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My goodness, you ladies have some awesome vacations planned and I am totally jealous!  I am so glad to see so many of you guys having the opportunity to #makeprettychoices about taking time out for some R&R in what appears to be some very beautiful, tropical locations.  I do have a couple of big trips planned this summer because I am turning the big 4-0, so I am actually buying off of all of these posts because I am going to totally need a tropical wardrobe.  So after last week’s post on all things resort wear, I got a TON of additional questions about vacation appropriate wardrobe and make-up.  So I am dedicating this week’s Hey Landyn post to my top three most asked questions about what to wear on your next vacation!


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What should I be wearing on the plane was a question that I got asked a ton after last week’s post.  I have a couple of different “rules” when I am thinking about what I want to wear on the plane when we are going on vacation.  The first one is that I typically dress for the weather of my destination, not the weather of the city I am leaving.  For all of my girls who are currently stuck in what feels like the never-ending winter, this means you might have to suffer for a few minutes getting into the airport, but then think of how happy you will be when you land in paradise and don’t have to mess with an itchy wool sweater.  At a minimum, at least pack some flip-flops in your carry-on so you don’t step out into Mexico in your Uggs.  My other rule is to dress for causal comfort.  Note I said casual, not your pajamas or sweatpants.  My typical plane uniform is a white tee, a pretty scarf, jeans and a hat.  No need to dress to the nines, but we don’t have to totally let ourselves go either.


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Another question I got asked a ton was what to wear out to dinner after a day on the beach.  So I am all about a beachy, casual vibe when we are on vacation.  I am even known to rock a wet bun out of the shower. I try and pack a lot of solid color items and then really fun jewelry and accessories to pair with them.  Although, I am not afraid to wear a floral pattern when at the beach.  I mainly wear maxi dresses and am all about flowy, loose-fitting clothes at the beach.  I want something that is easy to pack because the last thing I want to be doing on my vacation is ironing my clothes before we leave for the evening.  And I know this sounds a little over the top, but I do try and take into consideration what bathing suits I will be wearing to keep the crazy tan lines to a minimum.  It doesn’t always work out, but I give it the ole college try.


Lot’s and lots of questions about my make-up routine at the beach.  I really try to keep it very light and natural and definitely don’t go through my everyday make-up routine.  I typically use a little bit of a tint moisturizer as my base and then add on some lipstick, a light blush and maybe a little eyeliner and mascara (although with my lashes that is not really necessary).  Basically I keep my face and my hair really natural and easy.  You already look great with a little natural bronze from your days spent on the beach, so it doesn’t require much to enhance that look.

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January 23, 2017



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