So, most of your gifts are bought and now they need to be wrapped. Some of you may LOVE this, like me and many of you may not. Don’t feel overwhelmed. I know the gift closet is overflowing, but take a deep breath, grab your tape + scissors and let’s make Martha Stewart drool.

Ok, first things first. Do you have a theme? You may be asking yourself, do I need one? Yes, I think you do. To me, a theme is as good as a plan. It’s how I do most everything in my life. Back in early November I saw some plaid wrapping paper {gold + cream + grey and black} at Marshalls and I was instantly inspired. *side note, they and Homegoods have the best paper, most rolls are $2.99* It actually set the tone for my tree decor and all. Just by seeing that paper I built my theme and continued to add to it as the weeks went by. I was then on the lookout for gold + grey toned paper, tags and toppers. No matter if your theme is red & green or purple & blue, stay with the  theme. It will help tremendously and keeps you from buying what you don’t need. Cause who needs another roll of candy cane striped paper. I know, it’s cute……just put it down and keep moving. Unless of course candy canes is your theme.

One you’ve collected your supplies, I like to lay it all out and see what I’m working with. The beautiful thing about sticking to a color theme is that most of it should work with one another and all create a really pretty color palette. Same thing applies to your ribbon. Keep it in the same color family and just choose different widths and textures. One of my favorites to use is bakers twine. I love how it adds a homemade touch, especially when wrapped with chalkboard paper or recycled brown paper. Also in your travels keep your eyes open for ornaments and letters of the alphabet to top your packages. It’s always fun to add a little something on top. It’s almost like two gifts in one, giving them something for the tree next year. Awww, aren’t you sweet.








Here are some other creative ways to wrap up your gifts! 


1. Add fresh greens to your packages. 

2. Dress up kraft paper with different color washi tape in horizontal and vertical stripes to mimic ribbon. 

3. Top your package with a cookie cutter and attach your favorite cookie recipe to the box. 

4. Wrap your gifts in white butcher paper and select a cute stamp to decorate the plain paper. This one is fun for the kiddos. 

5. Use chalkboard paper to wrap, then address the To: and From: with chalk pencils. 

6. Use faux wired boxwood, found at the craft s
tore to make wreaths. That’s a simple and darling idea that adds a pop of green to your box. 

7. Attach small toys or crayons to otherwise plain packages. This comes in handy when you need to occupy the little ones before the frenzy. 

8. Grab some old newspaper and wrap it up. It’s eye catching and earth friendly. 

9. Colored tape on white boxes in equals instant wrapping. 

10. Personalize your plain paper with stick on gold foiled letters. 


One last idea that is really fun and efficient, throw a WRAPPING PARTY with your girls. Just ask each person to bring a roll of wrapping paper + ribbon. You supply the wine + appetizers + tape and scissors. Cause who doesn’t need a GNI {Girls Night In} Imagine all the laughter and what you’d get done in a night!


Just think… once you’re DONE, you’ll be laughing just like me! HA HA! Take that Christmas!


December 12, 2016



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