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'Tis the season for holiday dressing.  When I asked you ladies what type of content that you guys wanted to hear about for the holidays, dressing for the season was at the top of almost everyone's list.  So today, I am going to show you a couple of fun outfits that you could wear to a work party or event.  Dressing for your, or your husband's, office party can be stressful.  Will you be over-dressed, under-dressed, you want to look a little sexy without being over the top, and you want everyone to be able to tell that maybe you put a touch more effort into it all then just a Monday morning at the office.  Am I right?  Well never fear, because I have put together two fabulous options, one a little more casual/conservative and one a little dressier/sexier, that I loved and then I am going to source a ton more options that I think are totally appropriate and you all will love.

My first look is this amazing Topshop blouse that I got from Nordy's.  The peplum detail on this top is so pretty and VERY flattering to all body types.  I also love the ladder detailing on the sleeve.  It gives it just a little unexpected flair.  Now we HAVE to talk about these pants.  Ladies, not your nearest Nordstrom, or better yet click right here and get these cigarette pants.  They are literally everything, and wait for it, they are only $38!  Yes you read that right.  These pants are a staple that every woman has to have in her wardrobe.  I LOVE mine!  Just remember that Topshop is a British brand so you want to purchase based on the sizing in the parenthesis.  That caused quite a bit of confusion between me and my sweet salesperson in the dressing room. 


And guys, this necklace!  Can you even?  It is so stunning and it really takes what would be a relatively basic outfit and definitely steps it up a notch.  It is a little pricey for costume jewelry but I love how it totally elevates an outfit.  Worth the investment in my opinion!


top | skirt | earrings | shoes | clutch

I am totally obsessed with this outfit.  As soon as I saw it in the store I knew it was a total keeper.  This is the absolute perfect look if you have a dressier office work party or you want something that is a little sexier and unexpected, but still totally tasteful.  I am now totally torn between wearing this and my favorite Tutu Moi tulle skirt to Steve's Christmas party.  I am going to be honest, if he had his choice, this would be the winner hands down.  I kept my accessories really simple because I didn't want to detract from the the perforation, but I did decide to go with a statement pair of earrings and I am totally in love with them. 

black perforated top and pencil skirt with black high heels, what to wear to an office christmas party

I went ahead and sourced a few more different options that range from the more casual to dressier end of the spectrum so that you had some options based on what you needed for your specific party.  I am going to be back next week to show some fun looks for a holiday Girl's Night Out or maybe a little holiday date night. 

 Have fun + don't drink too much and make a fool out of yourself! 







It's that time of year again. The season of giving, and if you're anything like me your list just seems to be getting longer and longer with each coming year. I love gift giving, but with so many people on my list I try to give thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank. And that my friends is WHY I love Marshalls and all it's surprises! It's the one place I can go to find something for everyone on my list. From my husband to my kids teachers, it's all there. Over the years it really has been my go-to holiday destination. Plus the gift wrap! Have you ever taken the time to wander that aisle. Oh man! Don't miss it. 


Every year my girlfriends and I have a little gift exchange. I look forward to it all year long. It's so fun! We all put on something festive, dial up our makeup a little and have dinner + cocktails at our favorite restaurant. Each one of us is asked to bring a gift in the $20-$30 price range to exchange with one another. As soon as I get the invite and know who I'm exchanging with, I beeline for my nearest Marshalls. This year I'm buying for my 'beauty loving' friend. She is obsessed with everything from makeup + skin care. 

I like thinking outside the 'gift box' when it come to wrapping. What could I put all her goodies in? After cruising the store for a bit, I landed in the make-up accessories aisle. I found this great black fringe bag for only $12.99 and got busy filling it. First up a GOLD comb for $5.99. Yes! Everyone should have one of these. I have one and LOVE it and I know she will too. Then I added a foundation brush for $3.99 and another one of my faves, this Cucumber Water facial mist $8.99. Just needed one more thing.....

GOT IT!! A beauty blender. A make-up must have! All these great affordable finds, wrapped up perfectly. Now that I had a theme, back to the wrapping aisle I went. Scored some cute black + white tissue to stuff inside for $4.99 and that's it! DONE. The perfect gift for my sweet friend and all for $32 bucks! 


Next up is a hostess gift I've been giving for years and is ALWAYS a big hit. It's simple + thoughtful and useful. All you have to do is find a pretty stocking that fits their home decor or style. I found this darling grey felt stocking with cream pom-poms for $19.99. It was so cute, I hated to part with it. Then head over to the cooking aisles and grab a bunch of wooden spoons. All of these were sold together for $3.99.  I mean what a deal!  #marshallsiloveyou

I also love to pick out a pack of holiday kitchen towels, like these pretty gold embroidered ones for $5.99 and slide those inside the stocking to complete the gift. Once I have everything together, all you have to do is tuck the wooden spoons in to finish things off. You can also add some fresh greens to make it a little more festive if you like. Plus they smell good. There you have it...a quick affordable hostess gift that would also work perfect for the cook in your life!  


Teachers.... they deserve THE WORLD and frankly a million dollar holiday gift. As much as we'd love to, that's just not possible.  As we say in the south, BLESS THEIR HEARTS, they put up with so much day in and day out dealing with all of our precious babies that I really try and get them something nice and thoughtful for the holidays.  Let's be honest, who doesn't love getting a gift card?  I usually get either a gift card to a local coffee shop or store, but a gift card to Marshall's would be perfect too.  Maybe I should offer to take them on a Marshall's shopping trip with that gift card.  Hmmm...I may be on to something.

For this gift, I took the standard teacher's gift of a coffee mug and jazzed it up a bit.  I found this precious little bottle brush tree for only $3.99.  I always find the best ribbon at Marshalls...who would of thought, so I grabbed a roll of pretty white ribbon with silver edging to use to tie a cute little Christmas ornament to the handle as an extra little pretty.  And can we talk about this mug.  It says "First, I drink the coffee.  Then I do the things."  Have truer words every been spoken. 


So the moral of this big, long holiday story is grab your gift list, get in the car, and head to Marshalls. Tell them Landyn sent you, I'm there so much they know me by name. HA! And for more ideas, head to the top of the blog, click HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES in the main header. I've got you covered! 





If you remember from a little while back, I was asked to curate a stocking for the Music City Marketplace. Before I was contacted about this project, I wasn't even really aware that the shop existed, but I am SO glad I was asked to participate, and got a chance to check out all that Music City Marketplace has to offer. And for all of my ladies who are asking where they should stop when coming into town, now you know one that's at the top of my list. Because who needs another cheesy souvenir? I love this store because it is a collection of all the best products that are coming out of the Music City right now. Yep, almost every single product they offer is made right here in Nashville by a local artisans or companies. How great is that?!?

all photos/ amy richmond

all photos/ amy richmond

And for all of my local Nashvillians, you've got to get your butts downtown to the store and see all of the amazing products that they have to offer in person. It has now become my go-to stop when I want to send a Nashville Gift. Seriously, everything was so good! I had such a hard time selecting what I wanted to go in to my TN Textile Mill stocking. I literally could have stayed in there for hours...and left with the entire store. Alas, I had to narrow it down, so who wants to see a peek of what all I included in my stocking?


  1.  Needle and Grain Wool Felt Nashville Banner:  How cute are these little banners? I thought they would look so cute in a man cave, playroom or even a nursery. I also just checked their website and how perfect is this.... Christmas Ornament that you can customize with your city and state. LOVE! It would make the perfect Christmas gift!
  2. Aviate Hat:  Really what is there to say about this one?  You guys know this is MY FAVORITE hat on the planet. They have almost every city now! 
  3. Original Fuzz Guitar Strap:  As you have heard from my Insta-story singing, I am not the least bit musical, but fun fact, Steve plays the guitar. These straps are the best and I love that they incorporate textiles from around the world into their designs.
  4. Paddywax 12oz. Woods Candle in Leather & Oakmoss: Paddywax is know for their signature hand-poured soy wax candles and this one is a part of their new Woods collection.  Perfect for fall and winter!
  5. Hester & Cook Marble Notebook: Has a notebook every screamed Living with Landyn more than this one? To say I am obsessed would be an understatement.  It is truly like they made it just for me.  This would make the perfect stocking stuffer!
  6. Two Old Hippies Cashmere Blend Neighborhood Scarf: This scarf is so soft and absolute perfection. I love that it calls out all of Nashville's favorite neighborhoods and landmarks.
  7. J. Hoss Designs Handmade Nashville Cuff in Brass: I picked the Music City one. Since I got it, I've been adding it to my stack. To me this is the souvenir I'd want to take back with me. 
  8. Ceri Hoover Waller Clutch in Dove Gray: If you are not familiar with Ceri Hoover's GORGEOUS handbags and clutches, I suggest you zip over to her site as soon as you are done here. Her bags are GORGEOUS and timeless and so reasonably priced for the quality.  She has a calf-hair bag that is a dead ringer for the Clare V bag....but $150 less!
  9. Olive & Sinclair Buttermilk White Chocolate Bar: First of all, don't you think you should buy this candy bar just for the packaging alone.  I mean, I die.  Second, how freaking delicious does a Buttermilk White Chocolate Bar sound? Seriously, it does not get any better than that if you are going to have a holiday splurge (or twenty)!


I was lucky enough to get to do this with some of my favorite local bloggers, so make sure you head to their sites and check out their curated stockings as well! I love the amount of talented women I'm surrounded by here in Nashville. 

Beth from Eat Drink Smile

Laura Lea from LL Balanced

Kelly from Velvet's Edge

Greta from Greta Hollar

Mallory from Mallory Ervin




BIG Thanks to Amy Richmond for capturing all these fun pictures. She's snapped pics of so many talented peeps, like our very own Kelsea Ballerini . And to Music City Marketplace for asking me to be part of this! So happy you found me and I found you you both! 


Alright, all of my mamas that still have elfs in their houses, I am about to become your best friend.  Do you dread the day that Sparkles or Snickers or Ed Lewis, or whatever your sweet little elf's name is, descends on your house.  Do you wake up in a cold sweat at 3am because you realize your elf is still exactly where you left him for the past three nights.  Are you cursing the Elf On The Shelf tradition every night at 10 o'clock when you remember to move the elf, but the only creative idea you can come up with is to hang him upside down from the chandelier for the fifth time.  Well have no fear, because Landy the Elf Whisperer is here. That's right, our elf's antics are the things legends are made of.  In fact, they have even made the front page of a major New York City newspaper (them on a brown sugar beach, see below) and today I am going to share all my secrets for elf success with you.

First things first, I feel like some introductions are in order.  I would like to introduce you to Lanny and Holly, the Hutchinson family elves.  They have been hanging out at our house for the past 7 years (yes you read that right) Christmases and love us so much that they are hanging around for at least another year. KILL ME! I still have one believer left. 

Although, after you see all the freaking fun that they have, I can't say that I can blame them one bit.  So how do I make all of this magic happen you ask?  With a little creativity and a TON of help from Michaels and some of my other favorite stores.  So here it is, my list of tips to make your time with your Elf a little less painful for you and a little more fun for your kids.


I can not stress this enough, but print our those coupons and get your little butts to Michaels pronto. Once you are there, here are the areas that you need to hit up.  Head to the decorations for the mini or tabletop trees. This is where you can find cute little accessories. They typically have little ornaments that are the perfect size for your elf and can be used for activities that will keep your elf busy...baking cookies, bowling, tree trimming. You name it and they probably have it.  While you are at Michaels be sure to stock up on floral wire for threading wrapping in their arms and legs, so they hold their position and glue dots. Lot's of Glue Dots.  I've also been known to whip out the hot glue gun in desperation. A little known fact, but hot glue gun glue peels right off of the elf's felt little hands.  See they really are magic.


Hit up the grocery store and go ahead and buy marshmallows in every size.  You will be amazed what you can build with a few marshmallows.  Elf snowballs, bubble bath, snow forts, tic-tac-toe games.  You name it and you can basically assemble it out of marshmallows.  I also like to keep a bag of mini-chocolate chips on hand.  They make great elf and reindeer poop, which will be a big hit if you have boys, as well as can be used in all kinds of elf baking antics.


I always find the best accessories and clothing in the doll aisle.  They seriously have the absolute cutest little miniature clothing and accessories that fit the elves just right.  You can check out just about any craft store or you can find awesome stuff on EtsyEtsy is really like the Elf on the Shelf goldmine and there is absolutely everything you can ever need for an elf right at your finger tips.  Elf printables, elf clothes, an elf cam (how genius is that?!?), accessories, costumes.  Basically you name it and they have it.


We all know there is nothing worse then being bone-tired at 11 o'clock and trying to scramble around to come up with an idea of what to have your elf do.  I highly recommend planning out each night in advance.  If you can write out ideas for the entire time your elf is there ahead of time then a.) you are my hero and b.) you will save yourself a lot of heartache and headache each night before bed.  If it is too daunting to come up with that many ideas at once, at least try to sit down at the beginning of the week and sketch out your basic elf plan for the week.  I promise you will thank me later.


Creating a disaster seem to be the ones that go over the best. Basically, have your Elf do something that your kids know you would NEVER do. Like drape your entire powder room with TP, dump an entire cake mix into your kitchen sink or leave a ton of legos all over the floor. Resit the urge to clean up. I know it's painful. 


I am dead serious about this.  Now I am not talking anything too dangerous, like a reindeer stampede, but maybe a little case of the sniffles or a boo-boo from Santa's workshop.  That will buy you at least a few days reprieve and the kids will think it's hilarious.

Cheerios dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles make perfect Elf doughnuts. Then use a piece of aluminum foil to make a little baking sheet. 

And I have to admit that I am a little JEALOUS of you ladies who are just coming in to the game.  The ole Elf on the Shelf industry has come a long way in the past 7 years and you can now buy many of the accessories that I used to have to painstakingly craft.  SCORE!


I sure hope this post rescues you a few nights this month and serves as a life ring when it's time to move your elf. Don't forget to help your other momma friends out and share my page. Lord knows I wish I had something like this years ago. Lot's of other holiday content will be filling my site in the coming weeks, but you can always just type Elf in the search bar on the right hand side of the blog. 


I'm gonna need it. Feel free to share some of your genius ideas with me. I'm running out! 



photo/lindsey grace photography

photo/lindsey grace photography

Annnnnnnd let the shopping continue! Now that most of the Black Friday sales are over, make room for CYBER MONDAY. You can find some of the best deals of the season tomorrow, actually most of which launced their promo codes tonight. I don't know why they just don't make a weekend out of it and run one code???? But, whatevs! That's why you have me. I've listed below some of my favorites deals running for Cyber Monday. Although, don't forget the Black Friday Shopping Guide I posted Thursday night, there's still some good deals happening over there too!


ASOS// 20% OFF site wide use code GOGOGO

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Tutu Moi // is offering 20% OFF your entire purchase with code BFCM20 and $25 select children's Tutu's. 



HIGHLAND BAG $50 by Vici Collection (but don't forget to use that promo code below) 
My necklace, I know you don't want to hear this, but my hubby bought this beauty for me a few years back at a boutique in Minnesota. But you CAN still get The Landyn Stack of bracelets here

Okay girls, it is about to get real up in here. Thanksgiving is over and we are officially in the sprint to Christmas and at the starting line of that sprint known as Black Friday. Let's be honest, we all say we're going to start our Christmas shopping early, but here we are in the same boat with like 1/10th of our Christmas list bought for and it's suddenly Black Friday. Have no fear, your girl Landy is here with the best Ultimate Black Friday Sales Guide. You know I love a good deal and you know I would never steer my girls wrong, so I have literally scoured the web and have all the details on all the best sales. No need to surf around the Internet, just stick with me and we can crush Black Friday deals together. Best part is, so many of them are giving us a head start TONIGHT! Alright, I'm gonna grab my pie + plop down on the sofa and get to it. 




Nordstrom is offering DEALS store wide. Some of my picks below + additional 20% OFF select SALE items. 

JCrew is offering for the 1st time ever 40% OFF your purchase. 

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BLACK FRIDAY- up to $150 OFF blenders, up to 50% OFF All-Clad slow cookers, 20% OFF holiday tabletop, up to 50% OFF WS cookware....and so MUCH MORE! 

Target is offering 30% OFF clothes + shoes + accessories for the family. BOGO 50% OFF on toys 10 top brands. Up to 30% HOME online only. 

Banana Republic is offering 50% OFF of 5 full price items now through 11/26.

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Sephora is offering deals on the kits listed below and more!


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The TWEENAGER. The girl that has everything. Wants everything. But hates what you buy. Ha! We all know her, we all were her at some point. Take it easy on this sweet + sassy little lady. She's just trying to figure it all out. Below are some great gift options that I'll be gifting to my tweenager. It's a little bit of everything and something a girl around her age will love. I did my research and asked lot's of questions about what she and her friends are really wanting under the tree.  


Christmas gift guide for a tween girl what to get a tween girl for christmas


  1. Rose Gold Beats: When you're in 7th grade, you've 'got to have a pair of these', so she says! She has a regular pair of over the ear cheapy headphones, but she's shown me she knows how to take care of things and I'm going to treat her to a pair of these rose gold Beats. 
  2. Adidas Hardshell Sneakers: Like the Stan Smiths, Adidas has made such a come back this year. And these babies are at the top of her wish list. Written in BOLD. Please mommy kinda want. It's real. 
  3. Turtle Mail: I mentioned this on my Annie Downs Podcast last week. It was a sneak peek into this gift guide. Ok, this thing is THE coolest. It is a wifi connected mailbox. Friends and family can send mail through their mobile or desktop to your kids. Like old fashioned snail mail. Just need to download the app. No ink cartridge or subscription required. HOW COOL IS THAT!!! 
  4. Mia 1 Cleaning System: I gave this to her for her birthday. I don't think it's ever to early to start teaching about good skin care. My mom taught me young and I'm forever grateful to her now. This particular style has one speed and easy to maneuver. Plus it's pink, which makes it fun! 
  5. Jeweled Cat Ear Beanie: A hat is a hat, but what about a embellished kitty cat ear beanie?  Oh yeah, that's a winner. Again, at this age you can never have too many sparkles. 
  6. Duffle Bag: Sleepovers are all the rage at this age, and apparently bringing your stuff in your backpack is frowned upon. This sweet child needs a duffle bag and I thought this was just the cutest. I love the simplicity of it. 
  7. Confetti Phone Case: She's all about the phone cases. As a matter of fact she changes them out constantly and the other day she spotted this one and added to her list. What girl this age doesn't love a little glitter?
  8. Dry Erase Calendar and Chalk Markers: Ask my daughter where she wants to go spend her birthday money? No, not where you'd think, but at an office supply store. This child is obsessed with all office supplies + pens + markers + note pads + calendars. So I've been on the hunt for a good sized chalkboard for her room. She's gonna FLIP for this! Don't forget the colored chalk/markers. 
  9. Bluetooth Speaker: This is something she got last Christmas and LOVES. It connects to her phone and any bluetooth device. The sound is incredible. Looking for her? She's up in her room blasting this thing. Remember doing that? I do. 
  10. Hooded Cardigan: Oh my gosh. THIS cardi is the cutest. I seriously wish they made it in my size. Thankfully she shares my sense of style. She'll love this! 
  11. Cinema Lightbox: These are all the rage. Not just for Tweens. My girlfriend has one and she has more fun displaying phrases on it. I kinda want one too. If you need a GREAT gift that's sure to be a's this right here! 
  12. Plaid Dress: I swear, shopping for my daughter is like playing dress up with a doll. It's so fun and she still likes what I pick out (for the most part) So when I saw this, I was like Oh yeah totally getting this! 
  13. Hooded Robe: She's been asking for a robe and I finally found one that wasn't pink with sparkly crowns on it. Plus it's super soft and plush. And who doesn't love a polka-dot? 
  14. Kitty Zip Pouch: Now, something to hold all those pens + colorful pencils she must have. Because if you didn't know, a cute pencil pouch is also ALL THE RAGE in middle school. Plus it doubles as a great toiletry holder for all those sleepovers. 
  15. Initial Necklace: Every girl, no matter how young loves a little sparkle under the tree and this sweet little initial necklace is perfect. I'm excited to see her face when she opens it. 



The next two days of gift guides is all about THE KIDS. Today I'm sharing with you a gift guide for boys. Mostly age 7-12 appropriate items, because that's who I know to buy for and my son is 9. He is all boy. Adventurous + sport crazy and curious. Below are some gifts he received last year that were a HUGE hit and totally worth sharing with you all. The rest are gifts he'll be getting from me or the guy in the red suit. Toys are so fun to buy, and I'll be sad when he's out of this phase. But while he's still into it, I'll just go a little CRAZY. Most of the year it's no, no, no to things he points out in the store, but now I'm all YES, YES, YES! 





  1. BB8 App Controlled Robot: This was one of the first things my son put on his list and in ALL CAPS might I add. I did a little research and apparently this is one of 2016 hottest toys. I scored mine online here, because after 2 failed store attempts. I didn't want him not to have it on Christmas morning. This is a bigger ticket 'Santa' item this year, but it's all he talks about. 
  2. Bean Bag Chair: We limit the screen time at our house, but when he is scoring some virtual touchdowns on his Madden '16 game, poor fella should be comfortable. Right? Plus he really doesn't have a place to sit and read after school besides his bed. So I'm really liking this gift idea for him. I bet my daughter would LOVE this too. I better get two. With 5 colors to choose from. 
  3. Nerf Gun: Ok, this is a funny story. When I asked my son to write his gift list, he gave it to me with SIX Nerf guns on it and a mattress pad cover. LOL I guess he wan't to rest comfortably after he shoots up the back yard. This kid is too funny. But THIS particular one was circled. I'll list the others below.  
  4. Nerf Strike Tactical Vest: He didn't necessarily ask for the Nerf vest, but how in the heck is he going to carry all his ammo? I know he'll love it. 
  5. Football Trainer: This thing was his FAVORITE gift last year. If your son, nephew or grandson is anything like mine, and is obsessed with all things football. This is a GREAT present. I can't begin to tell you the amount of hours he spent outside with this and still does. Total SCORE! 
  6. Titans Dress Up Uniform: Another perfect gift for the sports nut. He had so much fun dressing up and emulating his dad. They have all NFL + NCAA Teams to choose from. You can even select your favorite # decal for the jersey. Helmet + chinstrap and all. Plus they look so dang cute! It brings that dream of being their favorite player to life. I love this gift for young boys. 
  7. Captain Underpants: My son read this series and enjoyed it so much. I don't know about you, but often time boys are hard to have sit still and read. But these were the books he kept running back to, without any fuss. 
  8. Blow-up Deer & Crossbow: I can't begin to tell you what a hit this gift was! The best part was it all blown up and standing next to the tree (I added a big red bow, of course) It's life size and so durable. It was a hoot to watch him set it up in the back yard and shoot from a distance, with velcro and suction cup darts of course. Just so you know it's still alive and continues to provide hours of outdoor play. 
  9. NFL Madden 17: Don't really need to say much about this one. Cause if they're asking for Madden '17 chances are they already know and love it. The graphics /animation just keep getting more realistic. It's unreal. As you know we are a football family, and seeing as my husband was a player on that game a few times, it's a staple in our house. When do you ever get to play your dad? 
  10. DIY Make-Your-Own Board Game: This one I thought was pretty neat. Cause you can only play Candyland and Clue so many times! I think my kids might like the challenge. 
  11. Drone for Beginners: Like father, like son. I got my husband a drone for his birthday, well because he's a BIG kid. And naturally my son was in awe. So I did my research and found a really good drone for beginners. He's gonna freak on Christmas morning! I can just see the two of them now. 
  12. Dri-Fit Hoodie: My son refuses to wear anything but NIKE + Under Armour and C9, basically it has to be sports clothes. Which, I shouldn't roll my eyes. That seems to be the trend amongst 8-12 yr old boys. So the only thing I can do, is pick out the most stylish version of those and things I wouldn't mind being seen in public with. That's why I like this hoodie. 
  13. Clip-on Bike Lights: My mom got these for the kids last year and they loved these silly little things. Don't you remember decking out your bike? All we had were playing cards between the spokes. 
  14. Lego Creative Brick: Oh man, LEGOS........we have a million, but why not buy more?!?! I do like this set. No instructions, No pictures to follow, just their imaginations at work. I'll be giving this set to my nieces too. 
  15. Mug with a Goalpost: I can't believe I'm going against my rule of NO THROWING food at the table. But this is so clever and I love the idea. I have a feeling breakfast just go more fun! 
  16. Passback Football: This football is the coolest thing. A football cut in 1/2. GENIUS. Why didn't I think of it? They can throw it up against a wall or any flat surface, and it comes spiraling right back. It's the coolest and he loves it. 



Gift Guide for Women, what to get my wife for christmas, what to get my girlfriend d for christmas

If you watched my instastories last night around 11pm, you'd know that this ENTIRE gift guide almost didn't post this morning. I logged on to proof read and edit one last thing and then POOF. It was gone. DELETED. I'm talking the entire post. All of it. But after I SCREAMED really loud + said a few choice words. I pulled myself together, grabbed a box of Peppermint Joe Joes's,  a glass of wine and started over. So, here she is... THE WOMEN'S GIFT GUIDE. Round two and better than the ever, I hope. After completion, I *may* have bought a few things on here for myself. Hey, I earned it, right? 

I hope you enjoy clicking through and making your list. It may just be easier + helpful to send the man in your life over here to Also let this be a place to start shopping for your sister + mother and bestie. These are some of the gifts I've given or received, that were a huge hit. And make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the descriptions, because I couldn't stop with fifteen items. Alright, now I've GOT to go get some sleep! Hope this helps! 

P.S. I really DO love you guys. 


Living with Landyn Gift Guide For Women

1. Covet Mercer Leather Wallet- First of all, can we just say how much this looks like Chanel. Yet a fraction of the price. The leather is so luxurious and soft. And the embossed detail totally makes it. Plenty of card slots + coin zip pouch and pockets on each interior wall to hold cash and receipts. A definite must have. If giving it as a gift, don't forget to add a few bucks as a symbol of prosperity. Love this one! 
2. Mia 2 Sonic Cleaning System- I get a lot of questions about my skin and skincare products. Well, I feel this plays a huge roll in why my skin looks the way it does. I listened to my mom early on about taking care of my skin and those same things were confirmed by my dermatologist as I got older. Good skin is clean skin. So true and I love this thing. Use it twice a day, everyday. Couldn't live without it. 
3. Initial Pendant- Ok, looking for a gift that they'll love? Of course your are! This simple + delicate initial pendant was a huge hit last year. I gave it as gifts to all the ladies in my life and I'm happy to say they're still wearing them daily. It's also such a great layering piece too. Hence the reason they never take it off. Great price point too! 
4. LuMee Illuminating Phone Case- Say goodbye to the selfie stick and hello to this. Oh you guys.... we all need one of these! My girlfriend has one and when she busted that bad boy out, turned it around and took our selfie.... I was like, OH, I NEED THIS! We all looked perfectly lit and the pictures turned out awesome! Amazing what a little light will do. Such a fun gift to give + get. Comes in a faux marble case too.
5. Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones- These things are saaaaaawweeet. How great is the color combo? I'm pretty much a sucker for white + gold anything. But on a serious note, these headphones are awesome. They are my number one travel essential. Stylish + comfortable and the sound quality is stellar. It's all about that bass. 
6. The Blazer- A blazer is classic, feminine and looks great on all body types. You can pair it with anything, jeans, dresses, ankle pants, skirts. This one fits well and flatters the waist. A blazer is a piece that  every single woman should own and will always be "in style". Blazers are great for work, school functions, or even going out with friends. This is a good one! 
7. USB Tassel- I just think these are super cool. I don't know about you, but I'm always running on 20% battery at all times. So what better way than carrying a ton of cords around with you at all times. It's stylish + chic and functional all at the same time. GREAT gift idea for the tech savvy girl and anyone really. It's saved me on more than one occasion. 
8. Pave Bracelet- When I spotted this bracelet in the display case I thought, WOW that's pretty , but probably waaaay expensive. And to my surprise it was under $100 and look every bit more than that. I went ahead and bought a couple for some special ladies in my life. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning! 
9. Black Glitter Studs- I bought these and absolutely love the little pop they bring to my ear. You can dress them up or down. They give off just enough sparkle, without coming off too young.I think these would make a great gift for any woman. 
10. Mason Travel BagI bought this in black and it's perfect. I have gotten so many compliments. When traveling this bag is a life saver. It holds just about everything you'd need for a weekend trip. That's saying a lot since I'm a horrible packer. It's plenty big. Vegan too. The perfect gift for the traveler in your life! Available in 4 colors. 
11. White Le Creuset with Gold Knob- If you remember last Christmas, Santa brought me the 7 qt and I about DIED and screamed and danced around like an idiot! It's soooooo beautiful and the GOLD knob. It's like Le Creuset made this collection just for me. Listen they are limited edition and go quickly, so don't delay if you really want one or put that hubby on it soon! 
12. White Marble Laptop Case- My sister got me this for my birthday and it's my most absolute favorite thing! I love anything white marble, so why not have my laptop match my kitchen counters too. LOL Not only does it look chic + fresh, it's protective too. Winner, Winner! 
13. Color Blocked Top- I'm a sucker for anything color blocked and when I spotted this monochromatic spin on that I was SOLD. Such a flattering fit and I think it would look great on anyone! And would look pretty fab with that blazer from above over top! Just sayin'. 
14. My Sunnies- These by far are the BEST sunglasses I've ever had. I receive hundreds of messages about them, so here they are! Not only should you scoop up a pair, but I'm certain anyone of the ladies in your life would be ECSTATIC opening these! 
15. Smart Clutch- Smart gift. This was another clever present I gave out last year. It's perfect for that girl on-the-go and they all loved the convenience it brings to the typical clutch. But this years rose gold finish blows last years color choices out of the water. So pretty in person! 



photo | lindsey grace photography

photo | lindsey grace photography

Alright ladies, it is time to get this holiday gift guide series rolling. I am not going to lie, I have had the absolute best time researching and sourcing products for these guides. Best part is, I have been making my husband, in-laws, and parents help me by giving me ideas for the different guides, so basically all the guess work has been taken out of my Christmas shopping this year.  #winningatChristmas One of the number one most requested holiday gift guides this year was,  What to get your husband for Christmas? So, I wanted to start the series off with this guide.  If your husband is anything like mine, he is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for! Because whenever he finds something he likes, he just buys it for himself. a sister out and save some things for ME to buy for YOU! Please. 

Luckily I have found some amazing things for the men in your lives. Either I have given Steve in the past, he uses and loves, or is something that he is actually wanting for Christmas this year.  In fact, I found so many things, that I couldn't include them all on the collage and there are more listed below, so make sure you scroll all the way down.  Guys, it is all Holiday Gift Ideas up in here on Living with Landyn! So get READY! This is just the beginning. 


holiday and christmas gift guide for men helping your find the best gift for your husband for christmas


  1. Nintendo Mini Classic Edition:  This one is at the top of Steve's wishlist this year.  For all of you that had hubby's, boyfriends, brothers that grew up in the 90s, this is the present for you.  It comes pre-loaded with all the classic games and plugs in directly to the TV.  Here is the bad part, it is apparently the hottest item out there this Christmas so be ready to stalk it in order to snag one.
  2. New Balance 574 Sneakers:  Steve actually has these and absolutely LOVES them.  They have the perfect amount of old-school, retro flair without being totally over the top.
  3. Noise Cancelling Headphones:  These are definitely a splurge, but if the man in your life travels alot they are an absolute most.  During pre-season Steve is on the road alot scouting teams and he seriously does not leave home without them.
  4. Charging Cable:  This thing is genius and I am totally getting one for Steve this year.  First off, who is not so annoyed by how short the charging cable that Apple gives you it.  God forbid you want to use your phone while lounging in bed.  Also, isn't it so annoying when the cable constantly gets pulled off the nightstand and your phone goes crashing to the ground.  If any of these things bother you, then this is the product you need.  The knot is weighted so it hold the charger up and on your table or nightstand.  Genius, I tell you!  Best part is, it looks really stylish while doing it.
  5. iPhone Wallet: If you watch my Insta-stories then you might remember me scrambling around looking for a couple of present for Steve's birthday when his main gift didn't get delivered on time.  I ended up getting him a leather iPhone wallet and he absolutely loves it.  This is the perfect gift and I love that you can have it personalized.
  6. Cell Phone Stand:  Okay, this is another one that we are going to have to file under first world problems, but if you have an Apple Watch you know that there is not good way to have it propped up while charging.  This little tool is what every man's nightstand or dresser needs.  You can have your iPhone and Apple Watch charging at the same time and have them propped so you can actually see what is happening on both of them.
  7. Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch:  This little guy does it all and looks pretty cool and sleek while doing it. The watch tracks heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, length and quality of sleep...basically everything.  It is the perfect gift for an exercise minded guy.
  8. Decoy Waterproof Boot:  If you live in a cold weather climate, then you know that a good waterproof boot is a must.  Even if you don't, your honey will still get a ton of use out of them hunting, tailgating, and frankly just running errands in the rain.  I love these because they are really stylish and sleek so they wouldn't look out of place with jeans running around town.  These are waterproof and fleece lined so they will keep those toes dry and toasty. 
  9. iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer:  Steve has one of these and is absolutely obsessed.  He loves being able to sit inside and enjoy a beer while still keeping tabs on what is going on on the grill.  This is also a must if you have a hubby who loves to smoke meats because they don't have to constantly be getting up to check the temp.  All of that information is delivered straight to the app on your phone.  If you have a chef in the house you can definitely not go wrong with this one.
  10. Marshall Portable Speaker: A good portable, Bluetooth speaker is a must and I am loving that this one looks like a little amp.  Perfect for all of my Music City men or anybody that loves or plays guitar. 
  11. Wireless Beats by Dre:  This is another item that is at the top of Steve's wishlist this year. These earbuds are perfect if your honey likes to work out like mine does.  Steve uses They are great for the gym because you don't have to have your phone on you and there are no wires to get in your way while you are working out.
  12. Grilling Tool Set:  This is another one that Steve has and loves.  It is a little pricey, but totally worth the investment because they will last forever.  I especially love the storage case that keeps everything organized and out of the way.
  13. Discipline Pants:  These are hands down Steve's favorite pants.  They are the only sweatpants we have found that don't have an elastic enclosure around the ankle.  They also have zipper pockets so he can carry a set of keys or his phone with him while he is out running around town.
  14. Razor and Brush Stand:  Steve loves an old-fashioned shave and love to use the Art of Shaving Brush.  This great little stand will hold his razor and a shaving brush so that it can sit on the counter to dry and stay clean.
  15. Art of Shaving Starter Kit:  This really is the perfect universal gift for men.  It would be great for husbands, boyfriends, dads, or brothers who have hung on to their hipster beard just a little too long.  It provides all the elements that they need for a perfect shave and includes a travel size brush...which is a GREAT DEAL!