As you all know, I’ve teamed up with ABLE for Thursday night’s Denim + Drinks event, so I thought it was a perfect time share more about this brand I love so much! Their story goes beyond denim jackets and handmade bags. It really is a company founded on empowering women + ending generational poverty through opportunity and jobs provided. What started in Ethiopia in 2011 as Fashionable with only scarves, turned into a full product line filled with shoes and handmade bags made by women all over the globe, who needed hope. They are even providing jobs for women in need right here in Nashville!

The video dives much deeper into ABLE as a company and I’m sitting down with Jordan, their Fashion Director. So get ready to learn about the brand and their products that are fashionable, chic, on trend, and effortless. Products that you’ll want to live in. Products that are helping make such a big difference in the lives of women making them.

See you all on Thursday for Denim + Drinks!



LANDYN | TANK | JEANS (last year at Zara, but I own these too)|