Dress like a mom.....what exactly does that mean? We know the fashion world doesn't usually put those two words in the same sentence. Probably because the first Image that comes to mind would be high waisted denim and a floral cardigan. But aren't most moms you see these days wearing skinny jeans and a great necklace? Ok, for the most part.

Which brings me to the title of this post, DRESS LIKE A MOM. I've partnered with Evereve to help take the negative out of such a powerful statement. Helping to look at motherhood a little differently and continue to bring EMPOWERMENT + STRENGTH + POSITIVITY to one of the most important people in the world. A MOTHER. Let's not shy away from our title and mumble it when people ask what we do for a living. Let's be proud of our job. Let's embrace those battle wounds they call stretch marks. Let's support each other and build one another up, because if you're having a good day, chances are a member of your tribe isn't. 


Before I get off on a tangent and start going ALL MOTHER on ya. I want to tell you about a campaign I've recently gotten behind. #DRESSLIKEAMOM An inspirational story about a mother with a dream, and a brand I'm proud to support. My people... meet Megan, the powerhouse behind EVEREVE. I recently was lucky enough to sit across the table from her and hear her story word for word and I was moved. A stay at home mom that craved fashion that fit her new lifestyle and made her feel beautiful again. With no previous retail experience, she set out to make her dreams a reality. Envisioning a place where moms could shop comfortably and leave feeling empowered and beautiful. 

Megan Tamte- CEO + FOUNDER 

Megan Tamte- CEO + FOUNDER 



A few months back I was asked to be part of something really special. Something I was giddy about for many reasons. One, because I believe in their mission. Two, because I was already a fan and three, because they sell some killer clothes. Evereve, formally Hot Mama was a store that I started shopping in 12 years ago. I was pregnant with my daughter and remember walking into this small boutique in Edina, Mn back in 2004. The small staff, actually Megan herself was friendly, helpful and somehow knew just what I needed. I walked out of there that day with a great pair of maternity jeans, a few tops and feeling good about myself. It's amazing what a new outfit can do for a girl, especially a pregnant one not feeling so pretty at the moment. I remember thinking to myself, I'll go back there. And so I did for the next 12 years.

It became my go-to stop and quite honestly even if I didn't need anything at all. I just liked going there. I became friendly with the stylists, and so did my kids. It was a dreamy concept really. It was kid friendly, down to the large stylish glass jars of gold fish + animal crackers. A cute little nook in the corner stocked with the latest games and toys. I told you, genius. Even before my kids could talk, would literally point and babble towards the door as we strolled by. Like I said, it was my place. 

Years went by, my kids got older, they phased out the maternity clothes, changed their name to Evereve, and sweet Megan continued to open over 65+ stores. I mean, #MOMBOSS Yet nothing had changed. Still the same great place and by that time the secret in Minnesota was out. It became quite the boutique. But still staying true to it's values and mission. Megan's sayings and words of positive affirmations would now be printed on the stickers that wrapped up your new purchases. The dressing rooms had some pretty great YEAH, YOU GOT THIS GIRL kinda sayings, you know, the ones we all need to hear when trying on denim. She nailed it. She got us. She was us.

I'm always up for change, and with my husbands career, that's part of the game. When he signed with the Titan's a few years back, that meant us moving to Nashville (which I love and now call home) and leaving behind 7 years of friendships, memories and Evereve. But they assured me that the online experience would be just great. Yes it is, but I missed walking through those doors looking for a date night top. But GUESS WHAT...... I just learned while I was back in Minneapolis to kick this thing off, that they are OPENING A BRAND NEW EVEREVE STORE THIS MONTH in Franklin! I may or may or may not have done a silly little dance in their headquarters. I'm so excited!! Here's a store locations list, click here to see if you're so lucky to have one near you. 

photo | Kris Drake Photography

photo | Kris Drake Photography



I left my weekend in Minneapolis feeling refreshed, excited and with an entire suitcase full of new clothes. I mean, you guys. I could. Not. Stop. I really wanted it all. It was so hard to choose what would come home with me. And to be back in the store again was SO FUN! I like to think I know how to pull together an outfit, but dang those stylist they have are GOOD. Here are a few looks from our photo shoot that made their way into my own closet. 








6-9 p.m. 




Now, some of you may be asking yourself, why don't I know this store? Exactly. Why don't you? I ask myself that too. When I share where I got things I'm wearing and it's from Evereve, often times people look at me with a puzzled look. Well, let's stop all that nonsense. This is a brand that needs to be shared. Remember, I'm a girls girl and I like to share. I'll never not tell you where I got something. Why keep secrets? I'll never understand those women. Ha! 



And while I'm talking girls and mom bosses, let me introduce you to the other members of the #EvereveStyleCrew. (left to right) Liz, The Lemon Bowl + Melanie, Style Scout + Shaynah, The Ruffled Snob + Megan, Evereve Founder + Caroline, Armelle Blog


The icing {= Evereve party} on the cake {= stylecrew launch), was hosting a LWL Meet + Greet for all my MN girls at Evereve, Wayzata, my old stompin' grounds. It was a full circle moment for me really. Quite emotional too. Over 100+ followers that I call friends, came out that night to meet me. It was unreal. After the event got underway, I broke away from the hugs and selfies to stand up on a coffee table in the middle of the store to say THANK YOU. And when I did, a wave of emotion came over me and I went basically into the ugly cry. I stood above this crowd of beautiful + strong + funny + genuine women that have chosen to come along with me on this crazy ride. It was completely overwhelming. I locked eyes with every single one of you that night and I knew this is what I was meant to do. And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure "what" that is? But what I do know, is that staying true to yourself, being open and real is what this world needs more of. I'll say it again....... thank you for peeking in on my life, sharing me with your people and keeping me laughing. You are what fuels me. 


I asked my longtime friend and photographer Tiffany Kokal, Kokal Photography to come and capture this moment for me, for us. I wanted to forever have images of that first embrace, the laughs and the tears. She did it so beautifully and organic. It's so her style. Dang I miss her. These are everything to me. Thank you, Tiffany! Love ya!