source |  Harper Bazzar

source | Harper Bazzar

I have a confession. I'm ADDICTED to nude shoes. They make up the majority of my closet. They go with EVERYTHING. They eLONGate your legs + make you appear TALLer. They are EFFORTLESS and undeniably chic. Basically, they are a wardrobe MUST-HAVE.

source |  Strictly Style

First things first. Choose a 'nude' that matches your skin tone. Very important. They become an extension of your legs, and the point is to give them the illusion of going on forever. You don't want to cut yourself off at the ankle. That looks good on no one. I don't care how tall and thin you are. So choose wisely. There are so many shades out there. Hues spanning from the barely-there to almost caramel. 

The major benefit, like mentioned before, is that they go with everything. In fact, if you had to commit to just ONE shoe {that would be a death sentence}, the most versatile is NOT black. It's nude. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing sexier than a sleek black stiletto, but sometimes I feel as if I'm wearing a heavy anchor. Then suddenly my legs come to a screeching halt. I much rather and most often times, do go nude. You can wear a nude shoe with black + grey + color + bold prints- there are no limits. It's just like being bare foot, but with some height. The second I slip them on, I feel taller and about 10 lbs. thinner. Not gonna lie. Why do you think I own at least 15 pairs and continue to buy more? Funny thing is....You can eat a pizza while wearing nude heels and nothing happens?!!?! Crazy! Ha! Seriously. Jump on this 'nude shoe' bandwagon. You won't get off. 


source |  Glam Radar

source | Glam Radar

Here are some of my favorites worth trying on! {I may or may not own 6 of these} What's the likelihood my husband reads this blog?!?!?!