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Do you guys remember a few weeks back when I was yammering on about how you guys had to follow me on Pinterest and pin away as much as you could? Which if you aren’t, you totally should. I have a ton of fun over there! And do you remember how I said it was a BIG secret, but a few of you would be very happy that you did? Well, TODAY is the day I get to reveal the big secret.  I have partnered with Marshalls for their Pin Pals program and got to choose three of my busiest pinners to send a special surprise delivery to. You girls know I LOVE Marshalls more than any one, and one of the things I LOVE the most about them, is that there are literally surprises on every. single. aisle, every time I go. I was absolutely thrilled to share some of these surprises with my new Pin Pals.

photos/lindsey grace photography

Here’s the deal. I never went to spend the night camp or had a special pen pal in some far flung locale in elementary school, so this was such a fun way to live out a little piece of childhood I missed out on. I studied my three Pin Pals boards as hard as a I could and headed out to Marshalls with three gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. You know I love a good deal and I love the hunt, so I was confident that I could really stretch that money and get my new friends some things they would love. Marshalls‘ promise is to surprise and delight its customers and I had no doubt that it would be able to deliver on that promise. So are you dying to see what all I found?

Ok, here’s a little of what was going through my mind while shopping for each one of my new buddies…..


I really loved going through her OUTFITS board. Her style was a lot like mine, which made this even more fun. This girl loves a stripe. So, when I spotted this black + grey poncho I knew she’d LOVE it and it is so perfect given the climate she lives in. As a matter of fact I snagged one for myself too. How could I pass that up? Then I rounded the handbag aisle and there it was…..this charcoal grey crossbody. It was like it was waiting for her. In the cart it went. From her Pinterest boards she seems like a busy gal on-the-go, and what better for someone like that then this charger tassel keychain. Who knew!? The surprises at Marshalls are endless. Seriously, you never know what you’re gonna find. This part was all me, but what girl doesn’t love a good note pad, I can’t live without three in my house at all times. And these were just her colors! Lastly, I threw in one of my favorites, that Pumpkin Spice candle I went on and on about. I swear, I could stand in that aisle all day. The variety of name brand scents always blows my mind. Never buy your candles from anywhere else.


The first thing I noticed when scrolling through her boards was that she LOVED to bake and cook. So off to the kitchen and food aisles I went. Which is also one of my favorite sections to explore. I spotted this grey + white striped apron, and may or may not have given out a little scream of pure joy. It was PERFECT. Such a classic kitchen must have. Then from across the way these metallic sponges jumped out at me. METALLIC SPONGES……my gosh, YES!!! She had to have those. She also pinned at ton of reclaimed wood, this Cheers sign just seemed so her. Next I added a bundle of grey + white dish towels to the mix. I still had some money to spend and remembered to peek back at her MY STYLE board. I saw there, that she too was a stripe lover. Perfect, because this grey and white sweater wrap went so well with everything else I picked for her. Remember, I’m all about a theme.


Now, this one was really fun to shop for. It was like I was looking at my own Pinterest page. She was a LOVER of everything gold + white + grey. Her style board was made up of mostly my outfit post, so I knew if I loved it, she’d love it. I went back to the handbag aisle. I remembered seeing that same crossbody bag in this beautiful neutral color and I wanted her to have that. I’m kinda obsessing over these lately if you can’t tell. I then made my way to the beauty section. It’s not to  be missed. And there it was ‘my’ GOLD comb. In the cart it went. Everyone needs one of these. It’s pretty much my favorite thing. Her HOME board stood out to me as well, off I went to home decor section of the store, and the first place I go when I get to Marshalls. I’m not kidding, If you flip over most accessories in my house, they’ll have a Marshalls sticker that reads $9.99. I’m guessing you can imagine my face when I spotted these chunky MARBLE + GOLD book ends. DYING. DYING. I hope she freaks like I did when she opens this box!

Shopping was fun, I AWLAYS love doing that, but being able to SURPRISE three of you was so cool! Laying it out and packing it up was like Christmas to me. I’m a giver and things like this bring me pure joy. Then a little hand written note to finish things off and on to the post office I went. I’m SO anxious to see what they think about this fun little surprise. The only thing that would have been better is being able to hand deliver it to their door! All Ed McMahon Style!

If you want to find more inspiration from me and from Marshalls, you can follow us both on Pinterest here and here. Be sure to follow the Marshalls Pin Pals Pinterest board, you never know when you’ll find a #MarshallsSurprise!

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This post was sponsored by Marshalls. Thank you for supporting ME and brands that make Living With Landyn posts like this possible.

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October 28, 2016



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So fun! Landyn, can you tell me where you got your watch in this post?

I wish I had won!! I’d love for you to go shopping for me 😂

Hallie Sawyer

This is such a great idea and a fun way to engage with your followers. Brava to you and Marshalls!


What brand is the pumpkin spice candle you are raving about?

Lauren C.

Who’s the designer for the crossbodys?

I definitely still recommend a Sentaler coat! They are Alpaca and a Canadian company. Unfortunately when the royals were on their Canadian tour recently, Kate wore one; so now they are more popular. They are completely your style, and gorgeous….and in Canadian dollars, so very adventagous to you guys in the USA.

Thank-you so much for picking me as your "pin pal"! I am #2! I love everything you picked for me! Love you blog…your style, your recipes, and how you decorate! Thank- you so much! And a big thanks to Marshalls as well!

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