Week 2 of “Landyn Loves”, here we go! So what did I love during the first week of October? ALL THE THINGS. Get ready for the breakdown…I kicked the week off hosting some pretty special girlfriends for an episode of Hey Landyn (don’t worry, it’s coming). If you’re looking for that gray cropped sweater from Nordstrom that I wore from the day, I got you girl. I then spent the entire next day with my team at Noelle, planning for Hey Landyn LIVE at the cutest boutique hotel in Nashville called Noelle. I highly recommend staying there and/or just popping in for a tour. In fact, if you have a planned trip to Nashville, I have a entire guide that I put together that features so many of the best places to eat, stay and visit while you’re here!

What else?…Oh, Steve shared the Traeger Wings recipe with all of us, and you can shop the recipe here. May I recommend the Traeger Grill? Holiday gift for dad, anyone?? Speaking of dinner, you know I had to throw a meal in the insta pot! Later in the week, Steve also came home with my favorite Costco bowls of all time that I haven’t been able to find as of late! Love that man.

We celebrated #NiceHumanDay together + Nice Branding sent me the cutest mug reminding me of the holiday. Oxana Meade gave me my blonde back at Parlour 3 salon here in Nashville!

And probably the most exciting thing that happened last week was getting my Lily girl all dolled up for her first homecoming. Phew, I can’t believe it’s time for that, but we made it through. And sometimes all you need is a good ole fashioned daughter date to CVS’ cosmetics aisle for THE BEST glitzy makeup ever like Revlon’s Photo Ready Eye Art. Too. Much. Fun. Plus, The Tulip Tree sent over some beautiful decor to celebrate.

Don’t worry, anything else I might’ve mentioned in my IG stories over the last week, you can find below. Happy shopping!



Lily’s homecoming makeup