Alright ladies, if your New Year’s Eve plans involve anything from sitting on the couch in your jammies ringing in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest to completely raging all the way into 2017, I have you covered in this post. Here in Nashville we drop the music notes and Broadway turns into an absolute madhouse. I am so excited because we got invited to an exiting party, Jack Daniels Music City Midnight: New Years Eve in Nashville that the Convention and Visitors Bureau hosts each year, so the hubby and I are going ALL OUT this year.  It is a concert…with Keith Urban headlining! Plus a fun backstage VIP party tent with a great view of The Music Note Drop. Before you get too jealous though, I have spent MANY years ringing in the New Year in my jammies, sometimes even alone during Steve’s playing years, so I can dress you for any occasion. I actually hit up the mall last night looking for some fun options to wear on New Year’s Eve and I want to share some of my favorites with you guys below.


Like I said above, their ain’t no shame in the staying home game for New Year’s Eve. There have been MANY years when I have just thought that it wasn’t worth the effort, energy and expense to get all dolled up for the occasion. So, if I was staying at home for New Year’s Eve this year, you would totally find me in some of these comfy-cozy’s.


Maybe just maybe the kids are at grandmas, or maybe you don’t have any yet, well 2017 seems like the right time to try! Here are some pretties to ring in the New Year with a bang! And don’t forget some of these work wonders under a blazer, giving you just the right amount of sexy.


So you are hosting the NYE festivities this year? Good for you! When my kids were younger I can remember the stress (and outrageous cost) of trying to find a sitter on New Year’s Eve. Ladies, these are the years when either hosting the party for all your friends and their kiddos or heading over to a friend’s house with family in tow is the most fun you can handle on a New Year’s Eve.  I TOTALLY get it. #itdoesgeteasier #pinkiepromise So you’re more than likely in the market for a cute top that maybe doesn’t have spit-up or snot on it. Don’t worry mama, I’ve got you covered. All of these pair perfectly with you favorite dark wash or black denim.


Some years all the cards align like they did for me this year and you get the opportunity to get all dolled up and go out and do something fun. YASSSSS!  It really is fun to have something exciting to look forward to and an excuse to get dressed up and go out to party.  I saw SO many cute things that I loved while I was out.  I am really having a hard time deciding what I am going to wear. But I have major crushes on all of these!


Chances are you own a LBD (little black dress) and you’re on the hunt for some new jewelry to take it up a notch and make it feel new again. I hear ya. Jewelry is the easiest way to transform any outfit. Here’s a few things to remember. If it has a high neck line, just add a great earring and skip the necklace. But maybe it’s got a plunging neckline, so a killer necklace would be the answer. Then of course my all-time favorite statement piece…. the cuff.


You know I LOVE ME SOME VICI. Seriously, if you haven’t heard me talk about this online boutique, then you haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said. They are my one of my go-to’s and always have the greatest stuff. Often times I see the same piece in my local boutiques for double the price. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m so glad they do! Thank you Vici for passing the savings on to your girls! You’ve GOT to check them out. They have a ton of merchandise, but here are a few great ones for NYE! Remember that KILLER black dress I have? Yep, VICI. And here’s a little treat for ya LANDYN20 at checkout for 20% OFF your entire purchase. P.S. Don’t miss a thing and follow them on Instagram @vicidolls


December 29, 2016



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I purchased the tank from Vici POP FIXX CLINK..It will look good on my couch or out and about!


My friends sister started thimblepress!! glad to see her push pop confetti on your list! they are so fun!!

Something tells me you like the color black 😉

Love that long Vici dress you’re wearing outside! TOO cute.

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