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Alright ladies! Spring Break is upon us. Not exactly sure where you're off to, but if it involves a hotel + sand + warm weather and a refreshing pool, this post is for you! Or maybe you have the luxury of living in a warm climate and just need a little wardrobe edit. Actually, I don't care who you are....it's SPRING and it's the perfect time to add to your closet. It's the season of showing a little leg, wearing bright earrings and tanning those shoulders.



I've been working on this post for a little while now, selfishly at the same time for myself. I have THE best time shopping this time of year. Because if you know me, you know I really love a basics and lots of neutrals. But something comes over me during this time of year that has me craving ALL THE COLOR. I love adding pops here and there. Maybe it's a fun bag, bright shoe or a loud top. 

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Below I combed the internet high + low and curated everything that I'd wear this season and well into Summer. I've pretty much got you covered HEAD TO TOE. Go ahead, treat yourself. There's nothing like ripping the tag off a new shirt and feelin' pretty. So, where are you off to for your Spring Break? We are off to Disney + Universal Studios *parents of the year* actually we love Disney. The setting sail on the Disney Cruise, stopping in the Bahamas. It's gonna be fun! 

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Happy Everything! 











Although our current home is not small (6000 sq ft. ish), it is a downsize from our house before it. Because of that, we really wanted to utilize every room and make the most of the space that we have. The interesting thing about this house is that there is no real entryway, so when you walk through the front door, you walk right into the family/living room. We don’t have a separate formal living room, so I needed this room to be beautiful, but also functional. I wanted it to be a pretty room for when I entertain guest, but also be a cozy place for my family to curl up at the end of the day and watch TV together. 



This room had a lot of expectations riding on it. We developed a floor plan so that I could see how everything would fit before we started doing any work. The first thing we did was look at the layout of the room. The fireplace was original to the house but it had emerald color tile all around the base, which was NOT Living with Landyn. We ended up getting some Ann Sacks tile arranged in a herringbone pattern in all white. I wanted to keep the original fireplace in all the molding details on it, so to freshen it up a bit, we wallpapered the part that extends off the fireplace from ceiling to floor in a textile wallpaper. It is almost like a mens suit, with a herringbone pattern as well. It is a cream color, so yes, I did cream on cream colors, but I wanted to keep the room light and bright. We flanked each side of the fireplace with two chest from Gabby and while I was out shopping for accessories, I came across these beautiful medallions that came off a building in France. The medallions were put on to linen fabric and framed in acrylic. I bought three for one side of the fireplace and three for the other. I love the story that they hold, but unfortunately I don’t think it is something that is available anymore. I got them at Providence Interiors in Nashville. When I walked into the store, I just fell in love with them and I didn’t know exactly where I would put them when I got them but after we got the furniture, I knew they were perfect. The symmetry of the room is very aesthetically pleasing. Underneath the medallions, we just did some simple white books, a chuck of white coral and a couple brass lanterns. That wall is such a focal point when you walk into the room. So even though we don't have a formal entryway, that wall just catches the eye and draws you in. I am so happy with the way it turned out.



The next task was figuring out how do we arrange the seating. Normally Steve and I would cozy up in a big chair and the kids would take the couch. Homegirl Annie was so wise in deciding that we should have two couches that sit lengthwise from the fireplace and anchor them with two really nice size chairs at the end. It is a great look and we put a fun ottoman at the foot of each. My only request was the the ottoman actually be a cushy place you'd want to rest your feet on. There is nothing worse than a big chunky wood coffee table that is pretty, but not something you’d want to put your feet. We also got two benches and put them right up next to each other so that is has the look of a big coffee table. So if you are struggling to find a coffee table you like, try and find two really great benches and make your own! Then just get yourself a nice tray and a few little accessories and a couple of books. You can even change out the accessories seasonally, and who doesn’t love that?




Here is another trick you can steal, the carpet in the living room is actually a Stark Carpet and it is a tight knit wool blend that we had bound and surged on the edges. It is actually carpet that is cut custom to the length and width of the room that we wanted. I learned from Annie that you want your furniture to anchor down on the rug. It is 13x13 which allows those two couches and two chairs to have a place to live right on top of that beautiful rug. It is a white rug and some people shudder with fear at the thought of that, but it really has done us well. It is soft, it cleans up nicely and I am just a sucker for white. Going with a darker color would not have been something I would love has much as I love this white rug. I don’t allow eating in there and I make sure we don’t wear our shoes in the house, so it truly has held up well! It is almost five years old and still looks incredible. 



The back wall where the bookcase currently stands was originally the home of a huge buffet piece that I bought from a consignment store here in Nashville called Clearing House. It was HUGE! It took nine guys to carry it into the house and I had two big lamps on it and some books. I loved it, but it was a little too ornate for me. Once I got into the house and really started to develop my style into what it is now, I realized I wanted something more modern. I had always wanted a floor to ceiling bookshelf and I now had the perfect place to put it! Bookshelves are timeless and had always been something that would grab my eye when looking through a magazine. So I enlisted Mister (Steve’s dad) to help me make it happen. I had seen this IKEA hack on Pinterest and I knew Mister could make it happen. So we bought four Billy bookcases from IKEA and Mister created a stunning bookshelf for us. It is one of my favorite things in this home. Here's the post on all that. We added brass picture lighting and Mister installed electric so they can switch on and off. There is not a ton of lighting in this home, so adding the picture lighting toward the back of the room really added some light in the evenings. I am still working on filling it with white books, which is a task...but I really love it and Mister did an amazing job. I mean. 



We did put one console table behind the couch and a chest. The chest is something fun that I got from Annie. It is acrylic and we stacked books on the floor and set it over top of them. It is a really great piece that adds a modern touch that almost feels like a work of modern art. 



If you have been following me for a while, you know that this is not what the living room looked like when we first moved in! When we moved in, we were just getting back from a vacation in Mexico and I was tan, drunk and happy! HA! Plus I was aboit to move to the South, and I was like...I'm gonna embrace my southern roots. Give me all the color + florals. I proceed to pick out TONS of color. Coral colored ottomans, big floral curtains that looked incredible on a swatch but almost gave me a heart attack when they actually got hung up.  Please tell me you remember that?!?! But I soon realized that I am a plain girlie and I should have stuck with what is in my heart and what works. So I learned my lesson there and now one of rules of design is GET WHAT YOU LOVE! Wake up everyday and look at whatever that item is and love it, otherwise you will regret it. That is my advice to all of you!


Keeping it neutral allows me to switch out pillows and accessories from West Elm HomeGoods + Target and my very own curated home collection with Painted Fox Home. Did you even know I had one? Go check it out! That way I always have a blank palette to work with. Anytime a change of season comes around, it is great to not be tied to a color sofa or paint color that I have to focus all of my decorations around. Getting a neutral sofa would definitely be my recommendation as well as swapping things out for less money, like a throw or pillows or cute accessories. 


I finally got the curtains that I really wanted, which are just white. Simple and white and I got them through Loom Decor. They are fantastic. You can get custom curtains form them in ten to fourteen days. What!? What?!? Yep! Mine are just a pretty white, linen curtain and I was able to use the same brass hardware from the original curtains. All in all, it is clean, simple, sophisticated, chic, modern and one of the best rooms in the house. When I wake up in the morning to go get my coffee, it is just a bright, fresh area and I absolutely love it. 





Over the many years of playing football, Steve had accumulated so many helmets, jerseys, trophies and we just didn’t have enough room in this house for all of it. In our last home, we had a basement and we were able to have everything on display. I was sad to not be able to have the same kind of set up in this home because I am extremely proud of Steve’s accomplishments. He worked so hard for so many years and I love being able to look at the tangible reminders of it. But we had to figure out something different to do in this house. When designing his office, we were able to incorporate some football memories with his everyday life. Turned out pretty cool. 


Steve’s office is right off the front door of the house and for a while it was really just an eyesore. Just like most offices, papers piles up, we would drop packages in there when were on the go. There are no doors in the room so I really wanted it to flow and look as beautifully decorated as the rest of the house. 



Unlike the rest of the house though, the office has a darker look. I like for a mans office to have more of a deeper, masculine feel to it. When we moved into the house, there was already picture frame molding on the walls, but it was painted a green and yellow. I wanted to paint the walls colors that were more my style so we went with Stormy Sky by Benjamin Moore on the walls and Grey Husky for the trim. I also wanted a large wall cabinet that had some built in shelves. My girl Annie Graunke (you already know) from Studio M Interiors helped me pick out the one we have and I just love the modern look it brings to the room. It has a mid century feel with brass handles. If you didn’t know, I am a sucker for brass handles and it is a small detail that is pulled through the entire house. I put sconces on each side that perfectly fit the lines of the picture frame molding on either side of the hutch. Even inside, Steve has kept it organized with all the things he needs, like envelopes, paper, pencils and whatever else men keep. 


The room is smaller so we didn't want to put a huge, bulky desk in there. So we got a smaller, glass top desk, like an architect desk with black legs. The desk sits on a hair on hide rug that is super cool. I kinda fell in love with it and it brings some lighter colors into the room while also adding texture. 


Another thing I love about Steve is that he plays the guitar. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to display his guitars in a functional way. Living in Nashville, it isn’t too hard to find a music store that sells display necks that allow you to easily hang up the guitar on the wall. Not only does it make the guitars look like a work of art, but if Steve ever gets the itch to play, he can just grab it right off the wall and strum away!


In one corner of the office, there is a big wing back chair that is a real dark navy blue with a kidney pillow that is textured. We wanted to use some men's fabrics on the chair. What are men’s fabrics you ask? Men’s fabrics are simply fabrics that you would find men’s suits made out of. They add texture and an added layer to the room.


The light fixture has the same look, style and color wood that the cabinet has. It has a drum shape with candelabras and it is just something that is fun and ties it together as a more masculine room. 


Since the office is at the front of the house and has a big window, we had a privacy shade made that you can see out of, but people cant see into. We matched the color of the shade to the actual paint color on the walls.  Genius. It still lets in a little bit of light when it is lowered because it has a screen like texture to it. The curtains are a heavy velour navy drape with brass rods. I was able to pull a lot of the interior elements that I love into a different style space for Steve. We are thinking about adding some french doors now that he is working from home more, but he really loves this space and is very happy with how it turned out. There is nothing quite as satisfying as putting the FUN in FUNctional! 





Hello Everyone! I have an easy flower arrangement to share with you, as well as a couple tips & tricks for how to create a pretty arrangement using grocery store flowers! I absolutely love fresh cut flowers, and I love having them around the house; nothing will freshen up a room like a bouquet of flowers. With that being said, you don’t always have to spend an insane amount of money to get the same look. Let's face it....they die and don't last forever and you're already at the grocery store. Am I riiight?! You can use pretty much use any type of flower to create something beautiful! I love how clean + modern this arrangement is, and how it brightens up the room as it sits on my breakfast table. Here’s how I created it, and how you can make your own!




Number one: get what you can afford
Number two: if what you can get is the supermarket's finest, like
3 bunches for $12..... go monochrome or go home! 

Single color bouquets are definitely the way to go. Now that you know the simple "rule" on what to buy, here's how to create a gorgeous, professional-looking arrangement, even from a less than impressive options. Don't give up if your grocery store's flower display is not very inspiring! Grab all the flowers in the same color that you can get your hands on. Go home, play around with it and you'll be amazed what a difference a little fluffing and trimming makes. Trust me. 


When you don't have time to be more creative, pump up the impact of a mixed bouquet purchased at the grocery store. Cut the stems really short and arrange them in a low, medium-wide vase. Group flowers of the same color into clusters, rather than just plopping them all the vase, try to create little focal points where your eye will go. One mixed bouquet in a variety of shades can make many one color arrangements. Separate the bouquet into two or three smaller bunches. Which will create several smaller arrangements, group them together or spread them all over your home. Talk about a bang for your buck. 



Grocery store flowers are usually wrapped in some sort of cellophane. When you are picking out your flowers, pull thecellophane down and make sure the leaves on the stems aren’t wilted. Choose at least two different types of flowers. If you are making a big arrangement, go with more of the same. Try to vary the size of the blooms and coordinate the colors. As soon as you get home from the grocery, put the flowers in water immediately. When you are ready to make your arrangement, cut off all the wrappings, ties and rubber bands. Separate the stems and cut off all leaves from the bottom half of each stem. Decide how tall you want the stems and trim each one to approximately the same height. You can tweak this later. Lay the stems out on a work surface so they are easily ready for arranging. 

Fill your container about 1/3 to 1/2 way full with fresh water. Begin with the flower type that has the sturdiest stems. In this case, I began with the hydrangeas, because the tulip stems tend to droop. Before placing each stem in the water, give the end a snip. Once you have all of the first type in the vase, fill in these flowers with your second type. Then mix the flowers evenly throughout your vase.

You may have to remove and snip some stems if they are too long. If you’ve got some that are too short, put them around the outside of the container. The height of your arrangement is a personal choice. I prefer a low arrangement like I said earlier and of course I’m sure there are “flower arranging rules,” but I don’t know what they are and if I did, I wouldn’t follow them anyway. HA! 



Containers are a personal choice. Honestly, I have a basement full of random vases. My container collection is full of many clear glass + white options, some round, some tall, some small and lot's of cubes. That's my favorite to arrange in. I like a low and tight look, something a little more modern and often times in multiples. Sometimes I use mason jars and pitchers.  If you have the room, hang onto a few of your favorites. They will come in handy. Cause once you start arranging from the grocery store, you'll get good at it and will become a regular thing. I mean.....we live at the grocery anyways, might as well come home with something pretty besides eggs and toilet paper. 






I don’t know about you, but in my past homes, the dining room was beautifully decorated, but rarely ever used. I always feel like that is such a waste of a room. So when we moved into the house, the dining room was one of the rooms that we did the most work on. When we bought the house, the dining room had a venetian plaster ceiling, a chair molding around the perimeter of the room, different draping and other details that I just didn't want. I was so excited to be able to redesign this entire space and create a more casual dining room space.




We had some really cool ideas that I knew I wanted to incorporate into this space. One of those ideas was a reclaimed wood ceiling. I loved how it not only adds a unique flair to a room, but it feels like a work of art that doesn't take away any part room.  I have a really great carpenter that has done a lot of work in the house over the years and he is also a very creative. He was so helpful when we were coming up with ideas on how to arrange the wood on the ceiling. We came up with a chevron pattern. My husband and I went to a place here in Nashville called Woodstock Vintage Lumber and it is such a neat place if you ever get an opportunity to go. They have so many different woods salvaged from barns, factories and old buildings on the property. It's so cool. 

The wood for my ceiling came from three different tobacco barns that were originally in Nashville. Some of the wood pieces have a white finish on them and some have grey. The different colorations really make the pattern pop and give a lot of depth to the room. Not only is it beautiful, but it is such a great talking piece whenever we have guest over. This ceiling is my own Sistine Chapel, I love looking up at it. 


The chandelier was the first thing I bought for the home. I was on an airplane to Nashville, coming back to see the house for the second time and I saw the light fixture in a magazine and fell in love. I loved the brass and acrylic (you’ve seen my closet, I still love that combo).  Before we touched anything in the house, I bought that chandelier. I knew I wanted a more relaxed + modern style in the dining room, noting too formal. Most people only use their dining rooms for special occasions like Christmas and Easter, but I wanted my dining room to be a space that was very welcoming if we happen to have a few more guest than our kitchen table can hold. 



Another detail that really gives this room character is the grasscloth wallpaper. It reminds me of a good pair of blue jeans. It has a little bit of a distressed look but it is a great shade of navy. It is Phillip Jeffries and I am so obsessed with it that I put it in my powder room too which you will see later in the home tour!

I wanted a very light and open dining room, so we just got some brass curtain rods with an acrylic accent end to tie in with the chandelier. The curtains (similar) are light and sheer and go all the way to the floor and puddle. They were a custom fabric I ordered through Studio M Interiors



We got a barn wood style farm table that matches with the ceiling. I love the look of slip covered chairs. Having white chairs is a risk when you have kids in the house, but you can just slide the slip off to wash or spot treat. I haven't regretted it one bit. They really give that, hey, come sit down on me kinda feel. Very relaxed and inviting. 


I got an etagere, which is a fancy word for an open wall unit which I keep really simple with a few art sculptures or some books. I have found that TJMaxx and HomeGoods are really great resources for things like that when you are trying to fill a space.


The buffet is a brassy gold color that I think looks great with the rest of the room. The antique mirrors reflect the design of the room and make it feel bigger. I am sure you already knew, but Annie Graunke from Studio M Interiors was a huge help when picking out the larger furniture pieces in the room.

We put two alabaster lamps on either side of the buffet and the really unique centerpiece was something I found in a local consignment store here in Nashville called The Shoppes of Belle Meade across the street from one of my favorite gifts + pape  store, You're Invited. I got it for around $60 which was a total steal. I think it is a really cool piece that draws the eye into the room, but doesn’t overwhelm the view.

On the floor I just have a large looped sisal rug that blends in nicely but adds a touch of comfort.


The dining room is easily one of my favorite rooms. Funny enough, before I had an office, the dining room was where Living With Landyn was born and where I spent most of my time writing post. It was and still is just a nice place to sit and look out the window at the front yard. I love having a dining room that is livable rather than just a room off to the side that is rarely used. I hope you love it too!


Trim + Baseboard color - Velvet White- Porter Paints



Who doesn't love a good kitchen? The kitchen is the most important room in the house. To me, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where everyone gathers, where you enjoy meals and where all of your friends and family end up hanging out. No matter how big a kitchen is, it holds a million different memories, meals and meaningful conversations.


I think choosing materials that make you happy, make your home more inviting and shows the your own personal style. The kitchen is a place that you are in daily and your home is a reflection of you, and I love a clean, white, crisp aesthetic. So when we bought this house, it was important to me to incorporate those elements as we renovated.

One of the reasons we got this home is for the character it had as an older home ( built in 1942), so keeping a lot of the original look and feel was important to me. This is like my Father Of The Bride house, I could see my kids growing up in it, I can actually watch them playing basketball in the driveway out the kitchen window. It is just a house that feels like home inside and out. Out of the nine, yep, NINE homes we've lived in during our 17 years of marriage, this one is my favorite. 

_64A0204 2.jpg

Being able to pull original elements of the house through by updating surrounding features was such a fun task. I am obsessed with the marble top on the island that was original to the home that we added modern touch to by painting the cabinets underneath it and getting the original hardware brass plated. We switched out the light fixtures and added a textured rug and seating. I like adding warm touches of gold throughout the house.



If you read the post about the Hey Landyn Live show in Minnesota, you know that the woman who made it look like a dream was Annie Graunke, my go-to girl! Annie is a partner at Studio M Interiors in Plymouth, Mn. and worked with me on my home in Minnesota and I brought her to Nashville to help me again. Annie helped me decide which larger pieces to pull the trigger on so that I could go and do the smaller decorating myself with accessories from HomeGoods, CB2, World Market and West Elm. You should take a minute and check her out, her 20,000 square foot showroom in Minnesota is unreal! She's an amazing designer and I am so thankful for all of the work she has done for me! 


I wanted to make the kitchen not feel like just a kitchen, but a room to welcome guest in while feeling comfortable but still being functional.  I love my kitchen and I although I wish I could invite all of you over for a meal, I hope that seeing into my home helps you get to know me better and inspires you!






Keeping your diamonds as sparkly as they were on the day you said yes is never an easy task! I mean your ring is something you wear everyday. You shower, cook, sleep and live your life with your engagement ring on. When I first got engaged I cleaned my ring CONSTANTLY in efforts to keep it shiny, but all the store bought cleaners left a weird film or made my diamond look cloudy. So when my jeweler told me about this magic concoction, I was SO thankful.

I do this weekly and have been for 15 years! It works like a charm and my diamond has never shined so bright!   



  • Windex or any glass cleaner
  • a few drops of dish soap, like Dawn
  • soft bristle 'used' toothbrush
  • microwave for one minute 

I keep the above liquids in a glass container with the lid on, under my kitchen sink. I guess you could keep in the bathroom too, but I prefer under the kitchen sink, because the key step here is the microwave. 

** WARNING ** Please be careful when removing solution from the microwave. It is very hot (sometimes bubbly) and will burn your pretty little hands. Trust me, I gave myself a chemical burn once. No fun! 

Also, I recommend to ONLY use on *REAL DIAMONDS + GOLD + PLATINUM* Not sure what this may do to faux jewelry? Let's don't chance it.  




Oh, Jack! Anyone who has a family dog can understand that Jack really is a member of our family. The Hutchinson family is complete with Jack and we just love him so much. He is a English yellow Labrador and got him from a kennel in Oxford, Mississippi called Wild Rose. My husband did two years of research on different breeds + breeders before we actually made the decision on the dog we wanted. He first looked into getting a hunting dog for waterfowl and upland hunting. I grew up with a mutt, named Macy and he grew up with a cocker spaniel named Hershey. We had no previous experience with owning a lab, but if Jack isn't the sweetest family dog, I don't know what is. We are over the moon thrilled with him and his adorable personality, and smart too. 



We had moved around a lot (nine homes), but when we finally settled in Nashville and the kids were the right age to handle the responsibilities of a dog, we decided to pull the trigger. Now that we were ready.....where from was the question? Steve's first choice was Wild Rose . Like most breeders, they allow you to view online and see the upcoming litters, and see what litters they have coming up. You go home with your chosen puppy and then send the puppy back to go through training, kind of like summer camp! So we picked up Jack and brought him home with us when he was about eight weeks old and he stayed with us until he was seven months old. There was a lot of time for love and kisses and time for Jack to become apart of our family before he went back for months of training. We got some rules from the trainer before we took him home so that we could start potty training, place training and general obedience. One thing that was hard for us to NOT give him chew toys or balls as a puppy. I know that sounds cruel and just plain silly, but it was strict orders from our trainer. By giving them things to chew as a puppy it teaches them to be mouthy and chew just about anything, and down the road that may be your shoes or even furniture. The kids and I were DYING to give him all the fun toys. While it was hard and often times I felt he was bored, it worked like a charm. That dog has NEVER put his mouth on anything in our house. We leave shoes out, kids toys etc..never touched it. If they are never given the sensation, they don't seek it out. I'm grateful now. I can't imagine coming home to a mess. The other reason I must mention and true reason behind no toys, is when he's hunting. They want them to gently bring you the bird etc..not manhandle it. But as time has passed, we do allow him a toy from time to time. Steve still wants to not make this a habit. Honestly he's thrilled with a ball daily to play catch. 

Jack is one of the most well behaved, mellow, loving dogs I have ever been around. I know I am a little bias, but he really is a very good dog. He doesn’t jump on guest or go crazy, and he is very good at minding and a joy to have around. There really is nothing worse than an obnoxious pet. Having a well-trained dog was very important to us. We wanted a dog that we thoroughly enjoyed having around and never wanted to feel as though he needed to be put away when people came over. The one bad behavior that Jack has is that he is a licker. Not that it's a bag thing. I mean who doesn't love wet kisses. He is just so loving that I can’t really get mad at him. He's just got to show you at all times how feels about you! 




When we sent jack back for training, he was seven months old and he stayed at training for six months. Yes, that is a long time, but he left a boy and came back a man! He learned obedience training, hunting,  gun training, upland, water, pheasant, and even an adventure training so that he could come with our family when we go camping and hiking. When we picked him up, he was ready to go! We got to visit him a few times during the training so that we could work with him and learn how to train with him.

Of course six months was a crazy long time and the kids were freaked out that Jack wouldn't remember them. But we had a busy summer that flew by, and as soon as we stepped out of the car and started talking, Jacks ears perked right up. It was amazing how much Jack had connected with us in the early months, which is why Wild Rose sends the puppies home with you before starting their training.

Now, with my husbands work schedule, he hasn't been able to take Jack hunting all that often. But this fall Steve will have more free time and will be able to take him hunting a lot more! It is kind of like riding a bike, Jack still remembers and Steve will work with him in the yard to keep his skills sharp. 




Jack gets fed once a day in the afternoon and he will let you know when it is three o'clock. He will sit next to me and get real excited! He eats on command, so he has to wait until we say his name before he can start eating. You could leave him there all day and he wouldn’t touch it. We feed Jack two cups of Purina All Pro Sport. Our breeder recommended it to us and he has done great on it. His weight (52 lbs) has stayed within a healthy range and has a good energy level. We take Jack outside for some activity everyday. Something like a walk or to throw the Chuckit! ball for him, which is great because you can do it for an hour and not throw your shoulder out.  As he gets older and less active we will probably change his food to a lower fat ratio feed, but for now that is what we use.


Not only is he very well trained, but he really is such a sweet dog. He loves being with humans much more than he enjoys being around other dogs, he is just a people person-dog. You guys know, he's never not by my side. But when we do have to kennel him for vacations, we choose Greymont Kennels here in Nashville. They have an awesome van service that comes and picks him up and takes him to the kennel and when his stay is over, they will drive him back to our house. The kennel is about an hour away from our house, so it is so great that we can pay $20 round trip and have them come pick up Jack and bring him back. So worth it to me. Two hours round trip before you're trying to leave town, no thanks! It makes me feel good that he runs out and jumps into the van when they get to our house. He loves it!



Although he is bred as a hunting dog, the kids and I love to dress him up a little when we can. I like to get him seasonal collars through Etsy or get new dog bed for him when the old one tires. While we're talking beds, the one he has is from a great company in California called Jax + Bones. I stumbled onto their site and was IN LOVE. It was a quality, attractive bed I was on the hunt for. Something that matched my home and didn't look like every other dog bed you see at Pet Supermarket. I mean, if it's gotta sit out in the middle of the living room, than a pretty choice is what I was looking for. Aside from matching my interior design style, he LOVES it. I think if he could talk, he'd say so. I know this, because the dog won't get off of it. A complete struggle in the morning and at night to go out before bed. We went with the XL for the prince. Plenty of room, my kids can even get on it with him. I swear it would make a great travel toddler bed. HA! 


Aside from the beds, Jax + Bones also has great rope toys and other goodies for your best friend. Check them out if you haven't already. Jax + Bones loves Jack too and has offered all of my followers a 15% off promo code that's good until March 31 for any order over $50 site wide! Use LANDYN15 at checkout. Here are a few toys that Jack loves from them: knot + peace sign and a summer time fave, this neoprene frisbee



Lucky for us, Jack has only been to the vet for checkups. And we love our vet at Belmont Animal Hospital, Dr. Baker Eadie. They are fantastic! I was kinda anticipating being at the vet's office quite often. I'm sure you've all heard tons of stories about labs eating just about everything in sight. We only had one episode where Lily dropped a baby wipe she had recently wiped ice cream with off her shoe and he scarfed it up like a vacuum and 2.3 seconds. I got worried that it wouldn't be digestible and we'd end up in the emergency room or worse. So I called the emergency ASPCA Poison Control  888-426-4435 for pets, and they were amazing. It did cost me about $65 for an over the phone fee for them to walk me through the steps of getting him to bring that back up. I know it sounds gross, but it saved me thousands of dollars in vet bills. If your pet ever ingest something that you're worried about, here's what they told me to do: Get their food dish, spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on the bottom and pour 3% Hydrogen Peroxide - 1 tsp per 10 lbs body weight of your dog. Then take them immediately outside for a walk to get the contents in their stomach mixing with the peroxide. They should vomit within 15 minutes. Yep, worked like a charm and only took about 4 minutes. Can be repeated once. 


He's so sweet and protective of his family. He will win the hearts of anyone who meets him, even the dry cleaners and UPS man! Everybody loves Jack! How could you not.
What kind of dog do you have? 
Landyn + Jack 



top | skirt | shoes | belt | earrings

As the closet was finishing up and I was watching all the beautiful details come together, I was BEYOND ready to get in there! It was like seeing your Christmas gifts under the tree but not being able to play with them yet.


I was dying to move into my dream closet and sure enough, we were able to start the process the day before Christmas. I mean, talk about a Christmas present! I was so tempted to bring the Christmas tree into the closet and tell everyone we were going to celebrate Christmas in the new closet, it was gorgeous and so exciting. Being able to start moving in was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten.


I love to organize things, and being able to get in there and put things away was such a great feeling. It was like moving into a new kitchen, and for the first time, I finally has a space for everything! Never, in any of my other homes have I had a place for everything. I mean, belts, scarves, sunglasses, shoes, handbags, everything had a shelf or a drawer or a place to be. It was just such a fun process and I think that it is MUCH easier to keep things clean and organized when everything has a place.


benjamin moore classic gray paint | pillows | redo home + design

Since being in my new closet, I love getting ready, I love packing and crazy enough, I even enjoy putting away laundry. I used to HATE putting away laundry, but now I don’t mind anymore. Making pretty choices really does make an impact on your everyday life! Being able to turn the spaces we spend our lives into place of beauty and comfort makes a difference.


It has been a long process and I am so thankful for everyone who has been waiting on this reveal and along for the ride. As you can imagine, even when the main construction is done, all of the small details are still coming together. We were waiting on curtains that needed to be made, rugs that needed to be ordered and all the little accessories that make a room feel complete were still being decided on. But finally everything is finished and I am so excited to share the final reveal with you all!




If you read the first post, you know that our new accessories closets used to be the only closet for both Steve and I before the renovation. Now the accessories closet holds my shoes, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and perfume, as well as Steve’s accessories. He has one side and I have the other. 

We took a leap of faith and ordered these drawer liners from an online company called The Jewelry Tray Factory. Funny enough, they are based in Florida, right next to my old hometown where I grew up. So they gotta be good right? We ordered those and selected the color we wanted, we went with the pearl color. You have to measure exactly the inside of your drawers and within two and a half weeks, they were at our house and fit PERFECTLY.


I was nervous about how they would fit since they are custom and all being done online, but they really did fit like a glove. I love looking into my drawers and not seeing clutter, but all of my things neatly displayed where I can easily grab what I need and put it back without disrupting anything.


shoes | earrings

Attention to detail is one of my favorite things about this closet. Jason backlit everything, making the accessory closet a real show stopper. When I walk into my accessory closet, I feel like I am shopping at a high end store. It's like something out of a movie. I found these two Tibetan wool ottomans with a modern geometric base that add a cozy element while still looking chic.



nail head books | prayer beads (coming soon)

Decorating the island was a bit of a task. It is a huge space to work with, so after a fun trip to ReDo Home and Designs and the help of the girls there, I found some really unique pieces that were just perfect. I love the look of a simple vase with some greenery or a stack of books. I just added a lamp from HomeGoods, decorative mirror and cute jeweled storage boxes on my desk. I got a gold chair from CB2 that is still on its way, but will look so great up next to the desk when it arrives. I’ll be sure to show you all what it looks like when everything comes in!


tray | vases | mirror

The space is so beautiful that it really speaks for itself. I didn’t have to work very hard to decorate it because all of the detailed work on the cabinets + those beautiful Cambria countertops and killer lighting. The whole closet just makes a statement on its own.


vase | ceramic | wood bowl | faux leather books

When it all came together, one of the things that was so surprising and so amazing was that my chandeliers have these acrylic and gold pieces that hang down, and it perfectly matched the acrylic and brass hooks and hardware from Lux HoldUps all over the closet. So when the electrician was installing the chandeliers and the hardware was being installed at the same time, it was like MAGIC. It was definitely the icing on the cake! 

pillows + throw | redo home + design



skirt | top | belt | hat (similar) | earrings


As you can imagine, I am so happy with my new closet. It truly is ALL THE THINGS and I feel so blessed. I love being in there all the time. A lot of people have told me that this is every girls dream, but I couldn't have pulled it off without all of the amazingly talented people who partnered alongside of me. I never want it to seem like I am bragging about this experience. I know that I am blessed and I hope that anyone who has kept up with this process has been able to learn something and potentially apply something you liked from my life to yours. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. 





I get SO many questions about my skincare routine, so in this video, I am going to go over everything I do and use so that you guys can have it for reference.  I have tried lots of different products over the years, and most of the products I am about to tell you about I have used for the last 5 years and absolutely love. 

Of course routine trips to your dermatologist are important as well. Dr. Lorien Sites - Nashville Skin Comprehensive Dermatology Center is my gal pal and my go to for it all...pretty skin, yearly mole checks, Botox and some good 'ol girl talk. Becuase ladies she is ALL. THE. THINGS. She's smart *obviously* and has been so great at helping me simplify my skin care routine. Educating me on what products to invest in and what not to. Taking her advice has made a world of difference in my skin. She's about my age and a mother of two. She just gets it. 

Hope this post answers most of your questions and gives you some insight to my daily skincare routine. Go ahead ladies, put your best face forward! 

KOJI Pads listed above must be purchased through: https://store.nashskin.com/

Nashville Skin Comprehensive Dermatology Center

Lorien Y. Sites, MD