Today let's talk about nighties, pj's, jammies...whatever you like to call them. So many of you sent me emails + messages after I cleaned out my closet a few weeks back. Admitting like I did, that you too have a problem. You can't stop wearing or even part with those holy old pants and oversized tee of your husbands from college. Maybe it's even that corporate shirt you got from your sales convention in Boulder that summer. Or maybe, just maybe it's those pj's that *were* cute, but now make you look homeless. What ever they are and where ever you got them.......It's TIME TO SAY GOODBYE. 

I know they are comfortable, soft, oversized and make us feel cozy, but I bet if we asked someone (boyfriend, husband, kids) they'd say differently. Yes, he loves me the same and would probably have no problem instigating a little sunday morning sesh in those old trusties. But, wasn't this year about making pretty choices? And what was balled up in my top drawer, was not a pretty choice. So, I cleaned out that drawer full of memories (kept one holy pair of sweat pants, you know those ratty Juicy Couture navy pants with the hole in the crotch + my grandfathers NBC SPORTS tee and the softest pair of drawstring shorts that ever were made, actually they were itchy as hell when I bought them to wear *outside* the house, but ended up as pj's after one million washes) and made room for some MATCHING, COMFY and if need be, SEXY sleep attire. It wasn't hard, it was necessary. Let's just say the entire family took notice. 

Call me crazy, but I went to bed feeling pretty and pulled together, which made for a better morning. It's almost like I awoke with a little pep in my step. You know how they say you act better when you're dressed better. Same thing rings true for the pj's. Now I have an organized drawer full of pj's that are matching, attractive AND comfortable. I invested in a few different pairs depending on my mood. Anything from the kids are at grandmas to Aunt Flo came to visit. Now, I'm ready for anything and purging that old worn out jammie drawer felt like a rebirth. Trust me, make those pretty choices. Do this for yourself and him. Go ahead girl, wake up lookin' fine. 


The items below may start a spark, and I will not be held responsible for any babies that come from this post.