Roasted corn is a Summer staple for dinners at our house and plain ol' butter just won't do. Here's a simple recipe that will wow your tastebuds and your guests. Giving you Martha Stewart status instantly. Did I mention it also makes the best hostess gift. Great because you can whip up a bunch ahead of time, and have it
on hand for all those BBQ's you'll be invited to.

In a mixing bowl, cream butter and ingredients together with a hand mixer on medium speed for 1-2 minutes or until mixed well. Tear off a piece of parchment paper about 8-10 inches long. Lay paper flat on countertop and with a spatula spoon butter onto center of paper. Fold the paper around the butter shaping it back into a stick with your hands. Use a bench scraper or spatula to push butter into a log by tucking the folded parchment paper around itself. I go for the 'just use your hands technique', so it's not perfect and and doesn't look store bought. But that's the point. I love the homemade look of it when it's done. Tie ends with bakers twine and trim excess paper on ends. Refrigerate for a few hours, overnight is best. 

{makes one 8oz stick, double or triple recipe for gift giving}

As a gift, tie a cute tag with to: and from: to one end, and a piece of fresh herbs before you go.


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