photo/ alyssa rosenheck

photo/ alyssa rosenheck

Ok, ladies. There is a CHRISTMAS tree in my living room and my table is already set for Thanksgiving. I'm busting my little bum to bring you everything holiday. So the Hey Landyn series....will be interrupted from it's regular programing to bring you EVERYTHING holiday over next month or so. This week though, I've got to answer one of my most frequently asked questions, SKIN CARE. That's a whole post in itself, but let's start with Step 1. 



photo/ lindsey grace photography 

photo/ lindsey grace photography 

First step is removing most of your makeup. I love and have used for years the  Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes. I like to try and get most of it off, before I suds up. Then I put a nickle sized amount of my most coveted face soap, Revisions Skin Brighting Facial Wash on my Clarisonic brush and get to it. This stuff is the bomb.com. I love how clean my skin feels after. It brightens my over all skin tone, while giving my skin a boost of Vitamin C and exfoliates all those dead skin cells. It's contains Glycolic and Salicylic Acid, which helps to deep clean pores and improve your skins texture. Bonus: It's got this yummy citrus aroma thing going on. LOVE. Can't say enough. Been faithful to this stuff for over five years. I use it morning + night. You can find a location that sells it near you here. If I don't have time to swing by my dermatologist office, I buy it online and I've linked that below. 

Here's another tidbit. My mom was big on skin care. She taught me early on to take care of my skin. I can seriously count on ONE hand the amount of times I HAVEN'T washed my face. No matter how tired + drunk or sick. I do it. What can it take? Five minutes. Totally worth it. 


I'm a Chapstick + neutral loving lip gloss kinda girl, you know? So when it came time to shoot all my holiday content for an upcoming post on Holiday Makeup (oooooh, you're gonna LOVE that) I knew I needed to step up my game. Come out of my comfort zone BIG TIME and try the RED LIP. I was nervous and honestly felt funny. Almost like a little girl playing in her moms makeup. So I did my research and took sometime, 2 hours to be exact and found the perfect shades! I personally ended up with this beautiful shade by Bobbi Brown called RED VELVET. That's what I've been wearing in my most recent Instastories. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm IN LOVE with the whole red lip thing. I would have bet my life that I would have hated it on. I will say, it took a little while of catching my reflection in the mirror before I fully committed. 




Sarah Jessica Parker was so right...

Probably Carrie Bradshaw's most iconic look of season 6, and you're just a few clicks away from rockin' one of those tulle skirts yourself. From the day I saw that episode, I've been craving her chic unexpected style. I've been literally dying to put this look together. Edgy + Casual + Glam is what I'll call it. Just be sure not to be left alone at a gallery opening by a self absorbed Russian artist. In case you are, be sure you're wearing this Vici 'Going Far Jacket' + Thankful Tank and Tutu Moi Tulle Skirt; you never know if you might need to run across moonlit Paris street to meet your true love. Or in my case, getting up a million times during Thanksgiving dinner to grab more dinner rolls. 


photos/ linsdey grace photography

photos/ linsdey grace photography

In all seriousness.....from the moment I slipped these skirts out of beautifully packaged box (I got three, how could I pick just one?) I wanted to play dress-up. There's just something about tulle that makes you feel like a princess. I may be 39, but the little girl in me came alive the second I slipped it on. You'll see many more holiday looks with me wearing these dreamy skirts on the blog. Plus you've flooded my inbox with questions asking were I got them. So much so that the owner, Rebecca Shady so graciously has gifted my followers this 15% OFF discount code on your entire purchase! Use LWL15 at check out www.tutumoi.com for all sorts of magical goodness. They have little girls sizes too! Here are the ones I had to have.....

full tulle skirt gown gold | calf length midi tutu black | signature tutu silver 



And you already know my CRAZY obsession with www.vicicollection.com You know, the place I order from on a weekly basis. I mean it's that good and where I score all those killer jackets from and of course the sought after Thankful tank. Well, I love ya. Vici loves ya, so why not give you 20% OFF all-day TODAY (11/14/16) on your entire purchase! Use LANDYN at checkout. Perfect timing, they just got a ton of new stuff in. Here's what's currently in my cart:

Ramona Pocketed Knit Sweater | Marley Babydoll Top | Rosebud Hooded Duster Cardigan | Havana Nights Top | Modal Racerback Tank | Eugenia Clutch | Redmond Ombre Cashmere Poncho