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I go to bed dreaming about coffee. I can’t wait to go to bed so I can wake up and have my coffee. As an early riser, I get up every morning at 5 a.m. and I like to take that time to drink my coffee by myself, check emails, and just wake up before anyone else in my house is up. Steve and I both consider ourselves coffee coinsurers, so we really splurged on our coffee maker. It is a Jura and yes, it is crazy expensive, but it is so worth it. It is essentially like having a built in barista right in our kitchen. I just push a button and it grinds fresh coffee. I use espresso beans form Starbucks and then I add one scoop of Vital Proteins collagen peptide powder and one tablespoon of MTC Brain Octane oil and give it a stir with my handheld frother.

I love Peppermint Mocha creamer by Coffee Mate, even on Keto I can’t give it up. I can't. So I add a tiny splash of that, and it's a few of my carbs for the day, but it is WORTH it to me. I also add a little bit of almond milk and it becomes this unique concoction that I absolutely love. I usually only have one cup of coffee in the morning, but if I’m feeling like I am hitting a wall with things left to do in the day, like the kids sports, activities or making dinner, I will have a second cup around 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I really do love my coffee! You too?



tee | black denim leggings | scarf

Black jeans to me are a staple in any wardrobe. They are slimming, they can be dressed up or down, and you can wear them all the time. I'll wear black jeans in the winter and the summer. I love to pair them with a cute tank top and a gladiator sandal or a pair of booties and a blazer. Black jeans are honestly my go-to bottoms and everyone needs a great pair. If I don’t know what to wear, it is black jeans.

I have them in constant rotation in my closet. I’ve recently found two pairs in the last few months that I am OBSESSED with. The first pair is by Mott & Bow the Bond jean, they are a company out of New York that is just getting started and they are very slimming and I actually bought two pairs, one that I wear all the time and one for going out. They also wash super well. I wash them inside out on cold and just a side note, I never dry my jeans, always air dry. I love the length and the fit and they have this awesome sucking-in feeling that just makes them look fantastic.

The second pair I love is the H&M shaping denim. They are a great price, around $49 and I am here to tell you they are like spanks. They come in a high-wasted fit and regular fit and they are just ALL THE THINGS. I always get so many compliments when I am in them, even my husband said “Your butt looks great!” the other day, and I was in those shaping jeans! So I went back and bought two more pairs, because if your husband says your butt looks good, you go and buy them in every color! HA! They do have them in different washes but I haven’t tried anything but the black yet.

My go to pair of jeans for years have and always will be the AG Super Skinny, but those are kind of making their way to the back of the closet these days, but they are still a solid pair to have! I love my black denim with anything and everything, anytime of the year.


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My skincare routine is one of the questions I get asked the most. One of the products I love is the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm. I put it on everyday under my makeup, it gives a little bit of a natural glow. People make comments like “Oh, your skin is so bright and luminous and glowing, why is that?” and that is why! Sometimes when I am going out, I’ll put a little on a makeup sponge and highlight my cheek bones, the tip of my noes and up above my eyebrows and above my lip.
I normally wear it under my makeup, but I will wear it alone if I am just running to the grocery store to add a little life to my face. I recently can only find the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, but the only difference in the Extra Illuminating is a little more anti aging ingredients and a very soft hint of color. But hey, who doesn’t need a little more anti-aging ingredients these days!? They also sell it in three different shades, a bare glow, a pink glow for more fair complexions, and a golden glow for those who are more tan. Give it a try! I think you will love it as much as I do.


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Well, we're one week into the next 365 days. I don't really like to say New Year, cause what if you mess up and then you've got to wait until 2019 for a do-over. Nah. I mess up daily, and sometimes I can't fix it until next week or next month. So, let's don't be so hard on ourselves this year. Let's just do our best and be a better version of ourselves. Cause I'd say we're doing pretty darn good. Am I right, ladies?! Pat yourself on the back....some of us made it through holiday break with our kids home for almost three weeks. Vacation anyone? That's what I should have asked for Christmas! 

Ok, so if you're new to Living With Landyn, than this will sound fun and something to look forward to weekly. If we've been besties for a while now, you'll be saying, "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Great! This week my very popular HEY LANDYN....I'VE GOT A QUESTION series is back on the blog starting today and every Monday. It's when I answer your questions and the most popular from the week before. Maybe it's something you saw me wearing, a paint color, a question about skin care or even what to get your best friend that just got engaged.

I LOVE your questions and want you to email them to me. I created a brand new address where you can send them -  Whenever you've got one, send it right there. This is the best way to get your questions answered. I try really hard, but sometimes they get lost in DM's on Instagram & Facebook. I think this will work much better. Let's give it a try and you let me know what you think. Cool? Cool. 

Alright, let's kick off 2018 with some of your burning questions! 



Oh, this beauty the Multi Bar Necklace I know. I'm obsessed. I've been lusting over it for a while and my hubby got it for me for Christmas, along with these two rings. {MRS + Luna} If you don't know, Melanie Auld's jewelry is ALL THE THINGS! She's a wife + mother and has an unbelievable talent and that shows in every one of her pieces. Her jewelry is seriously B E A U T I F U L. I want everything. It's all so me.  Again, she NAILED it with this one. Delicate game, strong! Check her out, if you don't already. If you end up falling in love like me...go ahead, I dare you not too. Enjoy 15% off as a gift from Melanie- use LANDYN15 at checkout.


You're welcome



I have two thoughts on this. One live in my house therefore you help around the house. That means not giving me any lip when I ask you to feed the dog or clean up your room. Two is you need to learn about earning and how it feels to wait, save up and take care of something you spent your hard earned money on. Not be handed everything. Cause that's not real life. Also we like to remind them that is is our money, not theirs. Mom and Dad worked hard for all that we have and you're not going to just sit back and become a member of the lucky sperm club. Ha! Too much for a Monday? I recently heard that and had to laugh. Anyways..that's our philosophy.

Here's how we handle allowance. Our kids started chores early. Even if it was picking up toys, or putting their plate in the sink before they could see over the counter. It has given them responsibility at a young age, and that has done them well + given me less to nag about. Since the age of six or when they started kindergarten, came jobs they needed to complete daily. 

  • make bed- even if it's not perfect, they eventually, over time got pretty good at it.
  • hang up your towel in bathroom
  • wash the toothpaste out of the sink - nothing worse than spit n' go 
  • put laundry away - I would put it folded on their bed and they would put in in the drawer that it belonged in
  • set the table - something as easy as place the napkins + forks on the table
  • clear the table- helping me get everything from the table to the kitchen sink
  • feed the dog + give him water 
  • get themselves up + dressed in the morning for school * this one is another blog post, but lets just say our mornings are pretty smooth around here. Thankful I started that one early. 

Now, let's talk payment. We've always given them their age a week for allowance. For instance Lily, $13 a week and Luke $10 a week. It's worked perfectly and has been just the right age-appropriate amount. Each year on their birthday they will receive a $1 raise. Now, if they don't do all that we ask or get sassy that week, they stand to lose a a few bucks or all of it for that matter. And that's how we do it around here. 





Now, this thing is THE BEST EVER. I don't know about you, but I loose my keys, can't find them on the bottom of my purse, always carrying way too much and most of the time running into some place without my what do I do with my keys?!?! Drop them. Ha! That was me...not anymore. I got this Big O Key Ring last year and I kid you not. It's one of my favorite things. It's like a bracelet with purpose. Girls....listen, do yourself a favor and treat yo-self. I have the white one. But now, I really want the mocha ostrich one. Dang it. See, you guys get me in trouble too.

Here'a a link right to they're shop!


| same top, now in many colors + I layer my lip gloss, who wears just one anyways. this one and the one under my picture |



Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great. We took the kids on a little family date night to one of our new favorites, Chauhan. It's this really great Indian restaurant in Nashville that has quickly become a fave. Do you do this...try out a new place then go over and over. We are bad about that, but it's so good we can't stop! Saturday the kids had fun playing outside in the snow, we barely had an inch at our house...but they had fun. Then on Sunday I was honored to be asked to speak at The Pink Bride show which was AMAZING. I just love being in front of you guys. And speaking about relationships + marriage is one thing I enjoy the most. Thank you for coming is was wonderful to meet so many of you!

Alright, let's kick this week off with some of your questions! 


Well, I have sensitive skin and have always used some sort of FREE + CLEAR detergent like all or something you'd use to was baby clothes. No Tide or Downey for this girl. Only problem is I really love the scents that come along with these detergents, but not the itchy skin. While on vacation last fall I discovered a new detergent that the house we rented provided for us. Every time I walked by the laundry room, I was like what is that DREAMY scent? I no intention of doing laundry, but it drew me in and I've been hooked ever since. I'm serious. It's the most fresh + clean scent ever. It's not overpowering or floral-y.  They describe it "warm and earthy vetiver grass with rich patchouli embraced by black currant blossoms"  Whatever it is, it actually makes my house smell so good and laundry a little more enjoyable. I'm hooked. Even bought the air freshener and dishwasher tabs. Now I want to try them all. When your laundry soap run out, try this! 



This is one of my most commonly asked questions via DM on Instagram.  As you know, Fiddle Leaf Figs are notoriously fickle little guys and are very, very sensitive.  I am not a plant whisperer, but I do have a few tricks and products that I use.  The first is DO NOT OVER WATER.  I can not stress this enough.  Fiddle Leaf's are very sensitive to over watering.  You want their soil to be very dry before you water them again.  I will put mine up in the sink and mix the fertilizer with a gallon water and pour it in the pot.  Here is the key, let it drain really, really well.  Fiddle Leaf's can not tolerate being in standing water, so you want to give it at least a couple of hours to drain.  I also will periodically throw in the water that I have left over in my water bottle at the end of the day to give him a little drink.

Another thing I found is that they do not like being moved around to different locations. They like sunlight, so I always keep mine in the window in our living room.  When we put the Christmas tree up every year I have to move him to the dining room window.  When he gets moved back it always takes him a week or so to perk back up and recover.  I have a few tried and true products that I use to keep mine healthy and happy that I am going to share below, as well as some options for live plants if you want to try your hand at them.

And if you don't want the hassle of trying to keep a real tree alive, then check out some of these really beautiful faux options.



air fryer.jpg

Air Fryer

Steve is the king of kitchen gadgets, so he had been on the search for an air fryer for a while now.  Since we were doing keto he decided to pull the trigger on it a couple of weeks ago.  His favorite food in the world are chicken wings, so this is the perfect addition to a kitchen.  A lot of you were wondering exactly how an air fryer works and thanks to my friends at Wikipedia I can tell you.  Basically it coats your food in a thin layer of oil and then circulates hot air around it at really high speeds to create the crispy effect you typically get from submerging food in hot oil.  Since you are not submerging your food in oil it is a much healthier way to eat your favorite fried foods. This is the air fryer we got and I really like it.

Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower by Laura Lea Balanced

We used our air fryer for the first time last week to try this delicious Buffalo Cauliflower recipe from Laura Lea Balanced.  It was so easy to make and tasted absolutely delicious.  Definitely a healthier alternative if you are craving wings.  It would make the perfect appetizer for the upcoming Super Bowl or a fun side dish to serve for the whole family. She's got so many great recipes, check her book out here


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Man, Monday's sure do come around fast.  Although if you are like most of us in the Southeast and have kids who have been home for the week due to snow, you might be SUPER happy that it is Monday.  Steve and I are actually on our way home from a fabulous weekend in Napa.  Today in Hey Landyn we are going to talk about what was in my suitcase for our Napa trip, how we handle cell phones with out kids, and the sneaker I won't take off. Not kidding, I bought two pairs just in case they never make these again. Let's get to it!




jeans | t- shirt | jacket | scarf (old, similar here) | sunnies (LANDYN10)| booties | rings

Steve and I went to Napa this weekend to celebrate a dear friend's 50th birthday.  His wife threw him an amazing surprise party and we had a blast! I mean who doesn't love a kid free weekend in wine country?!?  It was a little bit of a last minute trip, we had to wait and see how far the Titans were going to go in the post-season.  Because of this, I was a mad woman last Thursday trying to find a few look to pull together.  I received a lot of requests for information on what all I packed for the weekend, so I have sourced some of the pieces that are still available. I'll have to do a recap about where we went and what we drank. And we didn't have a single piece of bread. I've never had so much will power in my life. Proud of me. HA! 


We allow our children to get cellphones in 6th grade when school sports start, so they have a way to get in touch with us when practices end, etc.  However, we have some pretty strict rules regarding their usage.  Right now, only Lily has a cell phone (she is in 8th grade).  The number one rule about cell phones in our house is that I own them, so I can do whatever I want with them.  That means I can read your texts, log into your social channels, check your messages, etc.  I also have all of the passwords and pass codes for the phone.  We have a strict rule that on school nights the phone (and laptop for that matter) are plugged in the kitchen and are not to be used.  We also do not allow any messaging or texting boys on the phone until 9th grade.  That might seem really harsh to some, but we feel like she will have plenty of time to talk to and date boys in high school, so why rush things.  Luckily all of the boys at her school have been very respectful of following that rule.

The bottom line is you need to do what is right for your child and your family.  Each child is different and can handle the responsibility of a phone at a different age.  The key is to remember that you are the parent and to not give in to the peer pressure of getting them a phone because everyone else already has one if you don't truly believe your child is ready to handle a phone.  It is a big responsibility for a child to manage what is appropriate and what is not, so do what you think is best.



Some of my favorite run around tennis shoes are Nike's.  I love the Nike Juvenate and the Nike Roshe.  I also have this pair of cream and gold New Balance's that I love. I have seen these tennis shoes all over the blogosphere and I really like them too, but I don't own a pair.  Lily has the Addidas hard shell's and she loves though.  Below are some more "athleisure" shoes that I either have or love the look of.  More to come on this topic, I am going to be doing a whole post on athleisure at the end of the week. Cause it's what I live in. You too?


hey landyn.JPG

Happy Monday!  Today's round of Hey Landyn has us talking about our favorite royal-to-be's style, Napa, and my favorite crockpot.  We have nothing if not diverse interests over here ladies.  I hope you guys have a great week!  This is a huge week for the Hutchinson family with my Hey Landyn LIVE Minneapolis Show and Steve's Hall of Fame festivities and the Super Bowl. We will take all the prayers + good vibes, + happy thoughts you can send us. Be sure to stayed glued to my Instastories staring Wednesday. LOVE ya. Mean it! 



megan markle.jpg

Who here is obsessed with the newest royal-to-be and her sense of style?  This girl is!  Megan is the epitome of effortless style and I am loving almost every look that she pulls together.  I love this classic white shirt and I wanted to give you a couple of options for great white button downs that I love.  Megan is wearing a linen shirt in this image, but I went ahead and sourced my favorite linen and non-linen options since linen is hard to come by this time of year.   I am totally loving this linen option though and it is a great price at less than $50!


Shirt (use code LANDYN20 for 20% off your entire order)

I couldn't link this shirt above, but I would be totally remiss if I did not mention one of my absolute favorite white linen button down shirts from UNTUCKIT.  I did a campaign with them at the end of lat year and I am (and my hubby are) totally obsessed with this brand.  And I'll have you know that together we raised $1,112.00 for The Chad Tough Foundation. THANK YOU all for helping me give to childhood cancer research. WOW. I'm so touchedThey fit great and are so well made.  They were nice enough to extend my discount code again, so you can get 20% off your entire order with the code LANDYN20.



Steve and I had the best time in Napa last week and I got a lot of questions about what were my favorite wineries and restaurants that we visited.  I thought it might be helpful to share those with you guys, in case any of you are planning a trip to Napa in the future. TOTALLY RECOMMEND. We have to start with a favorite, Opus One. This winery is probably the largest winery we visited.  We totally lucked out because one of my followers worked at the winery and messaged me about coming to get a special tour.  It was awesome and I highly recommend you stop there if you can.


Next up was Tuck Beckstoffer Winery, let me just say, what a treat that was. We had the best time touring and our very own private tasting in their cellar. Our guide was darling and she taught us so much. I will forever pay attention to the legs on the glass. Do you know about that? We also went to Scribe, which was absolutely gorgeous.  Seriously, such beautiful views.  Just as a note, this winery requires reservations for tastings, so make sure that you contact the winery before you go. 

I mean... I fell in love all over again with this guy. 

I mean... I fell in love all over again with this guy. 

We also visited Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch.  This is such a unique place because it is a winery, but also a working farm and ranch.  The grounds are stunning and they have a beautiful general store, cafe, and chef's table.  Another winery that came highly recommended, but we didn't get a chance to visit was Frog's Leap.  They offer three different tasting options, by appointment only, and we will definitely go next time we are in Napa. All of you said it's SO LANDYN! Hate that we didn't have time for that. 


We had some truly delicious meals while we were in Napa.  I have to start with The Naked Pig.  It is a must for breakfast (the are only open for brunch and lunch)  and truly one of my favorite meals we had while we were there.  We also went to Oxbow Market and loved it.  It is a public market that has different vendors, artisans, and farmers who raise or produce organic crops and regional specialties.  They have several restaurants, distillery's, wine, bakeries, basically you name it and they have it all under one roof.  We are HUGE oyster fans, so we ate at the Hog Island Oyster Bar and absolutely loved it.  I also have to mention that if you are in the area, you have to spend an afternoon walking around downtown Yountville.  It is like a Seaside in Napa Valley.  There are great little shops, restaurants, and tasting rooms.  A definite must do.  We also heard great things about Healdsburg, which is a up and coming wine making area.  We didn't have time to visit, but will definitely head there on our next trip.





For those of you who have been around for awhile, you guys know my love and obsession for my crockpot runs deep.  If I could only recommend one essential item out of my kitchen that I think everyone needs, this crockpot would be what I recommended.  I use it ALL THE TIME.  The reason I love it is the cast aluminum insert that allows you to take it from the stove top straight into the crockpot.  You can brown your meat or reduce sauces without having to dirty up more than one pan.  If that isn't winning the kitchen life, then I don't know what is.  I know that it is a little pricier than a typical crockpot, but I think it is totally worth the investment. Side note, hubby just bought us a Instapot. I've heard so many great things about these babies too. It's said to be a crockpot on steroids and can basically do what your crockpot can do in a fraction of the time. Anybody have one of these? I'm looking forward to playing around with it. Here's the one we got, and a few of our other kitchen toys below. 



Happy Monday! I'm coming off of a whirlwind of a trip from Minnesota. So much fun, yet emotionally exhausting! Today we are going to talk about everything from drapes, my go-to butcher and the best bridesmaid gifts to give. And to be quite honest my weekend wardrobe was a hot topic this week as well. All of what I brought can be found in this post right here, Packing For The Bold North. Keep those questions coming!  If you have one, feel free to email it to 



loom decor linen curtains

Use code LANDYN15 for 15% off your entire purchase.

I have gotten several questions about the company that we used for the new drapes in our master bedroom and living room.  I am going to do a full reveal of them later this month, but I wanted to answer your questions, so you didn't have to wait for the information. We worked with a company called Loom Decor and I can not say enough good things about them.  Loom Decor is a custom home furnishing company that provides designer drapes, shades, and outdoor decor.  Here is the best part.....all of your custom pieces ship in just 2 weeks.  Remember 10-14 day drapes?! If you have ever ordered from a drapery workshop you know this is unheard of. 

Loom Decor actually has a showroom in Nashville, so I was able to work with a team of stylists in person to select and order my drapes.  However, the bread and butter of Loom Decor's business is all online so you are able to order your custom pieces from anywhere in the country. All you have to do is head to their website and pick the type of product you need to get started. One of the best perks of using Loom Decor is that you get access to a virtual stylist who helps you select the right product, look, and fabric for your space, all for free!  They will set you up with a video chat session and you can talk to your stylist about the pieces you need and the look and feel you are going for.  They will them make recommendations of products and fabrics based on your style.  They will ship you free fabric samples so you can see you the suggestions in person.  They will also connect you to a professional installers who will help you measure your windows to insure you are ordering everything correctly and will then come install them for you.  It is the best!

Loom Decor has been so generous and is offering my followers 15% off their entire order with the code LANDYN15.



We order our meats from a company called Butchery Fresh.  The thing that we love about them is that the meat is fresh, not frozen, when it is delivered.  Most of the other steak/meat delivery companies out there ship their meat already frozen.  We love knowing that it is coming to us completely fresh.  Butchery Fresh actually is a division of a foodservice company that provides meats to some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country.  They tapped into that network of chef's to have them hand select the best cuts from their favorite farms in the country.  The meat really is so good and the prices are super competitive compared to if you were going to go to your local specialty butcher to get some of these types of meats.  I would definitely recommend and may I add, a GREAT gift idea! Promo code ALLTHETHINGS at checkout for 25% for the month of February. 


best bridesmaid gifts

image: Le Rose Gifts

It has been quite a while since I had bridesmaids or was a bridesmaid, but I can definitely help you out with some ideas of things I would like to receive if I was a bridesmaid.  I love the idea of getting them all Instax Mini Cameras so they can capture the night. You could also get them a cute pair of flip flops that they could wear at the reception so they don't have to stay in heels all night.  I also love the idea of a curated gift box for each of them.  I love the company Box Fox.  They offer a precurated bridesmaid box or you can customize you own based on each bridesmaids taste.  I sourced more of my favorite gift ideas below.