Ah, the transition from a little girl's room to a big girl room.  They want to be a big girl, but they might still have a love of of some of those tweeny things-sparkles, bright colors, etc.  I got super lucky with Lily and she has always had a similar style to me and she has allowed me to help give her guidance along the way.  My biggest piece of advice will not shock you-but if you can convince them to go neutral for the big pieces and then let them add the sparkle and pops of color through the accents.  This will also keep you from having to re-do the room every year.  Mama ain't got time for that.  Also, remember that this is their bedroom not your bedroom.  I mean that in two different ways.  One, do let them have a little freedom so they feel like the room is a reflection of them.  Two, don't spend an ever living fortune on their stuff.  Chances are someone will be doing homework on their bed and get a pen mark on the comforter or will leave a drink on the bedside table without a coaster and leave a mark.  You don't want to have to blow a gasket every time something gets ruined.   You can never go wrong with black and white because it will make them feel more grown up and then ask them what their favorite color is and then go to town on accessories.  Then you can hit up Target, Marshall's and HomeGoods and get them inexpensive accessories.


Alright, I am about to let you in on a big secret.  After I tell you about this product I am going to need you to run, don't walk, to your dermatologist to get it.  I use the Erythromycin Gel 2%.  Literally, I started using this at 17 and am still using it happily at age 40.  All you do is dab it on the zit and viola after a few days it is gone! It is a topical antibiotic and I am not a doctor so make sure you check with your doctor before you use it.  It requires a prescription, but the tube lasts forever! 


I don't take a ton of supplements, but this is what I do take.  I put two scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my coffee each morning.  I take these both for overall health and for healthy skin, hair and nails.  As a note, they need to be added to hot liquid in order to dissolve properly and they are completely tasteless.  I use Nogii Quinoa + Whey Chocolate Protein right after workouts and typically before bed if I need a high protein snack.  Thanks to Virginia, I also use a high carb drink during my workouts.  I just use the powdered Gatorade so nothing fancy.  Other than that, I just take my Olly vitamins that you can read about in this post.