I've been shopping like a mad woman over the last two weeks. Collecting things here and there. A few successful trips to Marshalls + TJMaxx  and Target. Then many nights staying up late scouring the internet to find things to pack for our trips. We leave for Mexico to celebrate my 40th with 7 other couples in less than two weeks. To say I'm EXCITED in a complete understatement. After that FUN filled adult trip, hubby and I will scoop up the kids and spend a week on the beautiful island of St, Lucia (remember a while back I was asking you guys about tropical family destinations? We'll this is where we picked) From the looks of my inbox and DM's a lot of you are also traveling to tropical destinations, and have been inquiring about what all I bought. I thought this might be a great way to share and save my fingers on typing. Alright, so what am I packing.........

Well, if you've been following along with me for a while, you know I'm a pretty neutral loving girl. My wardrobe consist of black, white, gray and occasionally blue, but something comes over me when I travel to any sort of tropical location. COLOR. I just crave color, and lots of it. Not to mention texture and all sorts of natural elements. So below is what's hanging in my closet + what I bought this weekend + what you saw on my instastories + what's on it's way via UPS or what's currently in my cart. I went ahead and put some of my thoughts below on each item. Be sure to keep checking back before I go, I'll be adding to this virtual suitcase as I pick things up and others arrive!