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Wrapping the gifts is one of my favorite parts about Christmas.  I spend hours agonizing over the colors and theme for each years gifts. I usually start with an inspiration piece, whether that be my tree decorations, a specific roll of wrapping paper, a ribbon or a gift tag that has caught my eye.  This year I have gone very simple with my Christmas decorations, which you will be seeing tomorrow, with lots of white.  I decided that I wanted to stick with neutrals, big surprise, but bring a little contrast to the trees so I am incorporating a lot of grey and silver into my gift wrap. 

Landyn wrapping gift.jpg

I found a lot of my Christmas wrap at The Container Store this year.  They always have such a beautiful selection to choose from.  Of course I also had to hit up Target to check out their Sugar Paper collection, and they did not disappoint. Plus a few stops at my local JoAnn's, Michael's, HomeGoods and TJMaxx. I put together four different looks using a combination of gray, silver, gold and white papers and accessories and I am loving how they turned out. 

Christmas gift wrapping ideas, gift wrap ideas


Flat lay of gray wrapping paper.png


gray and gold wrapping paper.png


gray wrap with gift bags.png


  • try to buy paper with some weight to it and avoid the flimsy stuff that tears easily.
  • unroll paper on a flat surface, dining room table or kitchen counter work best. Wrapping on the floor makes it harder to create a clean crisp package. 
  • roll paper out and flip box over so that the seems are on the bottom on the box. 
  • measure out just enough paper *the secret is NOT using too much paper, which causes the bulkiness and sloppy folds. Ends should just overlap a few inches on the sides of the box.
  • pull paper tightly, folding cut edge underneath to create a clean closure. 
  •  use sharp scissors or rotary cutter to cut paper. 
  • secure with clear tape or double sided tape for a clean look.
  • for the sides: flatten the paper against the high part of the box.
  • You'll create two little wings that stick out, take each wing and fold against the box to create a triangle, using your fingernail to crease the sides, so that it looks clean and crisp. Fold over and secure in place with tape. 
  • Repeat on other side.
  • Flip box over and it's ready to embellish with ribbons, fresh greens and ornaments.