Something that can make any outdoor space feel more tropical for the summer are some great plants! I love looking outside my windows and seeing fresh greenery, especially in contrast to the bright blue pool water. 

When I was looking for the type of plants I wanted to use, I knew I wanted something that would be more drought and heat tolerant. It is the summer, so f course it will be hot, but if we are ever gone on vacation, I won't have to worry about the watering situation. Another factor is that the pool area gets full sun, which is great for tanning but can kill certain types of plants if you get something that can’t take that much sunlight. I wanted something that could stand up to all of these factors and last the entire summer. 

The first plant I went with was asparagus fern. They are green, fluffy and I used them all around the pool and as a filler in some of the planters. I like mixing asparagus ferns with other plants because it does look good and adds texture. It is also like a weed, it is hard to kill. So if you don’t have much of a green thumb, this plant is for you! 

The white plant is called Scaevola, white fan flower. It does not mind the heat, light or a lack of water. I think the flowers on it are so pretty and you don't have to deadhead them and it just continues to bloom. One of my favorites. I put them in a pot with some of the asparagus fern and they look great! To incorporate some height in the pot, I got some big elephant ears. They are tropical and do well in the summer conditions. 

I tried to keep it simple. I like the crisp white and the green together. So far everything has stayed beautiful and the pool looks more inviting than ever! I'll have to keep you updated as things start to grow and fill in. 



Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.05.33 AM.png

When I am throwing a party, I preemptively plan ways in which I can make clean up as easy as possible. One of my favorite ways to do this and still have a fun table display is to wrap the table in butcher paper and line a chalkboard runner down the middle. Not only does this keep the mess to a minimum, but I can write out what is on the table, whether it is a dish or an ingredient. Sometimes you just have to let the food be the centerpiece so you can simply strip the table down and call it a night!  



I don't like tan lines, but when it is summertime and I am running from one outdoor activity to the next, and if I am in a t-shirt or tank top, I always end up with a framers tan. Last year, I purchased a Michael Stars Gauze top in white and LOVED IT. I wore the heck out of that thing. A lot of people asked where I got it. Nordstrom carried it for a while. It is just gauzy, light weight and I don't get any weird tan lines. It is sleeveless, but because of the cut and fabric, it is not a sexy top in the slightest. It is day appropriate and I can wear it to my kids sports games or out to dinner. It is cute with jeans, it is cute with shorts. It is my summer staple and I love it.