Now, I know you girls would go to war for me, I know you’ve always got my back- you’re like my own Landyn Army. If you’ve been following along on stories these past few days, then you’ve noticed that my new Camo Michael Khors jacket has been the talk of the town . I purchased mine on sale at Dillards and it took forever to find one online, luckily one of you did and of course it was sold out in seconds. Even though that jacket is long gone, the spirit of camo is not. I wanted to create a round up of some of my favorite camo pieces. Now, camo is a lot like cheetah- you don’t need to go crazy. We don’t want anyone thinking you’re about to hit up a deer stand, you know what I’m saying? Choose one piece to accent your wardrobe, it’s fun plus it gives it a little bit of an edge. And in the spirit of camo, let’s hide those dark under eye circles too. This Tarte Creasless concealer is my newest obsession, I wear shade: light honey.