What to wear to a holiday office party, a chic and sophisticated dress for a holiday office party

Who has a holiday office party they are attending?  Or the party of a spouse or significant other that they will be attending?  These events can be pretty stressful.  Lots of smiling and nodding and talking to people that you don’t really know.  Luckily just because the event is stressful, doesn’t mean that dressing for it has to be.  Luckily you have Landy to the rescue to help you with all your dressing needs for your office holiday function.  I will make sure you are the most stylish person at the party and will have the outfit that sets the bar for your office holiday party attire.

 what to wear to an office christmas party, printed floral pleated midi skirt

Skirt | Top (similar) | Necklace | Purse | Shoes

When it comes to deciding what to wear the struggle is real between wanting to look professional, but still look chic and stylish.  Luckily you can put your sensible pumps and twinsets away and I will show you what to wear no matter how conservative…or crazy the company you work for is.


 What to wear to an office holiday party, fun and flirty skirt for holiday office party

I am in love with this first look.  I think it is the perfect for a holiday party that is a little more casual and perhaps more conservative.  This is also a great look because it is so versatile.  It is sometimes hard to justify spending a ton of money on an outfit that you feel like you can only wear once.  This outfit is basically the opposite of that.  It could go anywhere from the office party, to church or your kid’s holiday program.  How is that for bang for your buck?

This look is also something that you could possibly put together from pieces that you already had in your closet.  Pleated midi skirts are huge this year, so there is a chance that you might already have one in your closet.  If you don’t, I have good news for you because the one I am wearing if only $40!  I love the print on the skirt, it definitely makes it feel a little more special and festive.  It also comes in red, if that’s your thing.  Pair it with a simple black sweater and a chunky necklace and you are ready to party.  If you live in a colder climate you could pair it with this cute faux fur jacket.





 Green Strapless dress, what to wear to a holiday work party

Dress | Necklace | Purse | Shoes

This look almost showed up to my husband’s office Christmas party last weekend until I pulled a last minute wardrobe change.  When I was picking my dress for the CMA’s last month I polled you guys on what I should wear.  I went with the black studded dress, but I had so many votes for the two green ones, that I went on a hunt for a green holiday party dress for you guys.  This one is PERFECT if you have a dressier Christmas party to attend.  It is still totally office appropriate because it doesn’t cut down to low and it isn’t too short or too tight.  All major no-no’s for the holiday office party.  It does however have this cute ruffle and it is cut lower in the back than it is in the front.


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December 6, 2017



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What size are you wearing in the ruffle dress? You look perfect, as always.

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