An all new Landyn Loves for you! If you’re new here, this is where I round up any and all items I’ve featured in my IG stories in the last week, so if you missed something you can always find it here.

Last week kicked off in Dallas where I got to take you with me as I toured the Revisions Headquarters. First of all, Dallas is just always SO kind to me and this trip was no different. You girls know how much I LOVE Revisions’ products, so I was like a kid going to Disney World. It was such a good time…by the end of it, you know I had everyone shimmying. Ha! You can find all of my fave product by them below. They are the REAL DEAL! Also see my skincare routines here.

Next up was Halloween, but even more importantly after that…Steve’s Birthday! I shared some of his style and clothing in honor. We had a great time celebrating. I made his favorite Ghirardelli Chocolate Birthday Cake, took him to his favorite lunch spot {Otaku Ramen}, and went out to one of our favorite restaurants in Nashville for dinner {City House}. Make sure if you are visiting Nashville, City House on your list! Believe it or not, I even got Steve to shop with me. We stopped by H Audrey to see my friend Mattie Smith, who has her own new clothing line - Disco Cowgirls. Here’s how it goes…you get a shirt and she will cut it custom for you. Check her out! Back to the bday…we even squeezed in a sweet family trip to Ann Arbor. I love love love celebrating my sweetie.

To round out the week, I stopped by Oxana’s new salon for a photoshoot, and I got my hands on one of those magic brushes she used in my hair - it was featured on last week’s Landyn Loves, and I’m sharing it again below! What else…Oh! Import Flowers in Nashville. It’s one of my favorite place to find flowers and it’s open to the public. I stopped by for some holiday decorating because I have to stay a few steps ahead of you ladies, so that I can share share share!

Find everything else that was featured last week below!




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