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I love both giving and receiving home decor related gifts for Christmas, so I was so excited when West Elm asked if I would share some of my favorite home design related gifts this year.  West Elm is one of my absolute favorite home stores so I jumped on the opportunity.  Their modern twist on classic pieces is right up my alley.  Today I am going to share with you guys some fabulous gift ideas you can put together if you have an interior design lover on your gift list this year.

I am going to start by sharing the basic pieces that I bought and then showing you different ways you could package them together for gifts for people on your list.  There are so many awesome gift ideas their that I basically could have bought the entire store, but here is what I landed on.



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Blanket | Blanket | Blanket | Basket

I want to start with a basic throw and show you a way to package these gifts together to make them something really special.  I love giving West Elm’s Coziest Throw as a gift because they are so soft and such a great price.  When I picked these up at the store they were on special for only $19, but they are still a good deal regularly priced at $39.  To give the gift a little more oomph, I paired three of the blankets in complementary colors together and packaged them in a basket.

This is actually one of my gifting tricks that I am going to show you with all of the gift ideas I am sharing in this post.  I like to package my gifts up in the way they will be used.  So for instance, with these throws I was able to pack them in the basket that my gift recipient will then be able to use to store the throws in.  It is basically two gifts in one.  Even though I am not wrapping this gift I still like to add something a little special to the package.  I took some really pretty fresh greenery and tied it to the handle of the basket with a gold ribbon.

For my next two ideas I started with the same white laquered tray and I will show you two different types of gifts you can put together using the tray.  I love this particular tray because you can have it monogrammed or personalized which helps put an extra special touch on the gift.  The first way I am going to use it is to put together a gift for someone who loves to entertain.  It would also make an awesome hostess gift.

Tray | Napkins | Napkin Rings

For my friend who loves to entertain, I paired this tray with some gorgeous napkins and gold napkin rings.  This way they can use the serving tray to hold drinks or appetizers when they have guests over and then can use it for display when they aren’t entertaining.  Instead of wrapping all of the elements in one package or wrapping each individual item, I chose to just wrap the napkin ring box and then put it on the tray with the other items displayed.  This is a great idea if you are running short on time or wrapping paper.  There will be something to unwrap, but I don’t have to take the time to wrap all of the items together.  This is also a great idea if you have something that is shaped awkwardly and would be hard to wrap.

For my next idea, I started with the same base tray that I used in the gift idea above.  See, it really is versatile.  This time I wanted to pair it with gifts that would make a great little vignette on someone’s coffee table or bookshelf.  I love the idea of packaging together a vignette as a gift because it takes all of the guess work out of it for the gift recipient.  All they have to do is unwrap the gift, set it out and it is completely ready for display.

I love this gold mercury hurricane I found for only $12.  It actually is meant to be a candleholder, but you can use it as a vase for dried botanicals.  I filled it with some fresh greenery that can live for a while without water.  I love the facets and the shimmer that it brings to the table.  It packs a punch for a little price.

I then added one of the Roar + Rabbit candles that I picked up to the tray.  I love the honeycomb texture on the candle holder.  Unfortunately they are not carrying the smaller  candles on the website anymore, but definitely check your local store.  If not, they do have the larger three wick candle which I also picked up, which would work well in a vignette as well.

Tray | Vase | Candle (similar)

Cheese Board | Measuring Spoons | Measuring Cups

My last gift idea would be perfect for someone who loves to cook.  Did you know West Elm carries a full range of kitchen utensils and supplies?  Everything from kitchen tools to cookware food storage, and even small kitchen appliances.  I actually didn’t realize that until I was in the store looking around.  You know I could not resist a good cheese board, so I snatched it up.  I paired mine with measuring spoons and measuring cups, but it would also be perfect paired with this set of marble and brass cheese knives.

Packaging this gift was really easy.  All I did way thread some ribbon through the measuring spoons and measuring cups.  I think wrapped the ribbon around the tray vertically and horizontally, just like I would a regular package.  Before I tied the bow on the package, I placed some of my greenery down and then tied the bow around it.  Easy peasy.

If you have to buy for someone who loves home decor items and you aren’t sure what to buy or how to package them, hopefully this post helped you out.  If you still need some additional ideas, make sure to check out West Elm’s gift section.  They have tons of great ideas broken out by price, gift type, gender and more.

Thank you to West Elm for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Living with Landyn possible.

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November 28, 2017


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if only west elm didn’t have the worst customer service in the entire world!

Where do you find that greenery? So pretty!

What size do you typically wear in the rails shirts? Thanks!

Whats the source for the desk?
love it!!

You’re on a roll. Ok. Tough one for me. Teachers. My mom was a teacher and got her fair share of apple ornaments and knick knacks. I’ve done gift cards and ornaments, but now that my daughter has hit middle school and wants to give to 7(!) it’s a dilemma. And male teachers (this year for my son) …. any ideas would be great!

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