PEACE OUT Orange Theory


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After my show in September, I found myself in a bit of a rut. When you have something so exciting coming up that you’ve been looking forward to for a while, there is this period of ‘okay, what now?’ after it is over. I wasn’t doing anything to workout and I really missed it! I had been doing Shed in the past but wanted to switch it up a bit. As new year rolled around and after not doing anything for a while, I felt the urge to start my new life in the new year.

I had heard so many great things about Orange Theory. Even one of my girlfriends had amazing results! When I saw her get off an airplane with a new figure I was like “HOLY MOLY! What are you doing?!” and she told me Orange Theory! So after hearing it over and over again, I wanted to try it for myself. And as it turned out, there was one right next to my house so I thought this is perfect! I am gonna give it a try.


I went in and decided to do one of the free trial classes. I got all the paperwork filled out and the girl working there was extremely excited for me to be there…maybe a little too much honestly. The whole crowd there was very enthusiastic. I am not usually a fan of gyms, I like to go in, get my stuff done and get out. But I decided, you know, this is fine, I should just get into it!


The trainers suggested that I start out on strength and then the second half I’d go into cardio. So I got on the rowing machine, which was great! I was sitting next to a girl who was also new and we just got after it, and I was actually really enjoying being back to working out! I’m usually a weights girl, I don’t love cardio but I thought Orange Theory would be a great way to work on my cardio.

After finishing the strength portion of my workout, it was off to the treadmills. I made my first mistake by not following my number. If you’ve never tried Orange Theory, you are given a number so that each time you transition to different stations or equipment, you have to use the machine with your number on it. They aren’t always clearly labeled and I didn’t want to run staring at a dark wall. I mean running sucks enough already. So I moved to one of the treadmills by a window. I was just getting started when I feel a little tap on my shoulder, and it was a woman saying “Excuse me, you are on the wrong treadmill.” I apologized and asked where I was supposed to be, I didn’t know we had assigned seating. And of course my treadmill was back in a dark hole. All I could think was, man I’m gonna hate this for the next thirty minutes.


 So the treadmill portion was a mix of sprinting for a while and then coming back down to specific levels. I had to keep checking my monitor to make sure I was in the orange portion but my monitor wasn’t working that well. Obviously it was just a technology error and that happens sometimes, so I got my monitor switched out and I just kept after it. Now I hadn’t done anything since September and I don’t love cardio, I have honestly never done much cardio, but I decided I wasn’t going to let the girl next to me beat me. I was thinking, oh I’m gonna bury this chick. I just ran as hard as I could on an eight incline and give it all I had in the tank. I ended up over exerted and winded myself, and when I stepped off the treadmill I was met with a slightly intrusive high-five. Multiple times throughout the workout I was approached for a high-five or comments like “Alright girl! Good Job! High-five! Welcome to the team! Welcome to the family!” All I could think was PLEASE stop touching me. Please do not high-five me ever again! I don’t know about you, but I just don’t enjoy being touched when I’m all sweaty and out of breath.

Not only was the over-the-top enthusiasm and touching an issue for me, but the whole process seemed a little sell-y. As soon as I was finished, they were super quick to whip out a clipboard and jump right into prices and packages. WOAH! The pressure! I mean I hadn’t even caught my breath yet. They are very good at making you sign up, and I gave in. I signed up for the $99.00 a month package. After I did that, I got in my car and realized I was kind of in a bad mood. Usually the endorphins kick in and I feel much better after a workout, but not this time. My chest was burning (probably because I was out of shape) and I just really didn’t want to high-five ever again. The crabby feeling stayed for a day or so and I just didn’t know if that environment was for me. I had another class scheduled but I went out of town so I wasn’t able to make it. When I was back in town and actually able to make it, I really wasn’t that excited to go.



Now everyone works out differently and I am sure that Orange Theory is fantastic. Just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it for yourself! I just felt that it is not for me. I have still heard so many success stories and for some it is an incredible workout. If you love it, then more power to you!

I will be going back to Shed. I like weights and hit training, so Orange Theory isn’t for me. But just a helpful hint, it is a very difficult place to break up with. So, if you do sign yourself up and want to quit, you better quit a month before you want to stop. They do not let you out of those contracts very easily!

Even though I wont be going back, I still encourage you to try it if that environment sounds like it would fit your style. I honestly have heard amazing things so maybe it is just me, but finding what you love doing is the most important thing when it comes to working out.