It’s officially summer time! Every year since we've had the pool, I like to kick off summer by letting the kids pick out two fun pool floats for the season. The oversized, crazy novelty pool floats are such a great way to add some flare to the pool and the kids are always so excited to play with them. And they usually last the whole summer too. 

Last year, we had two narwhal whales that were so adorable. We’ve had a large white swans, oversized popsicles and a pizza. No matter what you or your kids are into, there is a pool float out there for it! 

This year, I wanted to get involved... I got us one Monstera leaf and a white pair of angel wings. I thought both of those floats would look perfect in the pool this summer! But my sweet family beat me to it! They bought me my very own yacht for Mother’s Day. Of course, it is a little smaller than my dream yacht (ha!) but it is the perfect pool float. It even has a place in the bow for ice and drinks. A personal cooler within arms reach is exactly the kind of luxury I need while soaking up the sun this summer! 


Haley CobleComment