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So, you thought that it was hard to buy for your guy for Christmas?!?! You racked your brain and were finally able to come up with gifts for him and then…BAM it is Valentine’s Day.  This is a tricky holiday to buy for.  Steve and I don’t always do the gift thing for Valentine’s Day, but I have picked out a couple of things he has that he really loves, as well as some things I know he would really like to receive. I bet you can pick out his favorite. (wink, wink) Hopefully this can be the one stop shop for all of your Valentine’s gifting needs, with your guy in mind.


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February 1, 2017


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Love these ideas! I have decided on doing a gift for each of the 5 senses this year 🙂

I decided to give my husband another Creed fragrance before I even looked at your list! Some of mine and his favorites in order… Millesime Imperial, Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Virgin Island Water, Silver Mountain Water, Neroli Sauvage, and Erolfa. I guess you could say its more of an obsession. These fragrances do not give me a headache EVER since they are non synthetic & all natural scents! They are all so amazing and I even wear the Millesime sometimes since it is unisex! It is definitely my favorite! These are a must! We have all of these in 4… Read more »

Hey Landyn~Is the necklace you have on the one you found at Marshalls?

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