Whether you’re ready or not, it will be here before you know it. College move in. Here we go. Top 10 things to you have to have.

Handheld steamer:

When it comes down to packing everything tight in a tiny little closet, this handheld steamer was a lifesaver for Lily. Not only is this steamer perfect to have on hand when it comes to getting the job done quickly, it’s so easy to use.



A weekly planner is definitely a must. College is so much different than high school whether it’s taking on more responsibility, having a new, different schedule, or finding the balance between social life and school. It’s not just about jotting down assignments and due dates; it’s a lifesaver for balancing commitments and setting goals. Lily found that keeping a weekly planner around helped her balance all the new things in her life.



Tool Box:

THIS! A tool box is not only essential to have on hand during move in, but it was also so helpful for Lily to have throughout the year. Whether she needed to fix a loose screw, measure something out, or even help a friend down the hall.


First Aid Kit:

This bag or any first aid kit is definitely something to keep throughout the year. When it comes to essentials, a first aid kit/medicine bag is at the top of the list. Seasons change, allergies come and go, a headache after a long day is to be expected. Filling a bag like this with all the medicines you might need or buying a first aid kit already packed with necessities will save a trip to the store when you need it most.



Living in a small dorm room where things can get messy and you can’t have a candle, it can be hard to keep things smelling fresh and clean. Lily having a pura was perfect for her to keep the room smelling amazing and she got compliments all. the. time. Lily would be gone for the weekend and remember to turn her pura on while she was heading home was her favorite feature because she would come back to her room smelling amazing.


Shoe Rack:

We all know that there is minimal storage moving into a dorm. This shoe rack was a lifesaver to keep Lily’s shoes organized and out of the way. It’s the perfect storage to slide right in the closet. It’s not an eyesore, it’s not big and in the way, and it will keep things organized.


Led Mirror: 

This mirror is everything amazing and more. It’s the perfect natural lighting for getting ready. Lily loved having this especially since her dorm lighting was not the best.



Laundry Hamper:

A laundry hamper is obviously a must have. This one specifically Lily loved because she could separate her clothes how she wanted. You can remove the inside when it’s laundry day so hauling the whole thing to the laundry room isn’t a hassle.


Extension Cord:

A good quality extension cord is one hundred percent a must have. Lily loved this one to keep next to her bed because there are a ton of plugs, but also she could plug her phone or computer in without a box so it didn’t take up so much room and she could have both plugged in at the same time. It never caused her any problems and held up throughout the entire year.







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June 8, 2023

10 Dorm Essentials


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