Oh, let me tell you just how special my day was with Wendy. I loved spending the day with her and her sweet friend, Nikki. Wendy lost her husband about just a year ago, and her story touched me in so many ways. Over the past few years, she while taking care of her husband, she had put her self on the back burner (as we all would do). She came today with an open mind and knowing that she just wanted some classics and basics to live her best life. As a mom of twin 9 year old boys and a sweet 6 year old daughter, you can imagine she is always on the go. It was fun venturing around Nordstrom and the mall to help find her the perfect everyday essentials. She even went over to (my current obsession) Charlotte Tilbury and they helped her pick out a new foundation and this MAGICAL powder- That I promise, will change your life. We all three left with it.

We had so much fun picking out outfits and passing clothes back and forth in the dressing rooms. I can definitely say that my heart is full and I wish I could take each one of you on a shopping spree every. single. day. Thank you again to the Green Hills Mall + Nashville Lifestyles to make this dream become a reality. Maybe we can give away more than one shopping spree next year?