I love Target, YOU love Target. We ALL love Target. You know the store we frequent more than we are afraid to admit. The store where you go in for Q-Tips and lightbulbs and come out with $250 dollars worth of stuff you didn't know you NEEDED. Ha! Yep, happens to the best of us and to me waaaaaaay too often. My husband always gawks at the sight of my credit card statement each month and says, "You spent XXX at Target this month...ON WHAT????" I don't know.......stuff. And I always blame it on the kids. Ha!

So, this new tab on the blog will be update with my latest Target purchases and up to the minute finds. It won't always be jewelry and clothes. It will eventually end up a collage of the BEST Target has to offer and what currently made it's way into my cart. So, keep checking back often. Like every couple days, cause yeah....that's how often I'm there. 

(aka Target addict)