those pretty pillows are from HomeGoods


Okay, I know we just did a post about my bedroom but you all still have some questions and I want to answer them! I got my bedding a little while ago from Restoration Hardware. Like so many of you, I LOVE Restoration Hardware. They are the perfect combination of style and quality. I decided just to go with white sheets and duvet cover not only because I love white, but because I can do whatever I want with a blank canvas! If you're unsure, neutral is the way to go! 

I feel like people make this mistake of matching their bedding perfectly to the decor of the room, and when they get tired of it, they have to spend a bunch to replace everything so they can get that new bedroom feeling again. But with white sheets, I am able to switch up the pillows depending on the season or change the throw blanket at the end of the bed. I just can’t see anyone going wrong with neutrals weather it is in your home or in your closet. 



Like I said above, changing out pillows on your bed is a great (and less expensive) way to keep things feeling fresh. I mentioned this in the home tour, but there is no reason to get intimidated about dressing a bed. Just hit up Pinterest or your favorite style magazine and find you a picture and go wild at HomeGoods or West Elm. I like to stack my bed pillows, so sleeping pillow and one with the pretty sham that you never touches your face. I just like a clean look, and then line three to four 20" pillows in front. And give them a little karate chop at the end. Check out the video at the end of this post. 




this robe was a Target score, just a few sizes left

There are two types of people in this world. Those who throw on random pajamas and those who love pajama sets. I don’t know about you, but I am a pajama set kinda girl most of the time. I don’t know exactly why, but I love having a cute matching outfit on even when I am sleeping. It also helps keep my closet organized since I don’t have a drawer filled with random t shirts from college and boxer shorts. Although, not gonna lie. I still can't part with my 10 yr old Juicy Couture velour pants. HA! Remember those? Fess up... who's still rocking those around the house? And then of course I've got my Aunt Flow outfit, and that's real special. 

If you are a matchy-matchy girl, you've got to try the  Moonlight pajama sets from Nordstrom. They are so soft and cozy to sleep in. Are you a pajama set girl or do you like to go with whatever you laying on top in your drawer? There is really no right or wrong as long as you are sleeping like a baby! Do you sleep like a baby? That's another thing we could talk about. I've got a remedy for that too. Alright chica's...... talk soon. Don't forget to ask your questions.