Just one more genius way to use coconut oil in your beauty routine. Coconut oil has been causing quite a stir in the beauty world for quite sometime. It’s one of the most versatile natural beauty products out there. Apparently, you can use it as under eye cream, makeup remover, frizz tamer, even shaving cream — and that’s just the beginning. I have a
girlfriend that uses it for something else, but that’s a whole other blog post. He He.


Question is….is it as good as those fancy high priced shaving creams? Ummmmm, yeah it is. Well, I’m a hug fan of trying out food products for beauty. So this just seemed natural to give coconut oil a try. And the fact that my sister had some in her shower last time I was home and I thought, I’m trying this. So I did, and it was probably the BEST shave to date. Coconut oil isn’t just better than shaving cream it’s way better. It was one of the closest, smoothest shaves I’ve ever had. The coconut oil didn’t gunk up my blade like my shaving creams usually does + my legs were smooth like a babies butt + the smell had me thinking I was on some tropical vacation. I never thought it was possible for something to moisturize your skin during the shaving process — it’s seriously GENIUS. You’ve got to try it. WOW.


Don’t be alarmed by the texture of coconut oil. It starts out solid, but on contact it turns to liquid. A little goes a long way too. Unlike slathering endless dollops of shaving cream onto your legs, and watching it slide off and down the drain. Plus you only need about a teaspoon of coconut oil per leg. Once you’ve applied it to your legs, I highly recommend rinsing your hands before picking up your razor, that could be the beginnings of a horror film. Also, make sure it’s your last step in the shower. You wouldn’t want to run your oily fingers through that freshly washed mane.

I particularly like the Trader Joe’s Brand or the 365 Brand from Whole Foods. Those are the ones I cook with and tested out first. Only to find that I shouldn’t have glass in the shower. I opted for the Lou Ana brand in a plastic container.
Works just the same, only it’s non scented and I kinda miss that coconut aroma. Maybe I could
transfer it into a cute plastic container? I may just do that.


Coconut oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It’s especially helpful if you’re prone to razor burn

Coconut oil is safe for your body and the environment

Coconut oil is affordable

Coconut oil doubles as a moisturizer. It’s a time saver. Your legs are ready to go, right from the shower

Coconut oil smells amazing 

Well, I’d love to know what you think if you decide to try it. Or maybe I’m late to this leg shaving game and you should be telling me a thing or two. But if you’re a coconut oil rookie, pick some up and try it next time you shave.
I can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked.


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June 15, 2016



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I accidently msg’d you privately.. oops!
I have been using coconut oil as a makeup remover.. fabulous!
My eyelids were becoming very dry due to using a primer before applying my eyeshadow… and now after using the coconut oil it relieved the dryness all together….
I will have to give it a try with shaving now…
thanks for the post… Love your Blog!

Trying this tonight!


Definitely gonna give this a try – I use coconut oil after I shower as a moisturizer and love it. Thanks for the tip! Now to try and find a good razor.


I absolutely love coconut oil! I buy the enormous jar from Costco and have little containers everywhere. I shave with it, moisturize with it, use it as a coffee creamer, and have even been oil pulling to whiten my teeth 🙂 it’s an addiction😀


I can totally see that! I’m in! xx


I just started "dry brushing" before my shower and that has helped me to get a closer shave. Can’t wait to incorporate some coconut oil to my routine, too! Thanks!


Yes, let me know! I’ve never done that. Xx


Love this idea doing tonight. Love your blog.

Reply to  Lakeisha

Love you girl! Let me know!


Doesn’t this collect in the drain and cause build-up? My husband fears it will and doesn’t want me to use in the shower. Hopefully he is wrong!!!

Reply to  Deanne

Nope. I only use a little bit and it soaks right into my skin. I haven’t had a problem. Hopefully I don’t. He would kill me! HA!


Definitely going to try thanks so much for sharing ❤️


I can only imagine this with dry brushing is great! My skin has changed with doing it before the shower.

I oil pull with coconut oil also for my teeth!

Reply to  Laura!!

I heard that! Never tried. Hmmmmm? Seriously, the BEST shave. My husband is a fan too. Xx

Love Love Love this – I used it this week and it’s amazing. I’m stealing it for my blog post tomorrow….i’ll give you all the Cred!

If it doesn’t smell like coconut, it’s not necessarily the brand, it’s because it’s expeller pressed. That’s handy to know when. You want to cook with it & don’t want all your food tasting like a Hawaiian vacation! 😉 Expeller Pressed = no coconut smell nor taste.


Can I ask why you can’t have glass in the shower?

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