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Alright. New Year, new set of questions. Today marks the start of the 2017 series Hey Landyn, I’ve Got A Question. You guys really seemed to love it last year, so let’s keep it going. For those of you that are new to LWL. This is a weekly series where I answer three of the most popular questions asked on either my blog; by sending me an email or by direct message on Instagram or Facebook. As you can imagine I receive hundreds of questions. Although, still able to read them all and I LOVE that part, but it’s getting a little trickier to answer them all back. Cause, you know life + kids + dinner and laundry. I do my very best to answer as many as I can, but often times I get asked the similar things. Which is why I came up with this Hey Landyn series and I love it. It’s fun for me. I truly enjoy interacting with my people (that’s you) and sharing things I find and meals I cook. I hope I answer your questions, if not….just ask and maybe it will finds it’s way into this series. So let’s get to it, shall we…



What do you suggest for an everyday shoe, that’s not a bootie? Good question. I often struggle with this one too. Its like I need to be comfortable, but stylish. Don’t want a full boot. Don’t want a true athletic sneaker. Need more support than a ballet flat, with the hint of a heel. I hear ya. And lucky for us, so did the fashion world. I’m loving the convince and style of all these street worthy kicks. Great with jeans to joggers. Some have a tiny wedge with a bit of a pointed toe. Which I like. I love a heel for the added butt lift, but those do a number on my back by the end of the day. So these below deliver a little bit of everything. I usually stick to neutral + black or grey. Maybe a little texture, like an animal skin or even perforated for some detail. Here are some great choices and a few of which line my own shoe shelf.


photo 1/ Alyssa rosenheck | photo 2: Lindsey Grace Photography

Two words….. OXANA MEADE. If you haven’t already heard me sing her praises, than listen up. She’s my hair stylist. My life line. The answer to my prayers. She’s my friend and probably the best person to have ever touched my hair. I love her. My hair has never looked and felt better. She’s taught me a lot over the last few years. I admire her straight forward approach. I may come in with an idea, but she knows the texture and way my hair would react. So, she’ll shoot down any hair-brain idea I have. But isn’t that what you want? Someone that knows what they’re doing? I just come in, sit down and let her do her thing. She’s been treating my hair with OLAPLEX for a while. But now you can do it at home. NO need for another appt. It protects your hair + helps hold your color. Seals your ends and adds a tremendous amount of shine. I’m obsessed. It comes in these stubby little bottles. I use about 1/3 of the bottle every 1-2 weeks. It’s simple: Wet hair. Ring most of the water out, apply to roots and ends. Massage into hair and let stand for about 10-15 minutes. That’s enough time to shave your legs, rearrange the products in your shower and draw on the steamy glass. Then rinse + shampoo and condition like normal. You will feel the difference immediately. You’ll be hooked. Just sayin’. I believe your stylist will thank you too. If they have no idea what this is? Maybe it’s time to change salons. I’m sure Parlour 3 is taking appointments.

Below are the products that I trust + love

The staples that line my shower floor + countertop and pillow


treat + shampoo + conditioner + brighten + sleep + tame + extend


Ahhhhh, lighting….or what I like to call jewelry for your home. It something that can quickly update a space or change the feel of a room. It did exactly that for me. We bought this 75 year old home and lighting was the first thing I changed. It was that and a little paint that took this old girl feel new again. Now, don’t throw up in your mouth when you go shop for lighting. Like jewelry it can be expensive, but there are also some really good ‘costume’ lighting options out there too. Below I’m giving you some that I love and have in my own home and some others I’d had in a second. For starters take a peek at that acrylic + brass stunner above, I have it hanging in my dining room. It was the first thing I bought and I haven’t regretted that investment. It’s SO PRETTY!!!! And sometimes I lay on my dining room table and look up at it. No seriously.

Here are some places I shop for lighting

Wayfair + West Elm + Rejuvenation + CB2 + Serena Lily + School House Electric + Anthropologie
Shades of Light + World Market + Target + Redo Home + Providence Interiors

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January 9, 2017



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What luggage do you use that let’s you pack on hangers? My weekender bag is not cutting it. Thanks!

Hi Landyn……here is my 3 year old issue!!! My 7th grade daughters room has 2 different size windows in a corner of her room…….what to do? Don’t love the valance idea, 3 panels doesn’t really work because of corner space, would 2 panels look odd, how to apply without a big bar across both sides into corner??? Currently we have her old sheer canopy with a bean bag in it, thought of just updating it with long beads maybe??? Ugh……will try to send pic to you maybe through Instagram so you can see:)

I SO love your insta stories. Also, love the grey marbley glasses you used for your morning mocktail. Could you share the details if you get a chance? Thank you!

These are all so great! Thank you for sharing. If you ever get time to do an athletic shoe post, I would love that too. Like, what do you love to wear to workout? xo


Love this question series!

We are going to Disney in March. Since you’re a Florida girl, can you give this Minnesota mom some makeup and hair tips to make it through a day at the parks? I’d love to get some family pics where I don’t look like a sweaty mess! Thanks, and I love your blog. Your advice is always spot on and your style is inspiring!


Simple question: please add under your "my kitchen" category what kind of wok you were using in your latest insta story? Looked fab!!😍

I’m a serious sucker for hair products so I had to try the Olaplex you recommended. Found it on Amazon and used it Saturday on my fairly long, fine, blonde (once upon a time I was a towhead but now I highlight every other month) hair and it is bananas good! Shampooed again this morning for work and I can still tell the difference. Thank you!!!

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