 2017!  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after my little holiday break.  Re-entry is freaking HARD!!!  I am actually currently writing this on a plane heading somewhere I can't share with you yet. (trust me, it's killing me too) But what a FUN and unexpected treat to start the new year.

So the real reason I am here today is to talk to you about my theme for this year.  I am not huge on resolutions and I sometimes think that a word is a little limiting, so this year I have decided on a theme for my life and for the blog.  Are you dying to know what it is?  MAKE PRETTY CHOICES.  So what exactly do I mean by that?  It is so much deeper than just making aesthetically pleasing choices, although that is certainly a component.  It means make pretty choices in your relationship or marriage, in your friendships, in your parenting and in how you treat yourself.  All of these things are beautiful components that make up my life and I want to make sure that I am making decisions that honor their beauty by making pretty choices.

This is going to be a theme that we are going to explore here on the blog throughout the year, so be on the look out, but today I just wanted to give a little synopsis of how pretty choices play out in the different areas of my life.  Some of these things I am really great about and some of them will require a little more effort or work on my part.  I also want to start a hashtag that we can all use on IG to document the pretty choices we make.  So be sure to hashtag your posts with #makeprettychoices and then I will feature them periodically here and on Instagram.  So fun!!!



This has actually been such a hot topic with you guys and something you have really been curious about.  It caught me off-guard a little because I don't necessarily think of Steve and I's relationship and love story as that unusual.  However, in this day and age there is something unique about a relationship that began in 8th grade, has endured through all of the life stages and changes we have gone through and continues to thrive and grow today.  But here's the thing, I don't want it to be unique.  I want all of you guys to have that too, so I am going to be sharing some of my thoughts on keeping relationships strong and some of the things we do to honor each other, our marriage, and keep the spark alive. Whether it is small things like a pinch on the butt or holding hands in the car or big things like supporting each other in our careers and pursuit of our dreams, there are so many things that go in to a healthy marriage.  I am not an expert, a therapist, or someone who thinks I have some magic formula or know it all. The truth is relationships and marriages are hard and require work, but making pretty choices in how we treat each other and how we treat our marriage helps keep things strong.


Ah, our sweet girlfriends, the tribe that keeps us sane. The ones we can call in the middle of the night. The ones that will pick up our kids from school because our hair appointment is running late.  I think that as women, and mom's in particular, we get so caught up in the daily shuffling, meal-making, house-cleaning, etc that our friendships really struggle sometimes.  I found this to be particularly true when my kids were younger.  That time period is just so physically and emotionally demanding that honestly it felt like I didn't have anything left to give myself at the end of the day, let alone my girlfriends.  But let me tell you ladies, MAKE TIME FOR THE GIRLS IN YOUR LIVES.  Your squad has such a beautiful ability to pick you up and carry you when you don't think you can go another mile.  They will be to the rescue with a glass of wine at the end of a hard day or a bottle of Sprite and saltines on the porch when the bug hits your house.  Find your tribe and love them hard.  Cultivate meaningful relationships with your friends and remember it is not the quantity of friends that matters but the quality of those relationships that really count.  We have moved a bit due to Steve's career and I have been so blessed to find such wonderful, loving, creative, fun, funny, kindred souls in my friends here in Nashville.  They have been such a blessing in my life and one of my goals for this year is to make time in my relationship with them a focus.


Remember how I said some of making pretty choices would be talking about making aesthetically pleasing choices?  Well these next two categories focus on the pretty choices that we can see.  I hope that this doesn't come across as shallow, but I really believe in surrounding ourselves with things that we love and make us happy.  It doesn't mean you have to follow a certain style or have a home that looks like everyone elses.  It just means that you make space in your home for pieces and things that you truly love.  Some of the things that I do in this arena that are so simple are: I buy all white plates because I love to open a cabinet and see them all stacked up neatly.  I keep a limited, neutral color palette because I like it to look calm and serene in my house (even when it is utter chaos). I buy the gold spatulas and measuring cups instead of the black plastic ones. I do these things not because there is anything wrong with black plastic, but because I am a firm believer in the notion that the everyday things that we use the most should be things that bring us joy....and you know what, gold spatulas and white plates bring me joy! I feel like if you are going to buy these things anyways, you might as well get ones you love. Am I right?


Style is about feeling good. Feeling confident. Walking with a little pep in your step. If a new shirt helps you achieve this, than go on girl.... buy that new shirt and a new earring too. You are what you DRESS. Clothing has such a significant effect of self esteem and confidence. It's so important to dress for the day. I know when I take the time to put a little effort into it, it changes my whole outlook on the day. I feel I even get more done. I'm happier. It's right up there with walking in heels and a good tan. Get out of those old sweatpants, trust me. 

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I won't be spending $80 on a white t-shirt. But I will spend $80 dollars at TJ Maxx on three shirts and new belt and a scarf. However, I am not afraid to splurge every now and then on a closet staple that I will wear over and over again, or on a piece that I truly love. I also believe in loving what you have and making it new again. Have you ever cleaned out your closet and found that shirt you used to wear ALL THE TIME. Bring that baby back to the front and put her on. Remember, trends are not for everyone. Just because People Magazine says we should, doesn't mean we can. Find your style and embrace it. And if all you don't exactly know what that is, stick to the basics. You can never go wrong with black and white + a good stripe + your favorite denim + blazer and a good scarf. 



Girls, why are we so mean to ourselves? Whether that is the negative self-talk that sometimes runs through our heads; the constant comparison to someone else's seemingly perfect life; the body-shaming and internal critique of if we could only loose this weight or make that smaller or this bigger.  I really think that we can be our own worst critics, when we should be our own biggest cheerleaders.  I also think this pertains to our relationships too.  Whether it be friends, family, spouses or partners we sometimes allow ourselves to get caught up in toxic relationships that in the end only cause of hurt and frustration.  So let's all make it a point to be nicer to ourselves this year, give ourselves the grace we afford other people, and evaluate the relationships in our lives and who makes pretty choices in the way they treat us.  Cultivate those relationships and let the rest fall to the wayside. Ya know what I mean.

If you have followed me for any time, you know that living a relatively healthy lifestyle is something I am really passionate about.  I am definitely not in to self-deprivation, by any means, but I do really try to make conscious decisions about what I eat and how I treat my body.  This year I am going to be sharing some of the things I do to physically take care of myself, whether that is my workouts, my diet and meal plans, or my skin and beauty routine.  I figure I only have this one body and it is mine for life, so I better make the most out of it I can.



So, let's make 2017 about MAKING PRETTY CHOICES. Let's focus on the positive, embrace those stretch marks. I mean, look at that sweet baby. Go the extra mile, do those last few sit ups and don't cut yourself short. Smile at a stranger, cause maybe that's just what they needed today. Invite your inlaws over for dinner or pick up the phone; without them you wouldn't have that hubby. Try a new recipe. Learn to cook. Make better choices when it comes to what you put in your body. Call that sitter or beg the neighborhood girl to watch your little ones. Because dating your husband is important, very. Knock on your besties door after work with a bottle of wine, and chat it up, the laundry can wait. Buy that new lamp at Homegoods, because you hate the one your mom gave you after college. DO ALL THE THINGS. Do them this year and start making pretty choices. And I'll be here along the way in case you need a little guidance.






Alright ladies, if your New Year's Eve plans involve anything from sitting on the couch in your jammies ringing in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest to completely raging all the way into 2017, I have you covered in this post. Here in Nashville we drop the music notes and Broadway turns into an absolute madhouse. I am so excited because we got invited to an exiting party, Jack Daniels Music City Midnight: New Years Eve in Nashville that the Convention and Visitors Bureau hosts each year, so the hubby and I are going ALL OUT this year.  It is a concert...with Keith Urban headlining! Plus a fun backstage VIP party tent with a great view of The Music Note Drop. Before you get too jealous though, I have spent MANY years ringing in the New Year in my jammies, sometimes even alone during Steve's playing years, so I can dress you for any occasion. I actually hit up the mall last night looking for some fun options to wear on New Year's Eve and I want to share some of my favorites with you guys below.



Like I said above, their ain't no shame in the staying home game for New Year's Eve. There have been MANY years when I have just thought that it wasn't worth the effort, energy and expense to get all dolled up for the occasion. So, if I was staying at home for New Year's Eve this year, you would totally find me in some of these comfy-cozy's.


Maybe just maybe the kids are at grandmas, or maybe you don't have any yet, well 2017 seems like the right time to try! Here are some pretties to ring in the New Year with a bang! And don't forget some of these work wonders under a blazer, giving you just the right amount of sexy. 


So you are hosting the NYE festivities this year? Good for you! When my kids were younger I can remember the stress (and outrageous cost) of trying to find a sitter on New Year's Eve. Ladies, these are the years when either hosting the party for all your friends and their kiddos or heading over to a friend's house with family in tow is the most fun you can handle on a New Year's Eve.  I TOTALLY get it. #itdoesgeteasier #pinkiepromise So you're more than likely in the market for a cute top that maybe doesn't have spit-up or snot on it. Don't worry mama, I've got you covered. All of these pair perfectly with you favorite dark wash or black denim. 


Some years all the cards align like they did for me this year and you get the opportunity to get all dolled up and go out and do something fun. YASSSSS!  It really is fun to have something exciting to look forward to and an excuse to get dressed up and go out to party.  I saw SO many cute things that I loved while I was out.  I am really having a hard time deciding what I am going to wear. But I have major crushes on all of these! 


Chances are you own a LBD (little black dress) and you're on the hunt for some new jewelry to take it up a notch and make it feel new again. I hear ya. Jewelry is the easiest way to transform any outfit. Here's a few things to remember. If it has a high neck line, just add a great earring and skip the necklace. But maybe it's got a plunging neckline, so a killer necklace would be the answer. Then of course my all-time favorite statement piece.... the cuff. 


You know I LOVE ME SOME VICI. Seriously, if you haven't heard me talk about this online boutique, then you haven't been listening to a word I've said. They are my one of my go-to's and always have the greatest stuff. Often times I see the same piece in my local boutiques for double the price. I don't know how they do it, but I'm so glad they do! Thank you Vici for passing the savings on to your girls! You've GOT to check them out. They have a ton of merchandise, but here are a few great ones for NYE! Remember that KILLER black dress I have? Yep, VICI. And here's a little treat for ya LANDYN20 at checkout for 20% OFF your entire purchase. P.S. Don't miss a thing and follow them on Instagram @vicidolls




top | necklace | pants

'Tis the season for holiday dressing.  When I asked you ladies what type of content that you guys wanted to hear about for the holidays, dressing for the season was at the top of almost everyone's list.  So today, I am going to show you a couple of fun outfits that you could wear to a work party or event.  Dressing for your, or your husband's, office party can be stressful.  Will you be over-dressed, under-dressed, you want to look a little sexy without being over the top, and you want everyone to be able to tell that maybe you put a touch more effort into it all then just a Monday morning at the office.  Am I right?  Well never fear, because I have put together two fabulous options, one a little more casual/conservative and one a little dressier/sexier, that I loved and then I am going to source a ton more options that I think are totally appropriate and you all will love.

My first look is this amazing Topshop blouse that I got from Nordy's.  The peplum detail on this top is so pretty and VERY flattering to all body types.  I also love the ladder detailing on the sleeve.  It gives it just a little unexpected flair.  Now we HAVE to talk about these pants.  Ladies, not your nearest Nordstrom, or better yet click right here and get these cigarette pants.  They are literally everything, and wait for it, they are only $38!  Yes you read that right.  These pants are a staple that every woman has to have in her wardrobe.  I LOVE mine!  Just remember that Topshop is a British brand so you want to purchase based on the sizing in the parenthesis.  That caused quite a bit of confusion between me and my sweet salesperson in the dressing room. 


And guys, this necklace!  Can you even?  It is so stunning and it really takes what would be a relatively basic outfit and definitely steps it up a notch.  It is a little pricey for costume jewelry but I love how it totally elevates an outfit.  Worth the investment in my opinion!


top | skirt | earrings | shoes | clutch

I am totally obsessed with this outfit.  As soon as I saw it in the store I knew it was a total keeper.  This is the absolute perfect look if you have a dressier office work party or you want something that is a little sexier and unexpected, but still totally tasteful.  I am now totally torn between wearing this and my favorite Tutu Moi tulle skirt to Steve's Christmas party.  I am going to be honest, if he had his choice, this would be the winner hands down.  I kept my accessories really simple because I didn't want to detract from the the perforation, but I did decide to go with a statement pair of earrings and I am totally in love with them. 

black perforated top and pencil skirt with black high heels, what to wear to an office christmas party

I went ahead and sourced a few more different options that range from the more casual to dressier end of the spectrum so that you had some options based on what you needed for your specific party.  I am going to be back next week to show some fun looks for a holiday Girl's Night Out or maybe a little holiday date night. 

 Have fun + don't drink too much and make a fool out of yourself!