A few years ago, I found a summer makeup from Bareminerals that I was obsessed with. It was a SPF 30 loose powder makeup. I LOVED it! It was the only makeup I would wear. Have you ever found a product like that? I bought it time and again, until one day I went to go get more because I had run out only to discover that they had discontinued it. I said to the girl, Nooooooooooo and started to cry. Not really...but you probably know the feeling I had. I checked every store I could to see if there were any remaining that I could buy, but I had no luck. I don’t know what it is about makeup, but taking the change on a new product is a vulnerable feeling!

Recently, I found out that Supergoop had come out with something of a similar concept, I was so excited! It is a dead ringer. I will be applying this generously. Such a great summer makeup that is light on my face, but still has protection for skin. I am SUPER excited about it. Have you tried it? 


Some of you may be surprised to hear this, but I have never whitened my teeth. Not once! I just brush with Crest 3D White- Arctic Fresh toothpaste and that is about it. I don't drink soda, I drink one cup of coffee a day (maybe two on a good day). I don't usually drink red wine, I drink white wine or tequila. Growing up, my mom never let us have soda in the house. I do like unsweet tea, but I try to limit that! Water is really my main source of liquid. 

I was always a Colgate Total girl, but when I stumbled upon Crest 3D white a few years back, it became my new staple. 


Graduation attire should be similar to church attire in my opinion. You are usually either a parent or family member of the student that is graduating, so dressing appropriately is key. I would suggest something that is age appropriate, well tailored, but still flattering. I am a big fan of a pencil skirt and cute top. Going a tad bit conservative but, still on trend, is a safe bet. Nothing too short. If you go with a dress, I think a dress with sleeves will look sophisticated and clean. It is almost like going to a wedding, you don't want to take any attention away from the person you are celebrating. A blazer is always a great option especially as we are heading out of the spring season and into the summer, plus it could get cold at the ceremony, ya never know. 

Also, with wedding season approaching, you can look for something that you can possibly rewear and get the most use out of. Whatever you would wear to a daytime wedding or baby shower is a safe bet. I would pair it with a neutral heel, you can’t go wrong. Another great option is to pair a more neutral outfit with a great statement necklace. You know I love a blazer and chunky necklace combo- perfect for work too.