A discount code, who doesn’t love one? I mean, it could be $5 off your purchase and I AM THERE. I am thankful that this community has allowed me to partner with some of my favorite brands to give you a little bit off your purchase. Forever 25% off VICI? Can you even? Girl, get the damn shirt.

Don’t forget to use these little happy’s at checkout.






Electric: LANDYN20

ellenJAY Sweets: LANDYN15



Spend $75 receive a free YouthFull Lip Replenisher with code LIPS from June 22- Sept 15.

Spiceology: LANDYN10

VICI: LWL20 Mondays-Saturdays and LWL25 on Sundays


May 29, 2019

Promo Codes


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Kim Rosen

Hi, where do I buy the evil eye necklace you have been wearing? It looks like it is a double strand?


Do you have a Revisions Skincare promo code?

I did have one but only for the month of August, fingers crossed it comes back again!


Do you have a promo code for Evereve? Thank you!

Unfortunately I do not, LOVE them though!

Ashley Haley Smith

Oh I’d love if you ever get one from them!! The BEST!


I was thinking that a while back you mentioned one of the stores that gives a “landyn” discount carried Spanx? Am i right on this one?

Karen Erickson

Hey Landyn! Do you have a code for Revision Skin Care? I’m ready to try the tinted moisturizer!

Gina Nichols

Where were the Sam Edelman Jennifer Studded combat boots on sale. I saw it in your stories and I can’t remember what store had them on sale? Thanks

Christian Franklin

Sole Society code??

Elizabeth Cuccias

Hi! is there still a revision code till the end of the year (2019) spend 100 get a clay mask?

Yes! Here is all the info you need!

Link: https://revisionskincare.com/pages/lwl

+ Enter “LWLBM” in the cart with purchases of $100 or more before tax and shipping will have it added their cart automatically and then in the checkout it will drop to $0
+ The offer will expire on 12.31.19 at 11:59pm

Go get that black mask girl!

Elizabeth Cuccias

Thank you so much!!


Oh shoot- I missed this with the holidays being so busy! Do you think they’ll partner with a new code/offer in 2020? I have a cart full of items, but would love a promo deal to get me over the hump to make that first purchase!

More to come in 2020! Stay tuned!

Amy Schmidt

The Revisions code ended in December for the free mask – do you know if that will perhaps continue? Thank you.

Amy Schmidt

Never mind, just read some comments down the thread and found my answer. Will continue to look for a new promotion. Thank you.

Hi Amy! The new Revision code is Free Living with Landyn Favorites Sample Set with Purchase of $75 or more with code “FAV” in cart until Feb 16. Sample set includes: Brightening Facial Wash, Nectifirm, Intellishade Original, Intellishade Matte, and DEJ Eye Cream Samples. Happy shopping!


What was the promo code for the oxy power pills???

Use the code LANDYN for 10% off!

kim wodstrchill

Good Morning! Fingers crossed you have a Revolve code..


Whitney Ruth

Hi! I’m confused on the Vici code…in the written text above it reads “Forever 25% off Vici” but below that, Vici is listed with a promo code “LWL20.”
Is the discount 20 or 25% off?
Thanks for clarifying!

Hi Whitney! The code is LWL20 Mon-Sat and LWL25 on Sundays.Happy shopping!


Would love a Revision code! Is there a regular one?

Patti Bjorneby

Was there a recent “free gift with purchase” from Revision? Code needed? Thanks dear!!

Yes! Use the code NECK on any purchase over $100 to receive a free gift! https://revisionskincare.com/pages/lwl


Do you have a code for Living Proof currently?

We’re working on it!


What are the facial razors you use for at home face shavings you do?


Does Landyn still have a Traeger Grills promo code?

Laurie Sergeeff

The promo code “NECK” is not working on your link?


Is the promo code NECK for revision still good, it doesn’t seem to be working.


Do you have a code for the Living proof dry shampoo today?

Shelley Flood

Any discount code for a Revisions order or one coming soon?


Is there a promo code for Melanie Auld? Thank you!


I ordered the Oxy Powder with LANDYN today and got 15% in lieu of the 10% nice surprise. Maybe because it’s a first time order…..

It’s a special from the podcast! ENJOY!

Polly Johnson

LIPS doesn’t seem to be working on Revision…I had $150 in cart and it says it isn’t valid for the items in my cart. (I got matte and original intellishade.)

It should be working now–any luck?

Polly Johnson

It just did!


Any new Revision promo codes for Labor Day? About to drop $300 :)))!

Awesome! Yes! Spend $75 receive a free YouthFull Lip Replenisher with code LIPS through Sept 15: https://revisionskincare.com/pages/lwl

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