Today I’m sharing my love for the tote bag. Ahhhh, the beloved tote. Probably the most important bag in my closet. It certainly gets more milage than that cool clutch or weekend cross-body. For me the BIGGER the better. Yes, traditionally they lack pockets, multiple zip pouches and dividers. But let’s be honest. I’m usually the one left holding everyone’s stuff, like empty snack wrappers + sweaty baseball gloves + my husbands sunglasses, or a toy they’re done playing with. Who’s got time for organization anyhow? Not this momma. We’ll  just leave that to the good ol’ traditional shoulder bag.

A tote matches my on-the-go lifestyle. After all, if you’re going to be carrying it all over town, it better be damn cute. It’s an extension of your wardrobe. I could be a hot mess {most times I am. Running all over Nashville in my dried sweat from earlier} BUT, if the bag is great, well then, that’s a hall pass! Plus, I love the way I feel when carrying it. Super CHIC + appearing to be KILLIN’ life. Almost like I’ve got it together. HA, HA!! Not so much, but I enjoy looking the part!

So, here you go in true LWL fashion, I’ve picked my favorites, and they’re all under $100. Because let’s be honest….I’ll probably pull the trigger on two or three of these before summer’s over.



 Street Level Faux Leather Pocket Tote  $48   Street Level Faux Leather Pocket Tote  $48 Remi + Reid 'Ava' Tote $95 Remi + Reid ‘Ava’ Tote $95 Sole Society 'Karra' Tote $59.95 Sole Society ‘Karra’ Tote $59.95 Women's Medallion Tote $39.99 Women’s Medallion Tote $39.99 Street Level Black Fringe Tote $56 Street Level Black Fringe Tote $56 Phase 3 Faux Leather Tote $98 Phase 3 Faux Leather Tote $98 Perforated Gold Tote $39.99 Perforated Gold Tote $39.99 Sole Society 'Hathaway Sole Society ‘Hathaway” Tote $59.95

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April 11, 2016



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