No one loves football more than me. It’s been a part of my life for so long. As a matter of fact, if I was to count… I’ve attended roughly 200+ games over my husbands career, not including high school or college. Yes, this love affair goes back to 8th grade, and I’m super proud of WIN! So, when it comes to Game Day Fashion, I know my stuff. And man, over those 24 years I could have given out a lot of penalties in the style department. Especially for the amount of pink sports wear I’ve seen, and I’m not talking about during the month of October or anything related to Breast Cancer Awareness. That I LOVE, and PROUDLY SUPPORT. It’s the Barbie colored pink jerseys + hats and gear that kills me. Ladies, let’s leave that for our daughters or anyone under 12.

You won’t see me sporting any light-up earrings or rocking my favorite players jersey. Which in my case would make perfect sense and be my husbands, HUTCHINSON #76  and #73 for his final season. Even when he played I stuck to the team color when it came to dressing on Sundays. My go-to has always been denim. Either distressed, black or a dark wash. For a casual more fun kinda look, I like them ripped at the knee and sometimes with a raw hem. The point is to be styled and comfortable. Go for a more effortless look. Almost like you decided to go to the game at the last minute. Try not to look like you thought about it for 3 days. Repeat after me… E F F O R T L E S S.


 University of Michigan '96-'00 University of Michigan ’96-’00  Seattle Seahawks '01-'05 Seattle Seahawks ’01-’05  Minnesota Vikings '06-'11 Minnesota Vikings ’06-’11  Tennessee Titans '12 Tennessee Titans ’12

Then there’s the other side of dressing in the NFL. It’s more of that pulled together classic players wife look. Is that even a thing? I’m not sure. If anything it’s a little more dressy. I like to start thinking that way a little further into the fall and winter months. Which normally involves denim, a few layers, great coat, scarf and a killer hat. Let’s not get into that now, I’ll save that for a later blog posts, as we move into the regular/post season.

 photo/ getty images  photo/ getty images   photo/ hello fashion blog  photo/ hello fashion blog

But for now, let’s focus on what you’ll be wearing over the next few weeks. Embracing the warm temps + cold beers and salty pretzels. First thing: Remember to go with a more generic old school T-shirt that you can take the scissors to. It’s super simple to create a scoop neck on an old t-shirt. And always choose a mens t-shirt. I like the cut waaaaaay better. Every woman’s shirt you pick up, automatically has curved sides, a cap sleeve and rhinestones. Gross. That’s not what I’m looking for, T-shirt design people! Ha! Stick to a classic mens tee.

It’s simple and fun to get creative. I like to do this, plus it shows a little collarbone and makes it more feminine. I found this video online from Jawbreaking. It gives you a great play-by-play on how to cut your T-shirt. I’m a visual learner and maybe you are too. I thought it might be better for me to show you with this video rather than a written out step-by-step. Plus if you saw my Instastories from last night, you’ll see I’m a lousy one armed camera man.


I took a look around the league and THESE are my GAME DAY picks!






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September 19, 2016



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Kristina B

Ughhhh – the pink. Ugh! It’s the worst. Love your style and love how real you are. Thanks for your always-on-point tips!

Completely agree about the pink and rhinestones!

Haha – you had me at blinking earrings. Love your style and ideas on keeping it effortless. Such a cute post!


Well done!

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