I always wanted a Meyer Lemon tree and now I have one. Yay me! There’s just something about growing my own lemons, seeing as I’m a diehard LEMON LOVER. It just seemed fitting to have one of our own. Now, if I don’t kill it + remember to fertilize + don’t over water AND bring it indoors during the winter. (sounds like WORK. But, I’m going to give it a try.) Hopefully, I’ll be making lemonade in no time! Actually, make that Vodka + Soda with extra lemon. Ha!

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Now you’re probably wondering where I picked that little guy up? I was at my local Home Depot just gathering my other planting material and I stumbled onto him. You should’ve heard my EXCITEMENT!! It was like I won the Little Lemon Lottery, if there ever was such a thing. They are $39.99 and are about 1 year old. Here’s the link to get yours, or at least know what to ask for when you go. Below are my favorite ALL WHITE pots for him to live.

I’ll be sure to check back in and let you know how he’s doing, or if I killed him. Geez, I sure hope not. I’m kinda attached.

I’m guessing I should name him now. Hmmmmm? Taking suggestions.


Grid Planter

Ridged Stone Planter

Galvanized Gloss Planter

Cape Cod Planter

May 4, 2016



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After your post I ran out to get one of my own. I just love it! I can’t wait to see how it does this summer. If I actually grow a lemon I might scream!! Still need to replant her so thanks for the potting ideas 👍


YAY!! It’s gonna be fun, IF we can do it! HA! Here’s to bearing some fruit!


What is the fertilizer/ liquid you put in your fiddle leaf tree?

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