I am back today with another installment of the Living with Landyn Live recap.  I thought I could do it in one more post, but I think this bad boy is going to be a three part series.  There are just so many fun details from the day to share that I don't want to leave anything out.  Today we are going to talk about what we ate, drank and talked about throughout the day and I am going to just dive right in.


We started the day off with a bang with my friends from Juice Bar.  You guys know I LOVE Juice Bar and I/Natasha (wink, wink-if you follow me on Insta-stories you know that joke) am a regular at their store.  I was so excited when they agreed to sponsor and provide breakfast for all of our beautiful attendees.  They served the most adorable mini-acai bowls that were so delicious.  We also had coffee from one of my favorite local roasters, 8th & Roast, which we of course added our Vital Proteins too.  I was so excited when Vital Proteins agreed to not only send samples of the product for everyone to share, but also sent tubs (and a sweet brand rep) for everyone to sample in their coffee.  I use mine in my coffee everyday, so it was fun to give people a chance to check it out for themselves.

TJP Breakfast Bar 2.jpg

Photography: AIM Photography | Signage: Mootsa Designs | Paper Products: You're Invited Nashville


AIM Photography

Juice Bar was also sweet enough to supply us with an energizing Ginger + Cayenne Shot to everyone in the audience mid-day.  Let's just say that the taste of these is VERY strong and I must say it was hilarious watching everyone's faces right after they took the shot. 



Our lunch was hosted by one of my favorite brands, Fashionable, and we were able to kick it off with one of my favorite segments of the day.  They just launched their new denim line and I was so excited to be able to feature it in a little denim fashion show of sorts.  We got to pick three women from the audience the morning of event and take them backstage where Jordan, Fashionable Fashion Director, was able to style them head-to-toe in looks from Fashionable.  In fact, that was one of my favorite parts of the entire day.  I loved that we were able to get the audience involved in almost every single segment.  I loved being able to surprise people and interact with them on-stage.  So fun!  I was also so honored to have Barrett, the founder of Fashionable, there to share the mission and purpose behind Fashionable, which is to bring women out of poverty both here and internationally by providing them with jobs.  I love it that such beautiful products are matched with such a beautiful, important mission.  I also loved that attendees were able to experience the brand in-person at the event because they set up a FANTASTIC pop-up shop right in the venue the day of the event. 

TJP lunch close up.jpg

Photography: Tracy Jones Photography | Paper Products: You're Invited Nashville


Pie Queen.jpg

Wild Native Photography

After I made everyone eat a salad for lunch, I couldn't leave them hanging without dessert.  I learned many things after my first show and one of them is FEED THE PEOPLE MORE.  One of the ways I learned this is that the desserts were literally gone in two seconds flat.  In fact, I tried to get a mini-pie for the Pie Queen and they were gone before I could even get my hands on one.  So to all my future attendees, don't worry, I heard you and at future shows there will be more food options and more caffeine.   That was another sweet request I got back from our post event survey's.  I forget sometimes since I don't drink sodas, and typically don't drink coffee midday, that there are A LOT of people that need a little caffeine pick me up mid-day.  Sorry friends!


Wild Native Photography

Back to the desserts.  I can see why they flew off the shelves though, because all of them were delicious.  We had multiple different varieties of the individual sized pies from The Pie Queen, delicious mini-cupcakes from Copper Whisk, and a full on popcorn bar from The Popcorn Bistro.  I absolutely love that Lizzie, from Copper Whisk put my logo on the cupcakes.  It was such a fun, unexpected surprise and they were delicious.  Finally, I have to give a HUGE shout out to my two favorite popcorn ladies, Lesley and Rachel.  Lesley is the owner of Popcorn Bistro and Rachel is her sweet friends who came with her to help her deliver and serve the popcorn to attendees.  First of all, they literally personally drove all of the popcorn up from New Orleans because she wanted to make sure it arrived as fresh as possible and in good condition.  But here is the best part, they also contributed over 500 bags of popcorn for swag bags.  They came straight from my house after driving all day to deliver the swag bag popcorn and were sweet enough to ask if we needed any help.  Little did they know that I would TOTALLY take them up on that offer.  It was the night we were stuffing the swag bags, and they stayed until 10 o'clock at night, after having driven all day, and stuffed swag bags with us.  It was so sweet and we were so appreciative! Thank you Lesley and Rachel!  Y'all are the best...and so if your popcorn.  Seriously girls, order some right now and thank me later- as an added bonus they have free shipping until 10/31 for Living with Landyn followers with code FALLSHIPPING.

TJP Popcorn.jpg


TJP Alcohol Signs.jpg

Tracy Jones Photography

So after a long day of fun, I was MORE than ready for a drink.  I was so excited to have so many different alcohol brands that were excited to participate in our cocktail hour that was sponsored by e.Allen.  You guys know my love for e.Allen runs deep and I was so happy that they were willing to sponsor the happy hour.  I went down to their store and picked out some of my favorite pieces for fall with Elizabeth, the owner, and they were kind enough to display them around the venue.  I am kicking myself that I didn't get good pictures of them, but hopefully you saw them all on my Insta-stories.  Seriously, if you are local you have to get to one of the e.Allen stores here in town, and if you aren't local, don't worry you can always visit their website.

Photography: AIM Photography (1,2) | Tracy Jones Photography (3,4)

TJP Close Up all alcohol.jpg

Photography:  Tracy Jones Photography | Paper Products/Cups: Your're Invited Nashville | Florals: Lula Moss

All of our attendees got to sample some delicious drinks from TC Craft Tequila, Le Grande Noir, and Bravazzi.  You guys know that I am a tequila brand through and through and I was so excited when a local distillery reached out to me.  TC Craft is bottled and distributed right here in Nashville and it is so delicious.  We were able to serve the tequila the way I drink it- on the rocks with soda water and extra lime- as well as as a Paloma.  For the Paloma's we mixed the TC Craft Tequila with the Bravazzi Grapefruit Hard Soda.  I can not tell you how many people commented about how much they loved that combination.  It is a definite must try.  If you haven't heard of Bravazzi, just you wait.  It is still being distributed in limited markets because it is a new product, but seriously keep your eyes peeled for the it at your local grocery.  It tastes JUST like a sparkling soda, but it is even better because there is alcohol in it!  I was a little skeptical when they first sent it to me because I was having flashback to drinking Zima in my youth, but it is absolutely NOTHING like that.  It is so delicious!  Last but not least, you know I had to have some wine for my girls.  Le Grande Noir was so generous to send us some of their delicious Rosé for cocktail hour.  This is a Rose from France and it really has the most fascinating brand story.  It was so delicious and perfect for the day because it was almost 90 degrees out the day of the event and still felt very much like summer.



Not just during happy hour, but throughout the entire day, we had the Go Bonanza photobooth there taking pictures of all the attendees.  Go Bonanza is not your typical photobooth.  It is an awesome touch screen photobooth that allows you to have larger images that you can print immediately and also gives you the opporunity to have them texted directly to you for immediate sharing on social media.  We had the most fun ever with it, even Mister got in on the action.  There were fun props and I have loved searching the LWLLive hashtag getting to see all of the awesome pictures that people took throughout the day.