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I’m going to put something out there, and it might sound over the top, but if you've been following for a while you know how important my marriage is to me, and to us. It is a
worthwhile investment: Steve and I get away, together. Alone. Once a month. And let me tell you, it's something we both look forward to. Even the kids don't mind and send us off with smiles. They once gave us the business and we replied with, "do you want mommy and daddy to stay married?" they nodded, yes. HA! And that was the end of that. 


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Yes, I'm a working mom, but I’m also a wife. As far as we're concerned, our marriage is worth the investment like I said above.  A long time ago, we agreed a weekly date night was necessary—but now with Living with Landyn and all of life’s other distractions, our getaways have become essential. We put down our phones, enjoy a nice dinner together, sleep in late, and have a little fun. 


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We just love the Thompson Hotel, it's located in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville and pretty close to home.  Not only do I love the hotel itself—and its gorgeous aesthetic and top-notch amenities—but I also love that it’s near all the downtown shops we love, restaurants and nightlife too. 


Let’s start in the room: We always try to book the corner suite, because the view of
the city cannot be beat. Plus, there’s a nice living room set up. Not to mention sinking into that dreamy clawfoot tub and indulging in all the amazing bath products they offer. 


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But before all that, we usually stop at Marsh House and sample the phenomenal food and
take in the gorgeous decor. What a location to take in all the sights of Nashville culture!
It’s no secret how much I LOVE the hotel’s rooftop bar, L.A. Jackson, but deserves
repeating: This bar is beyond. If I ever redesign my house, I’m hiring whoever created the décor for this chill, open-air space.


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The crowd starts to pick up around happy
hour and is happening and hip, and fun to watch while we sample the best bar
menu in town, from the to-die- for lemon creme-topped artichokes and the catfish bites with sauce that I absolutely swear is made of magic. And of course, the cocktails. My husband
loves their Old Fashioned, and I order the frozen rosé every time. You know I'm typically
a tequila + soda kind of girl, but not here! 


OK I know I’m super food-focused here, but how can you NOT be when you’re
surrounded with all this deliciousness? Even in the lobby of the Thompson, where I
wish I wasn’t on Keto, because let me tell you I’d be lined up at Killebrew coffee
and devouring every. single. perfectly-laid- out croissant I saw.


If you’re there with your spouse, then you may want to look into the Southern Love
which adds a little something extra with an in-room beautiful floral arrangement
and romance kit, the exclusive Fine & Dandy dark chocolate bar, bottle of wine, and
a reservation + free glass of Champagne at L.A. Jackson. They also offer an in-room shave that Steve LOVES. It is pretty cool. A master barber comes to your room from Pioneer Gentlemen's Barber , antique chair and all. And will get your guy looking perfectly clean shaven. It's like the equivalent of an in-room pedi for us. Wait a second...that's a good idea. Hey Thompson Hotel, you hear that?! Wouldn't that be all the things! 


After all that, you absolutely should sleep in. And if you can’t get out of the robe, I
can’t blame you. Neither can I. Which is why I usually order BLT croissant with a
broken egg from room service. And the potatoes! Don't leave without ordering those, keto or not. They are worth the cheating. 

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Recharge those batteries. Take time and remind one another why you started this love affair in the first place. Laugh, say, "remember when" and whatever you do, don't talk about the kids.  


So go ahead, book it. And as a gift from The Thompson- take 15 % off when you book any regular-rate room with code LANDYN