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Man, Monday's sure do come around fast.  Although if you are like most of us in the Southeast and have kids who have been home for the week due to snow, you might be SUPER happy that it is Monday.  Steve and I are actually on our way home from a fabulous weekend in Napa.  Today in Hey Landyn we are going to talk about what was in my suitcase for our Napa trip, how we handle cell phones with out kids, and the sneaker I won't take off. Not kidding, I bought two pairs just in case they never make these again. Let's get to it!




jeans | t- shirt | jacket | scarf (old, similar here) | sunnies (LANDYN10)| booties | rings

Steve and I went to Napa this weekend to celebrate a dear friend's 50th birthday.  His wife threw him an amazing surprise party and we had a blast! I mean who doesn't love a kid free weekend in wine country?!?  It was a little bit of a last minute trip, we had to wait and see how far the Titans were going to go in the post-season.  Because of this, I was a mad woman last Thursday trying to find a few look to pull together.  I received a lot of requests for information on what all I packed for the weekend, so I have sourced some of the pieces that are still available. I'll have to do a recap about where we went and what we drank. And we didn't have a single piece of bread. I've never had so much will power in my life. Proud of me. HA! 




We allow our children to get cellphones in 6th grade when school sports start, so they have a way to get in touch with us when practices end, etc.  However, we have some pretty strict rules regarding their usage.  Right now, only Lily has a cell phone (she is in 8th grade).  The number one rule about cell phones in our house is that I own them, so I can do whatever I want with them.  That means I can read your texts, log into your social channels, check your messages, etc.  I also have all of the passwords and pass codes for the phone.  We have a strict rule that on school nights the phone (and laptop for that matter) are plugged in the kitchen and are not to be used.  We also do not allow any messaging or texting boys on the phone until 9th grade.  That might seem really harsh to some, but we feel like she will have plenty of time to talk to and date boys in high school, so why rush things.  Luckily all of the boys at her school have been very respectful of following that rule.

The bottom line is you need to do what is right for your child and your family.  Each child is different and can handle the responsibility of a phone at a different age.  The key is to remember that you are the parent and to not give in to the peer pressure of getting them a phone because everyone else already has one if you don't truly believe your child is ready to handle a phone.  It is a big responsibility for a child to manage what is appropriate and what is not, so do what you think is best.



Some of my favorite run around tennis shoes are Nike's.  I love the Nike Juvenate and the Nike Roshe.  I also have this pair of cream and gold New Balance's that I love. I have seen these tennis shoes all over the blogosphere and I really like them too, but I don't own a pair.  Lily has the Addidas hard shell's and she loves though.  Below are some more "athleisure" shoes that I either have or love the look of.  More to come on this topic, I am going to be doing a whole post on athleisure at the end of the week. Cause it's what I live in. You too?