I am here today with my friends from Marshalls to share an amazing spring table for less.  On a side note, you will also see that I have gotten to move my entertaining outside already.  Part of me is like holy cow it's already March and the other part of me is full-on bring on spring.  It is no secret that I absolutely love to get entertaining, decorating and party supplies from Marshalls.  They have an amazing selection of items at even more amazing prices.  When they asked me to do a spring entertaining post you know I was itching to get into the stores and see what they had and let me tell you they DID NOT disappoint.  Holy cow!  If you followed along on my Insta-stories you know I was like a kid in a candy shop.

I really wanted to do a more sophisticated take on a spring table, so I decided to skip the pastels and go to one of my favorite color combos, black and white.  I love how this dresses the table up a little and makes it stand apart from the more colorful tablescapes you typically see this time of year.  I actually got my inspiration from those adorable little bunny napkins...let's call her Miss Gertrude.  I mean who doesn't need a napkin with a bunny wearing glasses in their life.  I love that they kind of play off of my 50's housewife thing. Do you want to know the best part?????!!!!  The napkins were only $2.99. #marshallsforthewin.  Literally nothing in the entire table cost over $20.  Can I get an amen?  At the bottom of the post I will breakdown what everything cost so you can see.

I am so lucky because my Marshalls always has amazing florals, so as soon as I had Miss Gertrude and my theme set I headed straight to that aisle.  I absolutely hit the jackpot when I found these beautiful white ruffled roses.  I am a huge fan of mixing silk florals with real florals, so I knew all I had to do was add some gorgeous fresh tulips and the look would tie together perfectly.  I also completely lucked out because one my way to the florals I passed this cute black and white vase and I knew it would be perfect.  I liked that it had a narrower opening because I knew it would keep my tulips nice and tight.

I mean Miss Gertrude...I can't even.  Those napkins literally kill me.  I love this look for a fun spring luncheon with a couple of girlfriends.  Doing brunch or lunch entertaining is such a fun and overlooked idea.  I think it works especially well when your kids are younger.  You can gather your girlfriends together while the kids are at preschool, or even during a morning nap, and spend some time together without trying to coordinate everyone's schedule in the evening when life is always crazier and childcare is harder to come by. 

I have to dedicate an entire paragraph to these faux boxwoods.  I really feel like they are the piece that takes this table from a nice tablescape to something really special and unique.  Honestly, I am not 100% sure what they are intended for, but as soon as I saw them I knew they would make a perfect place mat.  I love the pop of green they bring to an otherwise monochromatic table and their texture is so beautiful.  I am also loving these little Easter egg plate that I found for only $5.99 for a four pack.  So cute!

I promised a cost breakdown, so I wanted to share what everything cost.  I literally bought everything new, but you could easily substitute things you already had in the house or have used for other parties.  I was able to do the entire table for under $120.  Not too shabby Marshalls!

  • Straws: 12/$2.99
  • Wooden Eggs: Pack of 6/$7.99
  • Large Faux Florals:  $12.99 a piece
  • Small Faux Florals:  $9.99 a piece
  • Vase: $19.99
  • Boxwood Placemats: $7.99 a piece
  • Black cloth napkins: 6/$7.99
  • Egg Plates: 4/5.99
  • Bunny Napkins: 12/$2.99

I hope this inspires you to invite your girlfriends over to enjoy spring with you!