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I’m stepping back into the kitchen this week, but this time with my amazing friend, Betza! Betza has been taking care of my home for twenty years now…long before it was my home. She was incredibly close to the family that lived here before us, and she had the pleasure of watching all of their four children grow up.

Before that sweet family moved out, the owner shared Betza’s contact info with me and from that first meeting I knew she must stay. Now she has become a part of our family, too. I love having her in my home. I mean she’s seen us sick, stressed and happy. Weekly, she catches me cleaning before she arrives. Who does that too? HA! She’s such a light + a pure joy when she walks through our door every Friday and I love catching up with her every time she does. We spend at least 25 minutes catching up on life each week. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. It really does take a village and my home just feels happier when she’s been there.


So, Betza’s got some pretty magical cleaning skills, but she is also an INCREDIBLE cook. Seriously, I’ve always wanted her to teach me her ways around the kitchen, because Mexican food is my absolute FAVE! You guys!!! Her Chicken Enchiladas are her specialty and she knows Steve loves them so she always brings a pan on his birthday each year and sometimes just because.


Today she is spoiling us with not one…not two…but THREE, actually four delicious dishes!
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Pollo Azteca + Green Rice + Pico De Gallo + Salsa De Guacamole.