Ahhhh, THE KITCHEN.... the heart of your home. The place everyone likes to hangout, life-central, where you feed your family and where everyone seems to drop their junk and leave. Ha! Who are these people and why must they completely destroy the one room in my house I need to have function efficiently. And since I spend so much dang time in here, I'd really like it to look pretty too. Which is why I thought this post would be a good one, and keeps on with the theme of the year, Making Pretty Choices. 

People often ask me, where do you put all your stuff? How come I never see any clutter in the background of any of your pictures or Instastories? Why does everything seem so neat and put together all the time? Well, first of all I run a tight ship. I also have a place for everything and at least twice a day I audit my space. Meaning, I do a clean sweep of the counters and get rid of any thing that is no longer necessary and doesn't belong. Let's just say the base of the stairs to my kids rooms and my husbands office accumulate quite a pile by end of day. {this basket is a must for helping kids transfer their stuff to where it really belongs} I mean, why should the kitchen be a drop zone for all their stuff. And to be completely honest I have a touch of OCD and can't stand 'stuff' all over and more importantly the kitchen is MINE. 



Now, back to what I was saying about pretty things and making pretty choices. That theme is very much present in my kitchen. First things first, I like white + marble and gold. You already knew that. So when selecting things for my kitchen and displaying things we use most, I choose pretty over basic. That goes for my measuring cups and spoons too. Almost imagine yourself living in a model home. You know how cute and minimallistic the counters are there, mimic that in your own home. Or get inspired for a magazine article. Just think clean + clutter free. 



I also enjoy setting up a vignette on the counters in my kitchen as well. Nothing crazy really, and quite easy to do. I always start with a tray. Then layer a cool hand towel, maybe a few leaning cutting boards and finish out the look with some greenery. See, that's it. 

That goes for laundry too. Why have a ugly ol' plastic laundry basket when you could camolfauge your dirties in some cute baskets. I found these at HomeGoods. Baskets are also a great place to store your cleaning supplies + soaps and rags. I just find if things are in order and have a place, things stay organized and I don't feel overwhelmed by the end of the day.