In my opinion, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be where you want to go at the end of a long day. Remember when you were a teenager and your bedroom was your place to escape the world? Why shouldn’t your adult bedroom be the same? Hopefully your style has evolved since you were 16, but having a place to decompress from the stresses of life is so important.


On days when I feel like I am maxed out, being able to walk into my room and feel calm and peace helps me to recharge so I can be the best wife and mother possible. 


Before Steve retired, we moved around quite a bit, and I was always guilty of decorating the bedroom last. The kitchen and living rooms always seem more fun to decorate and feel more important because those are the rooms that everyone else will see. But not in this house! I learned my lesson and made a conscious effort to pay attention to it from the start of this move-in process. 


I love white bedding (shocker)! You know that feeling of walking into a clean and fresh hotel? Well, I love that feeling and now I have it every time I walk into my bedroom! It's almost like being on vacation.....kinda.


I like to go with simple duvet and sheets so that I can change up the pillows and throw blanket when I am wanting a fresh look or if I want to match the season. I know you've asked about these before and it breaks my heart that I can't tell you where to get the exact ones. I scored these babies at HomeGoods almost 7 years ago for $39.00 each and put them in my cart faster than you can imagine. 


My original wall color was Hail Navy by Benjamin Moore but then when the closet was getting painted, I decided it would look better to pull that color through into the bedroom. So now the walls are Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore and I couldn't be happier. It's so bright and fresh now! 


The benches at the foot of the bed are a HomeGoods find for $29.99 each and I had them recovered to match. You should have seen them before, they were bright teal, but I knew that had great potential. I’m telling you guys, HomeGoods is my place to find all the little accessories that make a room unique. I love having a little seating area at the end of the bed to place things, yet often times they are layered with folded laundry or Steve's shirt at the end of the day. Hey if nothing else.. they're the prettiest little catch alls, right?


My friend and designer, Annie helped me pull together a lot of the larger bedroom pieces I have now. We both aren't huge on matchy match bedroom sets. I want to love each piece of furniture by itself and as a part of the room. That's why I enjoy the hunt so much, and watching it all come together is so rewarding.


I am not a fan of a cluttered bedside table, just a lamp, a cute vase and a phone charger is all I really need. Plus it is easy to keep clean. To me less, is more. Remember, this is a stress free zone, because clutter just makes me anxious. So glancing over to a mess as I try to settle down and unwind, would not work for me. With nothing there, there's nothing to think about. 


Something that people get worried about is how to make the bed. But what I always tell people and remind myself of is that you can always find a picture of a bed or replicate one on display you've seen. Garb a picture with your phone and recreate it. Grab some similar sheets, pillows, duvet and you're all set. Just have fun with it and make sure your bedroom is a place you love!