It’s been a crazy couple of months or a year for that matter in Landy Land. Between the new website (don’t you just love it?!), writing the book, getting ready to open the store and everything else…you name it, we’re doing it. So, after one of my amazing followers, MaryJo of Port2Palm (check her out on the gram) reached out to me about visiting her home in Charleston one day with my family. I thought to myself, wow this sweet woman is extremely generous to offer such a thing. From the second I saw it, I was IN LOVE. Wow, just wow. If you followed my Instagram stories you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Trying to find a time with the family was tricky. It seemed every free moment was booked with all sorts of end-of-the year events. I started thinking, I’d really like to take my team on a little getaway. I ran it past MaryJo and she said, ABSOLUTELY, bring the girls! A few emails, 6 airline tickets booked, reservations for dinner, research on cute spots in Charleston, welcome bag shopping for my girls and a few out-of-office replies later. We had our first ever LWL Team Retreat booked!

golden goose pool float

Anne Claire and I arrived Monday afternoon, everyone else arrived to the house on Tuesday. That gave us time to unbox all the goodies I had shipped and get things set up and ready for the girls arrival. It was love at first sight. I think we walked through the house with our mouths wide open, taking in every gorgeous detail. It was perfectly decorated in every shade of white. Everything was so well thought out. So incredibly inviting and smelled like heaven. I don’t think I’ve stayed at a place this perfect. It was so me.

Not only did MaryJo open up her beautiful home, she welcomed us like a best friend would. Fresh cupcakes, an enormous bowl on the table overflowing with the latest magazines, my favorites snacks, fresh fruit, bottles upon bottle of rose, even down to the gum I like. It was insane. Then on the kitchen island was the most perfect over sized arrangement of white flowers and the sweetest note. I could have cried. I pretty sure I did. I knew from that moment that MaryJo and I were kindred spirits. There is nothing that gives me more joy than doing for others. I can’t imagine the fun she had getting everything ready. It was all absolute perfection. Every last detail and let me just say, it did not go unnoticed. I’ll never forget that warm welcome.

Anne Claire and I got it all together, poured ourselves a glass of wine and slept like babies that first night. In the morning there was yet another MaryJo surprise. Breakfast, and not just any breakfast… the kind where the cutest women delivers it too you and it’s all homemade. (Insert tears again) It was all so perfect. Her name is Melissa and her business is called The Blue Root, check her out here. She’s just as cute as she can be and can cook and bake like no other. Everything from meal kits, gift boxes upon arrival and catering for all sorts of events. She’s the one to call if ever you’re in Isle Of The Palms, SC. And let me just say, her homemade zucchini bread with lavender butter is what dreams are made of. Maybe she ships? Gosh, I hope so. I’ll be needing that again real soon. OMG!

From there, we counted down the hours until the girls arrived from the airport, so when that knock came on the door, I welcomed them the best way possible…with open arms+ the cutest Frosé packs (think Capri Sun for adults) that were delivered to us from the coolest little shop called The Co-Op! on Sullivan’s Island. Not only did he bring us the best frozen cocktails, but some of the best sandwiches I have had. If you go, get the chicken salad, cowboy chicken or the tuna salad sandwiches..oh and the BBQ chips!

Before we went, I decided to have some fun and gather some surprises to have waiting for each of the girls on their bed. It probably my favorite thing to do. I seriously have the best time finding all the things. It started with these clear totes + grey stripped towels from Target, then these pretty blush water bottles and the best custom tattoos from my girls at Love + Lion – Leah and Jenni are just the most fun to work with and came up with this funny tat…” I love my Boss” (use LANDYN for 20% off off your order). And probably the BEST was Revision Skincare wanted to gift all my girls with my favorite skincare products. Talk about a goodie bag! And before you know it I had a theme. From face masks to the most delicious custom made cookies from my girls at EllenJay Sweets (P.S. no event should be without these dang cookies, so beautifully decorated and taste like heaven LANDYN15 if you order) it was my way of saying thank you for all the hard work, now pamper yourself and relax before things get wild around here!


After swimming and getting our tan….. and jumping off of roofs (yes we had permission + yes it was scary fun)…we decided to head to Isle of Palms downtown area to eat. We decided on Papis Taqueria for some many reasons. 1. Anne Claire and I stumbled upon it the night before and it was…INSANELY good! You know those meals you have that are so fresh and the drinks so good? This is the place. From the frozen margs to the chicken nachos- you can’t go wrong. Crazy enough we ended up eating there 4 times in three days! HA!

From there, we had what was probably a high-light of the trip, The Dinghy which is a little dive bar on the island. You know the locals place, well drinks and a whole cast of characters. Talk about a good time. That’s where team Landyn debuted our new band. HA! Totally kidding, but we did get on stage and sing and dance.  After finding out that we were from Nashville, Dave decided to let Taylor up on the mic. Guitar in had, she played one of her latest singles, Universe. It was amazing. If you don’t know who she is, check her out here. I’m like a proud mama. LWL is only a side hustle, she will soon be big star and we’ll be at her concert singing at the top of our lungs. We danced, we laughed, and honestly had one of the best nights. . Don’t you love those nights? The ones where you swear you will wake up with abs from laughing so hard. Sadly, that did not happen…but hey…a girl can dream.

Friday was a day filled with Charleston, and let me just say this city is the beautiful. We started with lunch at The Palmetto Cafe where we had the most incredible salads (try their crab or caesar), along with soups + bread + butter of many colors (yes you read me right, this was a square of butter with olives, then roasted tomato, then pesto aka layers of goodness). We were stuffed, so our next thought? Why not walk around and see downtown. We found some cute shops and beautiful architecture. I’ve never been and I must go back. So much to see and eat!

We ended up landing at Skinny Dip, which was the best decision. We had the sweetest guys ever serving us (s/o to Sean and Tanner, make sure to ask for them + tell them Landyn sent ya), delicious frosé on tap. The highlight was meeting a few of you.  A huge thank you to all of you who stopped in and said hello! I always love being able to put a face to the ladies behind the screens, and you were all just the sweetest. After that, I got inspired or maybe had a few too many cocktails HA!, so we did an impromptu “insta-live” and talk about fun.

After all the fun, we had the best BBQ waiting us upon our arrival. Yes, you know me well enough to know, if there is a Martin’s…I’m IN! Hands down the best BBQ. They just opened a new one in Charleston, so people…you must go! If you haven’t had the chance to have it here in Nashville, drop everything, don’t cook for the family tonight, and get it. It is so good, trust me.

After chowing down, we decided that instead of going out and about, we wanted a lay low night, so we all hung by the pool with a glass of wine and talked about some fun new ideas + sang our hearts out to some Dixie Chicks. I mean, who doesn’t love themselves some Dixie Chicks?!  Friday was a day filled with leisure and well more leisure. We all got up, did some work with our coffee, and then decided it was going to be a day to lay in the sun before we had to catch our flight. 

We had so many recommendations from locals, along with so many of you reaching out telling us all the good places, but sadly we couldn’t visit them all…not that I needed a reason to come back, but I will return. I must. Here were a few night-life recommendations and places to be seen sipping a cocktail. But the Bea’s Nest for this old girl was perfect, and probably the reason we didn’t stray too far. Do you blame us?

  • Citrus Club
  • Republic
  • Bennett Hotel
  • Dispensary
  • Recovery Room
  • Cocktail Club
  • The Gin Joint
  • Public House
  • Mint




Alright, this house could have an entire blog post on it’s own because it is really is just that amazing…or as I like to say it was the bee’s knees. I could have stayed in this place forever…and honestly, we did everything in our power to stay. Even our plane must have felt the same way. After being delayed multiple times. Don’t tempt us Southwest..we for sure would never have left. We even planned telling a white Lie to our families just to stay one more night. Don’t judge…you would have too. Ha!

Now, let me just warn you, if you stay here, you will never want to leave.  I mean, talk about a house made for Living with Landyn. It was everything and more. But the best thing was the friendship that was born with MaryJo. Her kindness and heart is like none other. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to stay in her home, have a team to take on a trip like this and for the memories. Just Incredible.



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May 30, 2019

Charleston Recap


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So inspiring to get my summer house in shape. Its been 10 yrs this summer and its a shit show of mix n match crappy leftover furniture. Lol. The bag is what i was searching for. My daughter is having a baby shower n i wanted to do a fun hospital bag and add all her favorites.


Well I’m ready to go visit after reading & seeing all the fun!! Where can I purchase the palm leaf in the goody bag??? Thanks 💓🌸


So inspired to do a girls trip with my mom, sister-in-laws and nieces now! Thank you for all the fun suggestions and inspirations. Also, I have enjoyed following MaryJo since this trip. She’s a doll like you Landyn!

Reply to  Rebecca

GIRL. This made my day! Thank you Rebecca!


Your black swimsuit you wore on the first day. Where is it from?

Reply to  Haley

Hey girl!

It should be this one:

this just in

this Just in

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