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Summer event season is about to kick off and whether it is baby showers, wedding showers, or just a night out.  I feel like we all need a good go to dress that is simple and effortless.  I actually found this dress when I was shopping for my trip to Dallas a few weeks back and I totally fell in love.  I wanted to share another secret source for great dresses that is one of my go-to's.  You guys know I am a Nordy's girl through and through, but I am always surprised when I go into my local Dillard's.  Honestly I am not 100% sure if Dillard's is a national chain, but even if it isn't, they have a great website that you can always check out.  Anyways, long story short, I found this cute dress there when I was power shopping like a mad woman right before my trip and I love it.  It really is all the things!


You know that I typically stick to neutrals when I am dressing, but I definitely make an exception to that rule during the summer.  My favorite color to add is a pop of bright pink into my wardrobe.  I am also a big fan of a good blue too.  I sourced some really gorgeous dresses in neutrals and then I went crazy and added some summer color options to your closet...and even a pattern or two. Basically, whatever the occasion this summer, Landy your personal shopper has you covered. #loveyougirls